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Trading Post (open)

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Trading Post (open)

Post by Richard on Sat Aug 04, 2018 7:48 am

(Really? No one interested? Guess I will make it solo post then. I must be terrible writer. I so sick of solo posts.)

Leostonnia. its landscape was dotted with fortified keeps and towns. Each settlement a small kingdom in itself. It was a land of heroic knights, and beautiful maidens, a land of fairytales. One would think mercenaries, sell swords, would be unable to find work here with honor held so highly. But that was far from the case. With such a vast territory nobles often hired them to supplement there own military forces to cover patrols or to be settlement guards.

Richard himself often took contracts as a merchant caravan guard. It paid well and he got to travel. That was how he arrived at a nameless trading outpost on the frontier lands. Upon arriving he had learned that the outposts merchant guild had put a hefty bounty for any that could put a end to the attacks that were happening on there caravans. Obviously it was bad for business and Richard was always in need of coin and new thrills. So he took on the job.

It proved a difficult one as the culprit of the attacks was a lone Catawal. Normally the monsters ran in packs. Richard counted himself lucky the beast was a solitary one as the fight nearly cost him his life. But in the end he was victorious. There hides were to strong for bladed weapons but amidst the bodies and wreckage of a destroyed merchant caravan he acquired a mace. It proved a effective weapon for smashing in Catawal skulls.

Exhausted and battle weary Richard returned to the trading post that was surrounded with thick trunks of wood from the nearby woods to form a wall. He stood before the gate and tossed the dented mace to the side in the mud. "Open up!" Richard barked at the ramparts above the gate. A mercenary guards head poked up and they saw Richard. His bucket helm was partially caved in. The chest plate he had was scarred with a claw mark and the shoulder plate on his right sword arms side had a bit mark that showed he had narrowly escaped a neck bite.

But the thing that stood out most was the large sack Richard had slung over his shoulder that was soaked red with blood and dripping. The trading post guard called down below and with a heavy groan the wooden gates opened and Richard strolled with his head held high and chest puffed out. Rain clouds had formed over the course of the last hour and the sky opened up in a downpour. The well traveled ground now turned into mud and Richards boots made sucking sounds with each step as he headed to the wooden shack that made up the merchant guilt office of this particular place.

Richard entered through the door and stood in front of a mustached man dressed in lavish purple silks with gold lacing. Atop the merchants head was a hat with a puffy peacock tail feather sticking out. A sign of his position and wealth. Richard dumped the bloody sack on the rich mans desk and got a nasty look from him. "The head of the monster". Richard said with pride.  "Your getting blood on my desk". The noble said with no hidden distain. Putting a pouch on the desk heavy with coin the merchant gave a dismissive wave of a hand. "Take your coin and go vagabond. Your services are no longer needed".

Richard had no problem with that. He took the coin pouch in a hand and tossed it a bit to judge its weight. Satisfied the sell sword tied it off to his belt and gave a curt bow before leaving back into the rain. But he could not enjoy the payment just yet. Already he was looking for a metal worker to assist him with a problem. Such was life, you work for coin only to turn around and give some of it to others.

He listened for the trademark banging of metal on anvil and waved at guards on the walls who calling out "Monster Slayer!" With enthusiasm. Richard found the blacksmith. He was a old man with white hair that showed how many winters he had seen. "What can I do for ye?" Asked the old man. "I got this bucket helm stuck and squeezing on me head. Get it off." The metal worker eyed Richard through the helmets eye slot and took note of the snake like yellow eyes. "You got coin?"

"Aye". With that the smith motioned for Richard to sit in a chair. The hard part was coming up now as the metal worker had to hammer on the helm. Each impact sent a shock through his skull and it was not long until his ears started to ring. But it had to be done. The bucket helm had served its purpose in stopping the monster from crushing his head in its jaws. Just a few more moments and his head would be free of it.

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Re: Trading Post (open)

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Sat Aug 11, 2018 2:36 pm

(Hey, I was working on a post for this, can you reopen it?)

Baldirak Sapiens Draco
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Re: Trading Post (open)

Post by Svadilfare on Sun Aug 12, 2018 10:41 am

Svadilfare had not been to Leostonnia in almost ten years. The last time, he had been hired to assassinate the prince, Solomon Wyrmfyre. He never did complete that job. Something far more important had come up. The failure to complete the job, surprisingly, had not marred the Pride of Kryo's reputation. Perhaps it was simply because of the target. A royal would be difficult for any assassin to get to.

