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darvik EDIT

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darvik EDIT

Post by darvik on Thu Jul 12, 2018 6:57 am

[b]Type of Character: undead
Species: undead skeleton

[b]Name: darvik bloodfallen

[b]Alias: the one who makes red rain

[b]Age: 27

[b]Gender: male

[b]Sexuality: heterosexual
[b]Personality: is forgetful but is brave in the face of danger and like to randomly pet stuff and also like to collect rocks and gems stones that he finds He also like music. Likes to experiment with gears and springs also loves caverning stone statues in the likeness of others  

[b]Fears: coffins  

strength: doesn't need to eat or sleep. is stronger then others skeletons if there where anymore is good at making weird spring loaded cloaks and random toys.

[b]Weaknesses: fire/blunt force trauma/light spells and cant cross flowing water  

[b]Height:8 foot

[b]Feathers: n/a

[b]Eyes: greenish/bluish orbs of lights

[b]Appearance: wears old foot solider gear from back during the war with the dragon

[b]Special Abilities: can control the bones that are in the ground from dead animals and or other creatures

[b]Combat Style: primly uses spear for tursting and pricing attacks but can do wide swinging attack to keep other at range

[b]History: darvik was force into the army by his family even tho he didn.t want to be in it. He server in the army for 10 years making a name for him self
Was going to be married to his best friend and love of his life but was poisoned by some one who wanted the same women he died at the wedding he awaken inside his coffin when a recreantly brought back undead dragon magic power surge threw where he was buried and brought him back but he was only a skeleton then so once he got him self out of his own grave everything he knew was change from when he was alive he sprinted into the forest to his old cottage that was there and has been living there shice

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Re: darvik EDIT

Post by darvik on Thu Jul 12, 2018 6:58 am

I plan on added him to my chara page lists it me orokiv

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