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Once I'm gone

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Once I'm gone  Empty Once I'm gone

Post by Incus on Thu Jul 25, 2019 5:46 pm

The moon settled upon the Earthen Lands as the sun settled below the horizon, it's limelight engulfing anything in its path. For this time monsters were more active as any other time for a spider or an owl to hunt. Bats screeched, lightning bugs gleamed their little lights and the insects chirped almost as if the tide of monsters hadn't even affected them. The major decrease of dragons were apparent though but not to nature, however it was a lucky but not so lucky break for one particular dragon, a double edge sword to say.

Since his banishment from his own father's realm, and the backs his fellow siblings turned long ago, Incus for all he knew was the last remaining Nightfury of the mortal realm. He still carried resentment toward his family save for one who he thought were dead, it still worried him as to the whereabouts of his old family. Blood was blood, Incus figured them dead or simply gone, but still it would have nice to at least have knowledge if any of them survived. As much as he loved seclusion and his own thoughts, it would have been nice to see a dragon. His thoughts swarmed his mind as he landed to the same raging river he always visited, every day and night, it was where he fished for most of his meals.

Incus was usually a night owl, but lately he had trouble sleeping, he didn't know whether or not it was the fact he liked being alone, which bothered him nowadays, or the fact he had a bad luck I'm finding fellow survivors. Hell, he doubt anyone knew him, everyone knew his brothers and sisters, but Incus was never treated on an equal level as they. He was secondhand, sure he played with his siblings and once in a while him and Nimbus spent time together, but mostly he was left out. Maybe that was the reason for being so skittish and shy around other dragons? Incus never really had much contact if any with others.

This was what made it dangerous for the Nightfury, he had no friends nor allies, not even an acquaintance or enemy for heaven's sake! It was just he and himself. He knew no one else. Incus looked down at the stretched light of the moon and closed his eyes, monsters didn't come to the river because it's loudness affected their hearing and in turn affected their hunting. Well most of them at least.

Incus opened his eyes and looked to the sky and said in a prayer, not of guidance but of a simple question, "Nimbus, I'm not surprised you have yet to make any appearance. What do you think of my current position? I doubt you've ever really cared, and I doubt you're too busy to actually answer."

The Nightfury sighed, knowing he'd never get his answer. Last time he saw Nimbus it almost ended in a fight, an argument gone sour that could have possibly ended Incus' life. If not for the eldest siblings intervention Incus wouldn't be sitting here right now. He shook the thoughts, plunging his head in the rushing cold water to help repress what had happened. What's done is done. And Incus would stare at the sky, giving a harsh sigh before standing and walking along the rivers edge.

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Once I'm gone  Empty Re: Once I'm gone

Post by Cygnus on Tue Jul 30, 2019 6:40 am

Cygnus flew through the trees, happily landing on almost every branch he came too. He looked around smiling at some of the new things he hadn't seen before.... Except that bug that bit him. He soon landed on the ground, looking to his sister, Andromeda, giggling a bit as he picked up something.

"Look at this. The leaf looks like Mama's fan." Cyg waved the fan-like leaf a little before looking around, wondering what else there was. "Think there's anything else?"

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Once I'm gone  Empty Re: Once I'm gone

Post by Andromeda on Thu Aug 08, 2019 8:41 pm

While Cygnus was landing on just about every branch they came across Andromeda was having more fun dodging the branches and doing so with different maneuvers to make it interesting and challenging. She was glad Aurora wasn't here though. She'd just turn it into a competition which would have ruined the simple enjoyment Andromeda got out of it.

Her sky ballet came to a halt though when Cygnus wanted to show off some leaf which he comment looked like mom's fan. Of all things someone could come up with why that? He then asked an odd question. "Any way I approach that question the answer is the same. Most likely yes." Andromeda had long since realized she was the smartest of her siblings. It could be frustrating at times.

"River!" The blue eyed Fury suddenly shouted. Launching back into the air she flew to the river before diving in with an elegant splash. Her head popped out of the water and she swam in place against the current enjoying the feel of the water flowing around her.

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Once I'm gone  Empty Re: Once I'm gone

Post by Incus on Thu Aug 08, 2019 9:36 pm

Incus strode along the rivers edge and stopped by a neat pile of stacked rocks. He'd seen humans did this as a sign of burial for a loved one or someone close to them. It crossed his mind, if he really were the last Nightfury then he really had to uphold a burden and reputation, that being an elusive hermit. To him, it wasn't an option, he didn't want to end up like the rest of these foo-

"River!" Incus heard very faintly, thanks to his hearing the roar of the river wasn't the only thing he could hear... mostly. He heard a splash of water and watched a dark figure swim against the currents. Incus almost turned and flew off if not for the moonlights help in sight, he could almost identify the figures head as... almost as his own. Either this was a horrid hallucination or it was bad dream, Incus was supposed to be the last! How was it possible for there to be more?!

Lowering his body he slowly crept to the form, stopping perhaps twenty feet from it. There he could make out the dragon better, and to both his relief and confusion it looked like a Nightfury. If this was what it looked like, where were they this whole time? That question lingered in Incus' mind as he stared for a few moments to get a better handle on reality.

Incus rose slowly, clearing his throat so he could speak clearly. He was a black dragon, blending in with the background would give any stranger a tough time to identify him. Even if the moon light helped, one would have to get close to Incus in order to properly see him. He allowed his blue stripes to glow, allowing the individual to view him better.

"Excuse me," Incus began, trying not to sound as awkward as possible, "Could I speak with you, for a moment please?" Incus was close enough to hear over the river, perhaps a tad difficult but no doubt the dragon could have heard him, right?

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Once I'm gone  Empty Re: Once I'm gone

Post by Cygnus on Sun Aug 11, 2019 11:19 am

Cygnus rolled his eyes a little bit at Andromeda's response, but soon followed her the moment she yelled river. He was quick to follow his slightly smaller sister as she jumped in right after her. He chuckled a bit, seeing that his blue scales hid blended quite well with the water. He was enjoying himself until he heard a voice.

Another dragon! Cyg was quick to swim between his sister and the newcomer, his scales glowing blue. He may not have had Andromeda's brain, but he was stronger, and more protective. Then he noticed that he was a Night Fury. While Cyg stayed wary, he gave a curious look.

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