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When Everything is Fair (Story Submission) Dragon10
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When Everything is Fair (Story Submission)

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When Everything is Fair (Story Submission) Empty When Everything is Fair (Story Submission)

Post by Snowscale on Tue Jul 02, 2019 8:07 am

((Basically another excerpt similar to my first Other writing, only this one is the first interaction between Light and Dark. Not much I need to explain beforehand, should be covered in the writing.))

The library was so familiar, now. I had been stuck on Gwintaal for a solid three months, no end in sight. Jack was dead, Straven and Deathollow were running rampant, and now I was being taken to see the Vilidin themselves. Strange how much had happened in a mere four months. Runningbrook burnt, the Other laying waste those responsible, several other skirmishes.... and then Straven himself.

I could've helped Jack. The Other would have protected him. Instead he ordered Skippy to take me away, to a place called Brightwood. The home of the Vilidin Howlpack. The most ironic thing was I had just gotten over one death, and now Jack...

"Don't be like that," the Other hissed. "You sound pathetic."

I sighed. "You can't say you won't miss him, though."

"He manipulated us. He toyed with me like a cat with a mouse. I say he's better of with his beloved patron."

"Come now, he wasn't all bad. With every wicked he killed, that is one less demon in the Abyss," a new voice scolded.

The Other and I both turned. Shocked, we paused, staring at the figure before us. It was another strange mirror image of me, clad in blue robes. Same frame, same hair, only it exuded an aura of calmness, instead of the rakish confidence of the Other. Its eyes were different, as well; the left on blue, the right, white.

"What the hell are you?" The Other demanded, taking a threatening step forward.

"Who you are, I suppose, the Other," it replied patiently.

I blinked. "Wait one second. There's two of you?"

The lighter Other nodded. "One balances the other. The darker side, and the light."

I smiled. "That's actually perfect names for you two; Dark and Light."

Light smiled, while Dark was still fuming. "I'll give you there seconds to explain yourself before I tear you into small peices I can feed to Skippy."

Light chuckled. "Aren't you the feisty little bugger?"

In a flash, Dark lifted up his counterpart by the throat, his eyes crackling with their Otherly energy. "Unlike most, I don't make threats. I make promises."

Light glared at Dark, and I quickly decided to interrupt. "Look, it doesn't matter how he got here. I just want to know why."

Light shrugged. "We often question our existence. I'm as about as clear on this as you."

I sighed in frustration. "Jack would know. He's dealt with Others before."

Dark dropped the second Other, still fuming. "I was the only one for the longest time, and now you're beginning to think this one is real? Where's your faith in me??"

I immediately went face to face with Dark. "As I seem to recall, we worked in tandem in that last battle with Deathollow. You have the gall to say I don't appreciate you, when we have literally fought at least seven fights together. If that's not trust and appreciation, then you can just go to hell now and save the rush!"

Dark opened and closed his mouth a couple times. Finally he shrugged and walked off, muttering.

I'd already thought things couldn't get more complicated. Clearly I was wrong.
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