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Live Finds a Way (Order of Starlights)

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Live Finds a Way (Order of Starlights) Empty Live Finds a Way (Order of Starlights)

Post by Destella on Tue May 07, 2019 12:27 pm

Destella laid in her and Snowscale's now larger nest, coiled around a small clutch of eggs. Only her and her mate had even gotten a good look at the eggs. Des's instincts had basically kept her on edge around almost everyone, especially Haneul (Then again that Skywing never tried to make her feel any more comfortable), and the serpent like dragoness had stayed coiled around her eggs ever since they were laid. The feathered serpent was honestly a bit stressed in the cave after everything that had happened.

"I can't wait for you to see the world little ones. It may be dangerous, but there's plenty of beauty still in it." The dragoness say with a smile, flicking her tongue over the eggs to check them. Then then rolled a couple to their opposite side. She would keep them safe from anything that came.... Please don't let any moving happen until after they hatch.

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Live Finds a Way (Order of Starlights) Empty Re: Live Finds a Way (Order of Starlights)

Post by Snowscale on Thu May 09, 2019 7:06 am

Snowscale was curled up nearby, exhausted after having to keep Crescylla entertained. He smiled to himself, his joy of finally being a true parent and not an adoptive one was insurmountable. Of course that didn't mean he loved Crescylla less in any way; it was just different, that's all.
And now his daughter was curled up in a crystalline ball, snoring away. He watched as his mate tended to the eggs, his smile widening. He had made sure the others stayed away at her request, sharing her unease around Hanuel in particular. He still wasn't used to all the company, but couldn't deny it had its own appeal. Still all the same, he missed his own cave that he had shared with his mate and daughter, and desperately wished he could have raised his hatchlings there, instead of out in the open like this.
If it were up to me we would still be in that cave... the drake thought bitterly. He had contemplated trying to get Destella to go home with him, considering he had yet to encounter any more monsters, but he doubted Hanuel would ever leave them unattended.
And that was another thing that seriously bothered Snowscale. Hanuel seemed to insist on always going with them, as though Snow hadn't lived and thrive all by himself. It rubbed him in a very wrong way, to the point where Snow had made silent flights out when he was sleeping. It was always relaxing and reassured the icy blue drake that he could still care for himself.
In all honesty he really would rather be home. He really wished it, and couldn't seem to shake the thought. If it weren't for the eggs he would already be trying to convince his mate to go there with him, but now there was too much at stake.
He sighed and got up, moving towards Des. "How are they?"
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Live Finds a Way (Order of Starlights) Empty Re: Live Finds a Way (Order of Starlights)

Post by Destella on Mon May 13, 2019 10:05 am

Destella watched as Snowscale walked up. She could tell that he was annoyed by something, and somehow she figured it was being here. Not being in their cave, and stuck with Hanuel being... Hanuel. When he walked up though, the serpent-like dragon nuzzled him, notably keeping their eggs hidden in her coils still.

When he asked how the eggs were doing, Des smiled. "They're doing well... I think. I still haven't heard them yet." She then eyed Snowscale. "And I know you're not comfortable here, but...." Why couldn't she think of anything? Why can't I think of anything? How am I gonna be a mom when I can't even figure out what to say now?

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Live Finds a Way (Order of Starlights) Empty Re: Live Finds a Way (Order of Starlights)

Post by Haneul Yesterday at 8:04 am

The SkyWing Guardian landed outside the cave belonging to Snowscale and his LightWing mate, Destella. Haneul never made any attempt to hide his disdain for non-SkyWings. His tolerance of SkyWing hybrids depended entirely on how much SkyWing blood they had running through their veins. Even if they were a member of the tribe, he might look down on them unless they outranked him; currently, the only half-breed that did was Attor. It was no secret that Haneul wasn't fond of the LightWing and SkyWing tribes merging, nor of being stuck with two members of the LightWing tribe once the monsters came...

But today, Haneul did something rather uncharacteristic of him. If Myyra were watching, perhaps she'd be proud. Haneul looked at Snowscale and gave a nod before looking at Destella. He cleared his throat a bit before speaking, "Um... H-Hello, Destella. How are you...?"

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