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Post by Cassian on Mon Aug 20, 2018 9:03 pm

Name: Hacket Serpent

Threat level: Low

Hight: 3-5'ft


Width: Avrage width of a young adult male to a Adult male human

Apperance: Often black with dull swirls of any color and orange to yellow eyes that swirl with other shades of fire. Deep purple mouths and 7 inch fanges along with back-facing teeth at the length of 1 inch. The tipe of their tails are spaded and they have ridges over their eyes.

Other: these monsters are often hunted by higher-threat monsters becasue they taste strikingly familiar to humans, due to this there have only been 3 sightings reported of this monster.

Behavior: They're often agressive towards humans and use them as a food source. They have been known to attack and eat any other low-threat monsters that can fit into their mouth, which can unhinge to fit their larger prey, they often constrict their prey to immobilize it and try to eat it whole then, if that doesn't work, they either hypnotize, or inject their venom into prey to confuse and further imobalize said prey. When it comes to larger threats, they run and hide. They only hunt alone and have no terrortories, if they come across another of their kind, they battle, and the winner eats the loser, making their venome a tad more potent.

Abilities: Hacket Serpents' abilities consist of; Hallucinagenic venom that makes oppponents see terrofying shadowy beings and confuse the mind, scales strong enough to withstand a sword (arrows don't affect it too much unless you get 'em in the face), and hypnotic eyes that make the opponent drowsy and prone to 'suggestions', eg. 'you should stop fighting me', or, 'sleep would be nice about now, right?'. Other then their terrorfying apperance, they can easly be stopped by any beings higher then weak low-levels, wildlife and livestock, and humans. the hallucinagenic can easly be shaken off by dragons, and the hypnotisim only makes stronger opponenets, eg. manticores, slightly drowsy and easly annoyed. Their scales stand no chance against bites and claw swipes of the higher threat-level monsters, lesser beings, and dragons, or cold, cold tempritures make them fall asleep.

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