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How Often One Returns (For Kip) Dragon10
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How Often One Returns (For Kip)

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How Often One Returns (For Kip) Empty How Often One Returns (For Kip)

Post by Bassasail on Thu Jun 13, 2019 9:04 pm

It was mid day with the sun blazing down on the ocean, the waves were larger than usual today but those below water would barely notice. It was the shifting force underneath that they would feel. A storm was brewing west and it had been moving faster by the minute, eventually covering that entire area up to the lone islands that stood proud. In the events of recent, monsters have dominated the world killing off many dragons in the process. However their numbers declined slightly as the source of their food became scarce many had to devour one another to survive, in the end turning into animals of this world.

As the storm picked up the waves grew greater and with each passing moment the ocean became violent. Most would stay away from such a sight, that didn't stop one individual however. The lone wanderer of the seas made it's way through the tough currents at a snails pace, heading toward a chain of islands; particularly the largest one of them all. As the waters grew shallower the nomad came above water, walking on two haunches. The nomad was crocodilian in appearance however stood in an upright position which the shoulder slightly slouched. This creature inhaled and exhaled deeply, the rain pouring on it's blue form. Bassasail had missed his island.

In the events of a year, Bassasail had been traveling the world in search to, "Tie up loose ends." With remnants of his father's cult still existing he needed to snuff then out, the new monsters didn't make that easier on him but nonetheless he made it work. Bassasail was out killing dragons who would have found some way to bring Aeriolsah back or at least some sorry form, and he didn't want that. It was dirty work but with the monsters he couldn't risk a war on dragons on three fronts; the first two being humans and dragons.

But now that his journey was at an end, Bassasail was finally home and relieved to be. He cautiously prowled the perimeter of his old cave until it looked secure, then entered through the large moss covered mouth. He forgot just how dark it was through the tunnel but once through he entered a dimly lit cavern. The only light Bassasail saw were the outside light that came from the large holes of the caves roof, dim because of the horrid storm outside. The water poured like falls, the noise loud enough to make it hard for Bassasail to hear properly.

Looking around every rock, in every small cave, and in every pond within the cave Bassasail relaxed after minutes of investigation. It seemed no monster had made itself home in his cave which was odd, usually he'd expect an ogre or two to live here, and he was even more surprised when there wasn't a single animal here. He simply joked that maybe every creature was avoiding his cave because they knew he'd eat them.

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How Often One Returns (For Kip) Empty Re: How Often One Returns (For Kip)

Post by Kip on Sun Jun 16, 2019 7:38 pm

When Bassasail left, Kip Valtieri suddenly found herself alone and unprotected within the home they shared shortly before the SeaWing left. She waited for him, but he did not come back. Afraid that the monsters would soon come to claim her soul and eat out her heart, the poor rogue left the home Bassasail graciously gave her. For a long time she was a nomad, moving anywhere the monsters weren't at until they swarmed the place. It was a terrible time for Kip, and she could not help but wonder. Why did Bassasail leave her? Where did he go? They had just become mates, after all. Did he get cold claws and back out? First Kip felt despair. . . Then fury.

Soon enough, Kip had nowhere left to hide. She fled back to the home she and her mate shared, expecting to find it swarming with monsters. You can only imagine her surprise when she found it as serene as it had always been. Seriously? Was all that travel for nothing? Grumbling, Kip settled into the cavern. It was much later when she heard heavy footsteps and she sprung to her feet. A monster?

"Ho! Who goes there?!"

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How Often One Returns (For Kip) Empty Re: How Often One Returns (For Kip)

Post by Bassasail on Mon Jun 17, 2019 6:57 pm

Though it had been some time, Bassasail could see the old ships he hijacked from the sea. The peoples lives on there didn't bother him much for what he was after had been gold, relics, and whatever odds and trinkets he could pillage. The ships had once been newer and browner, but now they were covered in plants and moss and home to small critters like bats, mice, and foxes. He knew no human could have found this place, none of his hoard had been removed he hoped so that one day he can decorate his cave with gold and silver, perhaps start a new place for dragons to live? Bass was never considerate of others, but lately he had seen other dragons struggle, even seen some killed only because of a hungry beast. Perhaps he needed to change for once?

Bassasail heard a noise, then a feminine voice, "Ho! Who goes there?!"

The cave was still dark from the thick storm clouds causing difficulty in identifying the intruder, the large holes in the roof of the cave spilled water like a mass of waterfalls making harder to hear. With Bassasail's scales a deep blue tone it would also be harder for the intruder to identify him as well. The great blue dragon walked carefully, the waterfalls masking his almost quiet steps to get around where he assumed was the intruder. Once he felt ready behind a large waterfall he activated his unique ability: the signature Blue Flare. Compared to other SeaWings Bassasail could breath a dangerously hot blue fire which can even damage foes underwater. He used it many times in open combat including the time he killed his own father, Aeriolsah.

The deep blue dragons body lit up in a beautiful bright blue, between his scales were a glowing light that illuminated the entirety of the cavern. As the cavern grew brighter he could see a white almost serpentine figure behind the other end on the waterfall. He charged up more and breathed in deeply, ready to fire. This blast was difficult to dodge at close range, it was capable of blow this cavern apart which is why he was wanting to use his ability like a flamethrower. It was until he felt a slight bulge in his throat that he accidentally formed a fireball instead of his original intention. Oh well.

As Bassasail was ready to release the orb, he noticed distinct features of the figure, such as the feathers and the size of it's body. Her body. Bassasail quickly aimed upward and fired the blast, a brilliant blue orb of fire shooting swiftly high into the air until it blew up. The force of the firing caused the wind to shift violently as if a massive human cannon was fired. He looked back down as the glowing scales faded to their regular deep blue, looking to find the one he once called a mate.

'Would she even remember me? Especially after I left?' Bassasail thought, as he waited for any sign of life from the dragoness. It had been a year, the two were new mates. How could the nomad tell his mate that he was off to slay the rest of his family? Would she even believe that they were evil? Bassasail almost died again, he knew he couldn't risk letting her know the truth of his families past.

"Kip? I'm... back. From my enthusiastic swim." Bassasail amused. Granted she was most likely pissed at him, he wouldn't blame her. He didn't want to hurt Kip if she forced him to let her go, but it seemed that he already did do that. How could the strong nomad ever make it up to his mate?

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