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Soulcry changes his diet, (solo/open) Dragon10
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Soulcry changes his diet, (solo/open)

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Soulcry changes his diet, (solo/open) Empty Soulcry changes his diet, (solo/open)

Post by Soulcry on Tue Jan 15, 2019 2:24 pm

It was a cold, rainy dusk on the coast of southern icewing territory, where no light filtered through the grey wall clouds, heavily it stormed.  Soulcry was perched on a long, spiked boulder.  He leered into the waves, his ominous gaze was adamantly, fiercly looking for something to stimulate his appetite.  He had been eating fish since his youth, lately, it was about time to stop, he felt.  It was appropriate for his shark-like attributes. Not only was his appetite increasing, it was also sick of the same old thing day in day out.  His routine had shifted a little bit, he had recently joined the icewings and became a guardian.

It was a brisk, bright day in the earlier hours.  His appetite had become quite ginourmous, throughout the day.  He was biding his appetite for a week, (heh, lizards) for his newly created sport of choice; dolphin hunting.

The stormy weather didnt bother him one bit, in fact he a bit enjoyed the drama of the scene.  He was reminded of once when he almost died when trying to visit the icewings, how bitter this cruel world is...

The storms began to slightly calm down, Soulcry was ready; as he lurched forward ready to pounce at the sky.

And he leaped with a great might into the sky, and darted accross the waters with great speed.  It was about an hour of searching when suddenly he saw what he had been searching for, or so he thought.  His mouth winced with a slight smile, hungry for the feast he would allow himself if he found himself victorious over a pathetic mammal.

The spout and sprays were rather large, however as he determined, comming closer to what he'd later have a great deal of trouble with.  

He came to a slow as he hovered over the waters and pulsed his third eye with his ultraviolet, electrostatic vision, penetrating the surface of the water, which as the the forceful beast surfaced he could also see the mostly black, and some of it white, glistening skin of the creature.

"an orca," he said, as if half terrified, half excited.  "this thing might find a meal of me as much as I would of him..."

The creature was alarmed, and quite honestly, just as hungry as Soul was...

To be continued

IceWing Guardian
IceWing Guardian

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Soulcry changes his diet, (solo/open) Empty Re: Soulcry changes his diet, (solo/open)

Post by Soulcry on Tue Jan 15, 2019 4:42 pm

The orca responded to the low hovering above itself with a heavy winded spout that splashed upon Soulcry's face after jumping slightly out of the water.  Frustrated, Soulcry shouted alloud, "ugh, GROSS!" And shook his head after the spout yeilded, to shutter away the fluid all over his face.  By the time Soul was able to recover, he noticed that the orca had dropped to a deep dive.  Flapping stationary above the water, he braced for cold water as he dove after, but just before his body impacted the water, he shot a bolt of lightning from his third eye into the depths in the direction the orca had delved toward.

Now swimming, he was trying as hard as he could to see if he had hit the orca.  But it had disappeared from his visions reach through the water.  Therefore, without feeling the desire to risk swimming too deep, Soul swam peacefully regaining his strength from his long flight, hovering his head and neck above water.

IceWing Guardian
IceWing Guardian

Male Aquarius Pig
Posts : 91
Reputation : 13
Age : 24
Location : Atlantis

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Soulcry changes his diet, (solo/open) Empty Re: Soulcry changes his diet, (solo/open)

Post by Soulcry on Tue Jan 15, 2019 5:08 pm

It had been about 5 minutes that Soul felt disappointed his first hunt may have gone sour and he may have to settle for fish, when suddenly the orca had returned with a vigorous leap into the air and nearly plummetted onto Soulcry. It was only inches from his face, and Soul foundhimself twirling and struggling to regain his proprioception underwater, somhow he swam away from the water's pressure by intuitively sensing which way was up. Finally, his head gasped for air above the water, and his wings emerged soon after which he placed flat upon the water hoping he could realease into a leap from the water.

The shark masked dragon had effectively done what he intended to do and again found himself flying, which releaved him greatly.

The ocra leapt as high as it could into the air but Soul was much faster to evade.

It was a very solid half hour or so of playing tag teasing the orca as if to say, 'haha, couldnt get me today,' as the ocra leapt trying as he might to chomp at the poor Soulcry.

Soon, however, Soulcry derermined, that oh my god this thing probably weighs a ton, so he had to either come up with an idea to get the beast back to shore if he did manage to conquer the behemuth; or he'd have to give up this battle and settle for less. The hungry Soulcry was definitely not ready to call it quits. From his keen intellect he did manage to come up with an idea. So what he decided to try was to chomp and damage the ocras brain, if it could function enough to swim to shore, Soulcry figured, he may have a feast. He figured, it mustnt be too hard to lose sight of it again, since it would need to breathe... especially if it was wounded.

Although, the orca wasnt ready for such a phenomonon to occur, it did effectively work. The dragon poised his body to bite down upon its head and crushed its skull. The orca had to try to swim away, but it could not with soulcry punishing it with bites that would eventually direct it towards Soulcry's home. The orca was reluctant, and it was a very long time before a lot of progress was made to get the feast home.

Unfortunately for Soul, he was extremely tired by the time he finally made it to the shore. He had to use his brute strength to pull as hard and for as long as he could before the orca could be on shore. It was still in the water half submerged when Soulcry rested. The beast was nearly dead by the time the two had finally made it home.

Fortunately; however, the storm did subside a long while ago, so, Soulcry had a deep sense of releif. The toil pf his efforts greatly payed off, and he began to eat his delicious meal. Though, he did determine this was a bit much for him, he had better stick to dophins in the future... much less tenacious anyhow.

Just goes to show you, in the animal kingdom intelligence can beat strength in the game of food chain.


IceWing Guardian
IceWing Guardian

Male Aquarius Pig
Posts : 91
Reputation : 13
Age : 24
Location : Atlantis

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