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Incus Empty Incus

Post by Incus on Sat Jul 20, 2019 5:44 am

Characters List: http://www.rpgdragons.org/t5507-bassasail-s-characters#66752

Personal Info 
Name: Incus
Alias: "Titan," Son of Nimbus/(Death), Son of Astral/(Stars), Socks, Hiccup
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Personality: Incus is a smart-alec by heart. He tends to be sarcastic and joke around usually at the wrong times due to his horrible sense of timing. He can be morbid with jokes and will insult any dragon, tending to not care about the precautions that come afterward... all of this would be bad if he weren't a solitary dragon and if he didn't have a consciounce. Preferring to be on his own Incus doesn't usually bother a dragon unless they insult or attempt to converse with him, usually ending in him trying to slink out of the conversation. If there is a subject or is curious about something he will stay only for a short bit. Incus however is quite curious about history and loves to search for old relics, a treasure hunters of sorts, to which he can add to his own hoard of weird items.

Incus is not romantic toward friends, nor does he pick up on flirting and hints. A dragon would have to be straight forward and to the point in order for him to get a grasp on how they feel. He is quite caring and can be generous toward a mate but as far as friends go he can be nice. Incus is brutally honest and usually he holds nothing back when speaking the truth; friend, stranger, or foe, sugar-coating the truth to him is much like lying. Incus is willing to make friends, but it's his solitary side that usually prevents him from doing so having been hurt many times in the past he is very skittish and again will avoid a dragon unless they would make small talk or of they have an interesting subject.

When things get serious, Incus's tone will get deeper and his eyes become slitted, regardless of day and night. He has no time nor room for arrogance and foolishness, granted he could be a fool at times himself (which he'd never admit), and has not the patience for narcissism, racism, and excuses. When insulted enough or mocked Incus will threaten someone's life but it's not a bluff, it's a warning. He would either cripple or kill a person if pushed the wrong way. When meeting a god, another demigod, or a sovereign he will have a business-like attitude toward them and won't show much emotion. The reality is he does not like fighting one bit, while he can get involved or handle a situation, Incus will prefer politics over fighting if left with options.

1. Incus fears of being the last Nightfury, or rather being the last of his family line
2. He has a fear of eels and will do anything to avoid them at all costs
3. Incus has a fear of Ogres, seeing them as massive abominations, while he would kill one out of defense he wouldn't go anywhere near one.

1. Incus can blend in with the night or dark areas thanks to his jet black scales. He can utilize this for stealth, primarily hunting and hiding but can come in handy for attacking.
2. Much like Astral and other Furies, Incus is extremely fast and agile in the air.
3. Like all Furies, or a cat rather, Incus has a great sense of hearing and can hear things from about fifty feet away.

1. Because he doesn't like to fight, Incus won't go all out because of this dislike. It can give an opponent an upper hand early on and could prove bad for Incus.
2. Incus can't swim for the life of him. He's never known how to actually do it and while he can doggy paddle it is a bit slow
3. The purple splotches of scales (small but noticable in day) are simply thinner scales that are easy to penetrate. They do grow back in five spots; two on his right side, one on his right leg, one on his left wing, and one on the left of his neck.
4. The most random and odd of all weaknesses are hiccups. Not deep hiccups, but small little baby hiccups. This only happens when Incus is in danger it hiding which is why he only flies. It can reveal his position and make other dragons not take him seriously.

General Appearance
Height: 16ft
Scales: Much like his family, Incus' scales are a jet black however he has green glowing stripes and ritualistic symbols along his body that begin their luminescence when flustered or angered, or simply joyous, somewhat like his father however has a green eyes from Astral albeit a deeper shade. Upon closer inspection he has small patches of purple scales almost blending in with his black scales. Down more towards his paws are grey scales that turn white at the claws. There is a small circle of scales on his forehead colored yellow, oddly it seems to resemble the sun in some capacity.

Eyes: His eyes are more a deep dark green
Appearance: With a build much like his mother's, Incus is a smaller dragon compared to most, granted he is bigger than Astral he has a sleek and flexible body and is capable of acrobatic feats most would wish for. Incus is 16 feet in height, his length is 21 meters and he has a wingspan of 24 meters. Starting from the head, he has four sets of flabby frills around his neck, two of which are slightly longer than the others. Going down his back he does appear to have splitting spines for better maneuverability, small but much like a sharks. Further down the tail in the middle he has a set of fins and at the end as well.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Rogue
Inheritance:  49% NightWing, 49% SkyWing, 2% FireWing
Rank: N/A
Family: Astral, Mother- Presumed Dead
Nimbus, Father- Could care less
Any siblings are either dead or simply disappeared

Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Normal Abilities:
1. Fire Immunity: Simple yet effective this ability let's Incus resist, well what else? Fire! While it wouldn't protect him from the blast of an attack but at least he won't be effected by the fire.

2. Fire Bolt: Faster than most fireballs, Incus can produce fire balls as a ranged attack. It takes a few seconds to charge up this attack (two bolts every turn) and is just as powerful as a regular fireball. Granted it slowly drains him to use this ability, it's still effective to some capacity.

