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Start of Something (Perspective Contest)

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Start of Something (Perspective Contest)

Post by Wake on Mon Jun 11, 2018 8:40 am

I remember the first time I saw him, trapped in that stupid cage I was put in. A young, curious human hatchling, walking along with his mother. A cruel one, that human. Her young one, however, already seemed different. I didn’t know why at the time, and if you had told what it would be... Ha! I would have slapped your skull with my tail and called you feral. I mean, he... what! I’m getting ahead of myself.

As I was saying, the hatchling was more of a curious one. He would ask his mother about all of us that were imprisoned in that keep. Despite my hatred of her, even I had to admit she was more intelligent then other humans. She still never saw our own intelligence beyond being smart creatures. Her hatchling seemed the same, but he still noticed things. Still, he tried to get close to my cage. Instinctively, I let out a growl to scare him away, and of course it worked. Just like any average human, he feared my kind, but things changed as the years went on.

As I continued to see the hatchling, he continued to change like all young ones do. Grew closer to an adult human, but there was something else. His relationship with his mother was lacking to say the least. They continued to to get into more arguments as time went one, though I only ever heard bits and pieces of what they yelled on about. Something about not wanting to follow in his mother’s scales. I didn’t really know how bad this had gotten until one fateful night.

I was just trying to sleep when I heard those stupid guards guards come around, but they surprised me. They threw something in my cage. I just kept my eyes shut until I heard a familiar voice. The hatchling! I guessed his mother finally had enough of him. I heard the guards say something about teaching him a lesson by me attacking him. I finally opened my eyes once they left, and eyed the human. He was terrified. Almost unable to make a sound. I finally decided to speak.

“I won’t harm you, young one.” He just looked shocked, probably not expecting a dragon to speak in his tongue. The human finally spoke with that funny voice he hand his mother had.

“Y-you won’t? Wait. You can sp...!” I was quick to jam my tail in his mouth. What was he thinking!? I finally pulled it out, leering at the human.

“Don’t tell them. Makes me more of a problem than I’m worth.” The human just nodded as he sat in the corner, still scared to death. He then spoke in a nervous tone.

“Well. I’m Súl. Súl Iolar.” I just eyed him. The human, Súl, was quite open considering his fear. It actually brought a smile to my maw. It was then that I realized why I had noticed something different about this one. I then gave him my name.

“I was name Fulax at when I hatched.” The human just smiled. This one interaction led to a night of learning about each other. The more Súl learned about dragons, the more he resented his own mother. Learning they my kind was indeed intelligent, feeling, like his kind in many ways. It was the start of a unique story for this human. In the coming year we planned an escape, freed the dragons, and greatly angered his mother. But it sparked something in Súl. Something about him had definitely changed, and I only hoped it was a change for the better.


Name by Lori.
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