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The Hunter's Return ((Open to All)) Dragon10
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The Hunter's Return ((Open to All))

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The Hunter's Return ((Open to All)) Empty The Hunter's Return ((Open to All))

Post by Addali Chezie on Mon Aug 12, 2019 4:50 pm

Morning was finding its way onto the still dark forest, grey of false dawn painted upon the light clouds that covered the area in a light drizzle the night before. A low fog drifted into the area in the early hours of evening and stayed through the night, providing a cloak of moisture that muffled the movements of the cloaked huntress that moved forward, reins in hand.

Behind her walked a tall, muscular horse that was solid black in color, large nostrils wide as his warm breath misted and curled as it escaped the confines of the beast's lungs. Large hooves covered in long feathering clopped softly against the wet earth, muscles rolling beneath a wet and shining hide under the weight of his master's haul that he pulled on a handmade wooden sled: Two bucks, one bull elk, and a dozen wild hares.

While Addali was gone to take care of a contract that was brought to her, she decided to go through the wood that surrounded Lestonnia, taking what she needed and nothing more. She would only keep one of the deer for herself but the other meat would go to the less fortunate families she had befriended, knowing they would benefit from the pure meat more than she could. With a small smile, she turned her brilliant blue orbs up to stare at the sky, inhaling deeply as she took in the scents of the earth around her. It would be nice to be home and finally bathe after a week of absence. She had her work cut out for her, her eyes turning down to the creatures that lay in the sled before looking forward once more. A clear path was seen before them and she knew that they were nearing the city, causing her pace to quicken a bit.

As the sun peaked its welcome face over the ridge, Addali sighed once more, moving her hands to remove the cloak's large hood, exposing her lovely features. This was her favorite time of the day to move silently through the city, before anyone awoke and all was peaceful. She was relatively silent as she moved along the cobblestone compared to the loudness of her mount's large hooves, the echoing 'clops' were seemingly amplified by the sound of dragging wood. At this rate, everyone would know she had returned. After a short walk, she had made it to the outskirts of the city where her home and tannery were placed, smiling in content as she moved to prepare everything.

It was mid-day before she arrived back at her home, a smile upon her face as she slowed her mount to a walk, the large horse arching his neck elegantly and prancing in his wonderful gait, "Sleip?" She looked around, whistling softly, "Where are you boy?"

Before long, a brilliant Timber Wolf emerged from behind the tannery, a large bone within his mouth as he trotted to her, following the horse before Addali stopped and slid out of the saddle, kneeling down to take the bone from within the wolf's maw, "And where did we find this?" She asked with a chuckle, dimples denting her cheeks before tossing it and watching as the wolf ran after it.

She de-tacked her horse and led him to the pasture on the backside of her property, releasing him within the wooden fence. When she finally sat down, it was nearly sundown, her hands running along her tired arm as she looked around. Surprisingly no one had stopped by to view her product today, though she took that as a blessing, because she was not here for most of the day. With a soft sigh, she leaned back and crossed her legs, enjoying the quiet of her land, closing her eyes for a moment. It was nice to be back home.
Addali Chezie
Addali Chezie

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The Hunter's Return ((Open to All)) Empty Re: The Hunter's Return ((Open to All))

Post by Svadilfare on Sat Aug 24, 2019 3:04 pm

Svad made his way through Leostonnia. For once, the warrior-assassin wasn't working. Rather, he was making his way home. In the early hours of the morning, before sunrise, Svad rode into one of the kingdom's towns. He needed a few provisions for the remainder of his journey home. At this hour, only hunters and innkeepers would be awake. The Kryoan made his way to an inn--with no work or rush to return home, he could afford to sleep a little. The inn had one opening, which Svad took.

A few hours later, once the town began to awake with the sun, Svad made his way out of the inn to begin searching for the things he needed.

The Hunter's Return ((Open to All)) Boompow


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The Hunter's Return ((Open to All)) Empty Re: The Hunter's Return ((Open to All))

Post by Solomon on Sun Sep 08, 2019 6:10 pm

[Question, is this set within the Capital City of Leostonnia?]

"Companions! We will not yield to these curs, no! We will plunge our blades into their ignoble hearts and reclaim our birthright as the champions of Humanity, stand with me brothers, for Leostonnia!" - Sir Solomon Tiberius Wyrmfyre, Duke of Candor, Knight of the Burning Blade, Third born Prince of Leostonnia.

The Hunter's Return ((Open to All)) Pygyqu10
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