Special Abilities: 
Mega Flare: A very powerful attack capable of killing a mortal in one blow and even crippling full gods, Mega Flare is an invention of Incus, already a gift from Astral he simply added to it to make it far deadlier than what it was intended for, a mix of plasma and fire making it an ultimate attack amongst most. Only granted unto gods, or half gods in this case, as a means of destruction and dominance. However Incus uses it very, very sparingly as it does drain his energy in mass chunks (every time it's used it takes a quarter of his stamina) and if he overuses it, Mega Flare could possibly kill him.
There are two simple forms he can use this: the first is the simple and original, he releases the fireball as is but it immediately expands by 100ft in radius once launched, and once it hits it's explosion is capable of taking out a large chunk of forest. This is meant for a large scale attack than a few individuals. The second form is a refined and concentrated ball, meant for a single individual. The amount of power packed into a single sphere is launched and moves faster than a SkyWing, but it's speed is not what's deadly; the energy from the blast will initially kill any mortal, while it is also capable of crippling a god. However it's not just fire damage they take, it's mostly plasma, energy based damage that most can't protect against if they are fast or strong enough.

Combat Style: Incus' style of fighting is to hit heavy and hard at the start of any fight, however once he hits he backs off as to give room to strike again. This hit and run tactic is quite effective, using his claws, speed, and his blast bolts to eventually wear down a foe, regardless of size. The bottom of his paws are padded like a cats so that his steps don't make too much noise, allowing him the capability to catch prey and for off guard. If confronted in the open Incus will fight, however he will be less aggressive as if it were a spar as to not get cocky or arrogant, or foolishly leave himself open for an attack.

History: Incus was born amongst brothers and sisters, a son of the goddess Astral and god Nimbus. Growing alongside his siblings Luna, Monsoon, Helios, Stardust, Kirian, and Leto, Incus learned patience and eventually he became mature earlier than most. As a hatchling Incus was... treated decently. Never was he treated as an equal amongst his siblings eldest and youngest, rather as a lesser but nonetheless he was treated with some attention and love. It was better than nothing. Incus saw the way his mother was treated and the way his siblings were treated, eventually love for his father slowly turning into spite. He didn't know if his powers were weaker or simply he was closer to that of a mortal than his brothers and sisters.

As Incus grew, his mother had died and her last child, Celestia, had been brought to this world. Incus paid no attention to her however as be was banished from his father's domain due to an intense argument that almost broke into a fight. All Incus wanted to know was why he wasn't treated like the rest of the litter, yet he didn't get a direct answer. Now loathing his father, Incus was left in the world to fend all by himself, his mother not there to help him nor any of his siblings offering any aid. Since then the demigod had been alone in the world, avoiding dragons the best he could and even further developing his mother's gift, filling it with resentment and the anger he felt toward Nimbus.

It wasn't until he truly knew what loneliness was until the majority of dragonkind we're almost wiped out due to the monster invasion, leaving a new dangerous enemy and a scar on both history and the world.

RP Sample: 
Had it been simple, he could have caught the damn elk but his hiccups happened at the wrong times. Sure, they are sparing but at the same time they were annoying. Incus traveled through the night, flying high in the night as he began to descend near a roaring river for a drink. Indeed, he was starving for days, not much to eat when there are monsters about. It didn't lower the amount of game there was but only scared it off.

As the young dragon landed he folded his wings, the loud footsteps he took covered by the roar of the river. He looked down at a puddle near him and saw his reflection, reminiscing about his life growing up. Incus, a son of Nim... Astral, was found in his own puddle of sorrows, drowning deeper into a ravine that laid beneath. He knew life back home wasn't the easiest, constantly him and his father always argued about his role amongst the dragons. His siblings were always special, yet there Incus was, nothing. All he felt was sadness in his life, sure the youngest were always playing and cheering him up yet the eldest of the litter always reminded him of his problems.

Every time, Incus tried to get better: stronger, faster, powerful, he always tried something, anything! Anything to prove he wasn't a weakling like everyone thought, anything to finally be equal! But alas, no matter how great he made himself it was all in vain. The day his mother died and left behind a hatchling, Incus knew he needed to change, so he tried being different, he tried to fit in but unfortunately it never worked. He still never got a straight answer as to why he was treated so differently.

The Nightfury splashed the puddle with his tailfin, shaking his head before walking up to the river and taking a sip. He raised his head and stared at the full moon, thinking, praying, as to whether Astral was up there in the heavens watching down. At least Nimbus was always looking up, Incus knew that.

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Incus Empty Re: Incus

Post by Astral on Sat Jul 20, 2019 8:33 am

Very fleshed out character nice. The antisocial could make it difficult to RP though.

Inheritance is 49 nightwing 49 skywing and 2 firewing. The nightfuries started before the inheritance rules.
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Incus Empty Re: Incus

Post by Incus on Sat Jul 20, 2019 1:14 pm

Alright it's edited.

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Incus Empty Re: Incus

Post by Astral on Sun Jul 21, 2019 5:53 pm

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