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Father and Child Bonding Time (Cygnus/Sul and El)

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Father and Child Bonding Time (Cygnus/Sul and El)

Post by Svadilfare on Wed Aug 22, 2018 9:04 pm

The Pride of Kryo hated the sweltering heat of the desert. It was far better than the suffocating atmosphere of the fire dragons, however. How the people of Gynaikes were able to survive there was beyond him. Maybe that was why the women came to Kryo in search for a husband; what they really wanted was a reprieve from their fire-y home. Svad stopped his horse at the top of a sand dune. Below was the tent city of Ammos. A 'city' of refugees and outlaws, Ammos was home to those who had none. The only permanent structure to be found here was an armory in which everyone's weapons were locked away. It was to ensure Ammos remained a peaceful, crime-free place. It was hard to believe it had been almost a decade since Svad was here last. Then, he had just been passing through with Nari Taloe, a fellow assassin and Svad's greatest rival. That had been the plan, anyway. A legendary Manticore had been attacking Ammos and the two assassins stayed to help.

As Svadilfare coaxed his horse into moving down the dune toward the camp, he looked down at the small figure seated in front of him. His youngest son, Cygnus was sound asleep, partially covered by a cloak. It was a tradition of the Kryoan to take one of his children with him on a trip. He had done it with his eldest children and continued it now. It was a nice way for father and son--or daughter--to bond. And it gave them an opportunity to see their world before they went out on their own into it. Svad had decided Cygnus would be the first of his five youngest children to go. On these trips, Svad never conducted business. He refused any job offered, no matter how much it paid. Usually, he never had any specific reason for choosing the place he and his child traveled to. This time, however, he did; he was going to visit a friend.

Sul Iolar was an expert marksman, rivaled by few with bow and arrow. Though he was often away, Sul called Ammos home. Svad hadn't thought to find out beforehand if the marksman was here, so he hoped he was. By the time they had reached the bottom of the dune, Cygnus had awoken. "You should take your human form now, Cygnus. We're almost there."


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Re: Father and Child Bonding Time (Cygnus/Sul and El)

Post by Súl Iolar on Sun Aug 26, 2018 11:43 am

Cygnus' eyes slowly opened as he awoke, beginning to look around before hearing his father tell him to shift into his human form. He quickly shifted, his blue hair in a mess, before seeing the tens in the distance. The young hybrid turned his gaze up to his father, asking him "Are we camping, Papa?"

Meanwhile, within Ammos itself, Sul Iolar and his daughter Elizabeth, better known as El, walked through the camp-turned-city's market area. The marksman was looking for some food to prepare later, as well as any loose lipped trappers that would give up any keeps or camps they had. The girl, meanwhile just looked around at the various stands, messing around with one of her dragon figurines.

Sul smiled as he watched his girl happily run around the street. He had often worried that she would eventually hate the small place, but El always seemed quite happy in her home. It was then that he heard a fiddle's tune, and felt his daughter tug on his hand so they could go see. "Ok, El. I'm coming."


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Re: Father and Child Bonding Time (Cygnus/Sul and El)

Post by Svadilfare on Sat Sep 01, 2018 8:44 am

Svad chuckled at the question. "No, son, we aren't going camping. This is Ammos; we're going to see a friend." A few minutes later, father and son made it to the camp. Svad lowered Cygnus off the horse before jumping down himself. "Well, let's see if we can find him. Markets are usually the best place to start, especially if you don't know where the person lives." The warrior took hold of his son's hand and began making his way toward the market area. "I came here once with your mother. It was back when we first met. She didn't accompany me here, though. She stayed on the dunes and watched from a distance."


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Re: Father and Child Bonding Time (Cygnus/Sul and El)

Post by Súl Iolar on Fri Sep 14, 2018 7:27 am

”A friend,” Cygnus asked. He looked around at all the people. This was different then Kryo. Everyone back home kinda dressed and talked the same way, but everyone here looked and sounded different. It was cool to the young hybrid. Once he and his Papa got to the market, he listened with a curious gaze as Svad told his short story. ”Coow.” The little boy looked back at his dad. ”Papa, what’s your friend look like?”

Meanwhile, Súl and El had found the source of the music. The musician appeared to be a woman from Gynaikes, yet, at the same time, not a warrior or assassin. She was playing a viola with a fidder style, filling the market with a nice, less high-pitched tune. El could help but smile hearing the unique song. “It’s beautiful,” she remarked, then decided to have some fun and dance along. The marksman just smiled at his daughter, clapping along to the beat as he watched her dance.


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