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Unexpected Repercussions (Tenebris) Dragon10
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Unexpected Repercussions (Tenebris)

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Unexpected Repercussions (Tenebris) Empty Unexpected Repercussions (Tenebris)

Post by Shira on Fri Jul 19, 2019 5:57 pm

The detail the obsidian dragoness had been sent on was boring to say the least. Sit and watch, anything moves investigate, no more and no less. Shira despised being the grunt of the ranks, her icy orbs narrowed as she used her vision to pierce through the vast darkness before her. It had been many days now that she had been placed on this perch, much to her dismay, causing a deep sigh to escape from Shira’s nostrils. Boredom was not nearly descriptive enough to explain her emotions, though she was fully relieved from cleaning duty when she made more of a mess than before. Though what did they expect? Leaving her unsupervised in an empty hall with such amazing acoustics, she just had to sing. Her dancing was much more to blame than her vocalizations, causing her to knock over a lantern and in turn begin burning a tapestry. With a sharp scoff, Shira swayed her long tail in a dismissive manner.

All night she had to endure this torture, no one near her and no one to allow her to use her sharp comments on. Soon a smooth thrum came from her throat melodically but she shook her head, forcing the urge back down into her gullet where it had originated. Hoping for a distraction, she turned her eyes to the sparkling sky, the stars reflecting in her wide orbs as the moon danced off of her scales in a shimmering manner. This was her one and only enjoyment when she was on this detail, the sole thing that kept her mind busy. Soon her tail began to sway as the song she had been attempting to keep down began playing in her mind, head swaying gently in turn before she snapped herself off of the ledge of giving in. ‘Maybe a bit of a walk will suppress this urge to make a fool of myself?’ She thought to herself, smiling before delicately leaping down from her perch, spreading her wings to stop herself before landing delicately on the ground, wind from her landing pushing the blades of grass away from her in a swaying manner. She inhaled the sweet air before padding forward, her footfall silenced by their soft cushion of the grass. Her long tail swayed behind her as she entered the trees, sliding along the rough bark as her scales pulled a bit of bark off of each tree. Her keen eyes searched the area for intruders, though she knew there were none that night. Who would dare?

Shira paced around the small batch of trees she was guarded to watch for intruders just outside of the Citadel. Soon, her body began to move in a dancing manner, her slender frame circling the trees as she moved off of them with a flap of her wings. She would then spiral through the air gently before landing with a soft ‘thud’. It wasn’t long before she gave into her desires and a melodic tune ruptured from her throat. It was something her mother had taught her when she was young: A young dragoness caught between home and a love for wandering, searching for a lover to take her away. Soon old draconic words fell from her mouth in an octave not often heard amongst dragons but revered none-the-less. Sought after by any who enjoyed the art of ballads, though she never explored this and wasn’t tempted to no matter how much she enjoyed doing it when no one was looking.

Her voice grew louder as she spun through the air on occasion, her foot work light as her wings helped lift her from the ground, the beat her paws provided matching her words. Soon a translation slid smoothly from her throat, the sound angelic in nature as it echoed slightly amongst the dark trees. She was enjoying herself, imagining dancing through the halls aside a dark drake, his handsome features a cause of jealousy with the other dragonesses only making her that much more pride filled. Her eyes were closed as she used the vibrations of her voice to judge where the trees were. But this was her first mistake: She was no bat.

Shira’s flank caught a tree on her final spin, shaking the slender trunk as a chorus of startled squackes met her ears, causing her singing to cease completely before she slammed into the ground with a heavy grunt. Opening her eyes, her body sprawled upon the ground, she released an exasperated huff, blinking angrily at herself before peeling herself from the ground. She looked up as a flock of birds flew from the tree she had splintered, quirking her face in a disapproving manner before humming once more, attempting to lean the tree back to its normal height.

The song began to flow from her mouth after a few moments of attempting to right the tree. She shrugged and moved away from it, her body swaying once more before  a voice shook her from her imaginings,

“Shira!” The Lead Guard bellowed down to her, his anger palpable.

The dragoness froze as her eyes widened, “Yes?” She called back sheepishly, cutting her eyes in the direction the voice originated. Some tracker she was, couldn’t even scent the drake standing up there.

“Come.” He said shortly, causing Shira’s eyes to roll slightly before she turned to make her way back to her post, dreading the flaying she was going to receive.

Once Shira made it to the drake, her manners showing her reluctance before landing before him, lowering her head respectfully, “Sir, I…”

“Don’t!” He snapped, his tail lashing angrily behind him, “Just don’t. How many times do I have to tell you not to start your blasted singing while you are meant to be working? I mean, that is the purpose of you being here right, to work?”

“Yes sir, but..”

“Silence, Shira!” The lead guard snapped once more, taking a step closer, “I have made a decision that will benefit myself and teach you a lesson.You will report to the court hall in the morning. Since you don’t know how to keep those songs inside of you for a down day, we’ll see just how much the Archon himself likes your wanting to sing for work.”

Shira opened her mouth to speak but the lead guard only growled, “My decision is final. You are dismissed from duty.”

The dragoness was devastated as the drake left her, her wings drooping slightly. But the feeling were not long in life as they were soon replaced with simple and pure anger. She stood and snarled angrily, bursting into the night sky to head for her quarters, her paws clenched tightly in detest. Upon reaching her personal quarters, she burst into the room before pacing, her claws scraping against the stone, “How dare he do this to me?!” She hissed, her tail smacking against the wall in an aggressive manner. She paced for a bit longer before deciding to curl up on her bed, still fuming as she forced her eyes shut. This was, in entirety, embarrassing for the dragoness. She wanted to meet the Archon but not in this manner. What if he didn’t like her singing and shamed her for it? Where would she be then?

The next morning came and she landed silently in front of the Citadel, her pace slow as she approached the doors, dreading every moment as a feeling of nervousness rose up within her gullet. Singing. In front of the Archon himself? She was likely to faint, or simply die. Pushing the thoughts aside, she made her way up the stairs, knowing flying would be much faster but she didn’t wish to get there quickly. Once she made her way into the grand hall, her eyes took in the glorious sights that not many of her rank would see. The glorious formations of marble, the tapestries, the gloriously colorful glass work on each window. She inhaled deeply, taking in the glorious scents she only imagined the wealthy could appreciate.

After her moments of observing the brilliance around her, her eyes fell upon the group of Nightwings that she knew were the musical excellence in the Nightwing tribe, knowing many of them personally. She released her deep inhale with a soft groan before making her way toward the group, ignoring the surprised greetings she received. She nodded softly to the coordinator before staring forward, listening to each song that was listed, knowing them all thanks to her mother. She cursed inwardly at her mother’s influence, but then again it was because of her that Shira had been coached to advance her voice to a level that was hard to achieve normally. But it was also thanks to her that she was where she is now.

With a silent sigh, she nodded to the coordinator upon his question of her knowledge of the dynamics of the song and releasing the high thrum her mother was so proud of. The sound echoed beautifully around the room, marvelling at the acoustics of the room before looking to the others, flashing a smile before it faded, flicking her tail behind her before looking forward. She enjoyed being in the lime light, though not for this reason she had found herself in. The coordinator moved her to the center of the group and she begrudgingly obliged, though only because she was here to follow orders. But soon, the time would come for her to sing in front of not only the high ranking officials she wanted so desperately to impress but the Archon himself. A shudder rocked her frame as her inner being writhed in the pain of her embarrassment.

Within the next hour, the group practicing and Shira’s voice flowing beautifully above them all was simply mesmerizing, the first of the high ranking officials making his way into the hall. Shira’s heart dropped, this was it.
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