Today, Svadilfare was in Leostonnia not to complete that job, but to take a different one. With the roads attacked all the time by monsters, people required escorts. For the most part, it was merchants or caravans of nomads. Sometimes, it was a noble who just wanted an extra sword. Though Svadilfare didn't often take work far from home these days, this one would pay well. Celestia often insisted that Svad should retire, that with all the kids and themselves being able to hunt, coin was not necessary. Svad thought differently, of course. It would help for his children to have a little coin once they went out into the world. And sometimes, Svad needed a new knife or repairs done to his swords and shield.

Svad's horse came to a stop in front of the large wooden gate of the trading post. It was opened without him having to ask. He went through and went straight for the stables, handing over a few coins for the stable boy to take good care of his mount. He then made his way to an inn; the people he'd been hired to escort to the nearest city weren't going to be leaving until tomorrow.


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Re: Trading Post (open)

Post by darvik on Tue Aug 14, 2018 10:51 pm

darvik hasn't been to Leostonnia before but he heard that where he could get good prices for furs and some ores that he had . while pulling his cart threw the wooden gate. he wonders where he can find the inn. while thinking about what he done in his past.

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Re: Trading Post (open)

Post by Richard on Wed Aug 15, 2018 7:45 am

"Just hurry up already!" Drake barked at the smith as he tugged on the sell swords bucket helm. After a few more grunts the mans head was free of its iron prison. Drake stood up from the chair and walked out from under the overhead cover to look up at the rainy sky. "Ah...." Drake sighed with relief at having the cool rain landing on his face. Returning to the smith he thanked the man for his efforts and looked over the selection of helms he had. Drake needed a replacement for the one the monster had bent to hell.

In the end he settled for a iron helmet with ram horns that protected everything but the face. Drake purchased a new wet stone kit along with cleaning oils so he could clean his equipment later. With all the rain at the moment it was bound to start rusting without attention and care.

Richard needed a drink and hot food. The inn was the best place for that. Drake figured he could have some down time now as the merchants he was working with were not leaving until tomorrow. Drake stopped on the wooden porch of the inn and rubbed the bottom of his boots off on the stairs to get most of the wet mud off. When he entered drake was greeted by the pleasant smells of roasted meats, and pipe tobacco smoke.

All the talking stopped and heads started to turn to look at the new arrival. "What?", drake asked. "You were expecting a pretty lass with frilly laces?" At that he heard laughter and everyone went back to there business. He saw some familiar faces but all the others were knew to him. As he walked by a table a fellow sell sword patted him on the leg. "How it go?" At that drake could only grunt. "Damn beast used me head as a chew toy and I cut off its head in return..... Most fun I had in days!"

Sitting at a empty table drake took off his ram horn helm and set it aside. Banging a fist on the wooden table he called out. "Oy! I need ale and food over here! Killing monsters gives a man a mighty thirst! Hurry it up woman!"


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Re: Trading Post (open)

Post by Svadilfare on Wed Aug 15, 2018 1:47 pm

"Walk in here with blood on your suit or a freshly lost limb, then you might get swift service. Here, you get served by order or rank," a man at the table behind the sell sword said. "That man over there arrived before you and out ranks all of us." The gravelly voiced man lifted a bandaged hand and pointed to the fur-clad warrior sitting at the other side of the room. The woman the sell sword had just yelled for was speaking to him.

The maiden who came over to inquire what the warrior wanted flinched. She was used to men shouting at her to hurry over to them. Still, a slammed fist on a table always put her on edge. She was going to send her apologizes when Svad stopped her. "He can wait. Claiming to have downed one of those creatures doesn't earn him special treatment. I have my own meat you can cook if that isn't too much trouble. And I'll take one mug of your best mead, please." Svadilfare handed over a bundle containing the meat... and a small bag of coins. The graciously accepted the bag and went off with the meat. Soon, she returned with Svad's drink then hurried over to impatient sell sword.

"I'm sorry, sir. What can I get for you..?"

The Pride of Kryo took a sip of his mead before slowly looking round the room. He wondered if all the towns of Leostonnia looked this way: inns filled sell swords and warriors hired to escort merchants, nobility, and anyone unable to fend for themselves, from one place to the next. 'twas a depressing thought if that were the case, that life in the kingdom be reduced to this.


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Re: Trading Post (open)

Post by darvik on Thu Aug 16, 2018 9:56 pm

walks into the inn after getting the way to inn from a merchant coming from the inn goes to the bar " hello my I get a gold meed with a bit of a kick to it" I ask the person behind bar.

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