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A Life Disrupted (Destella) Dragon10
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A Life Disrupted (Destella)

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A Life Disrupted (Destella) Empty A Life Disrupted (Destella)

Post by Snowscale on Fri Sep 27, 2019 7:54 pm

Snowscale had just returned home from another hunting trip. Food had become scarce in the mountains as it seemed more monsters moved in, but this time the blue drake had been lucky enough to catch a goat. He walked into the main cavern, his adopted daughter Crescylla immediately running to greet him. She had grown quite a bit in the last month's, now up to Snowscale's chest. He chuckled, dropping the prey. "Well at least this time I got something. Anything happen while I was gone, Cres?"

"Not really. Mama and I went fishing, but the fishies were hiding."

"I see," Snow chuckled, not letting on how worried he was. At this rate, he would have to move them.... and he knew from recent close encounters just how dangerous it was getting out there. For the moment he allowed his daughter to be happy; gods knew they could use it.

He feared Des would pick up on his sour mood. The Vilidin may have left, but every now and again he would feel some emotions from her, even though he was getting good at reading her feathers. He looked around, both worried and looking forward to seeing his mate again. These had been lean times; his already thin frame had even slimmed further. It seemed he was hunting constantly... some breathing space was definitely appreciated.

For now he just let himself relax... gods only knew what lay ahead.
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A Life Disrupted (Destella) Empty Re: A Life Disrupted (Destella)

Post by Destella on Thu Oct 17, 2019 9:06 am

Des sighed, slipping over to where she and her mate had been storing food. What they had stored was starting to run low, and it worried the serpent. Fish were becoming rarer, and Snowscale hadn't collected any food on land. She had worried some about her mate, too. It was almost like she could feel what he was feeling.

She soon slid into where Snow was, her feather's going from a darker color back to normal as she saw him. The snake-like dragon smiled and curled around him, giving him a nuzzle before finally speak.

"I know things are rough, but we'll get through it."

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A Life Disrupted (Destella) Empty Re: A Life Disrupted (Destella)

Post by Snowscale on Sat Oct 19, 2019 7:05 am

Snowscale nodded slowly, staring after Crescylla as she happily ate the goat he had just brought. "I know... I just worry for her. Things around here seem to be getting worse, but at least there are still a few things to eat." He was much more worried than he was letting on, and he got the feeling Destella knew they might have to move somewhere else soon. It distressed the blue drake to even think it; this had been his home for so long it was almost unthinkable to leave for longer than he had when the storm hit.

He just hoped things for his mate and daughter would be fine... even if it cost him everything.
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