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Butterfly Effect (open)

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Butterfly Effect (open)

Post by malaki on Sun Jun 10, 2018 4:02 pm

(if nobody replies I will make this a solo story)

The Onyx Citadel was more glorious then Malaki had ever imagined. If you had asked him before the arrival of the monsters if he ever expected to be inside it, the night wing would have told said dragon to go chase there tail. But yet here he was. Not just inside it, but calling it home for now along with any others in the tribe that chose to be there.

It was sadly one of the few iconic parts of the tribes culture that was spared the destruction of the monster hordes, at least for now. But that was not a future he wanted to even entertain. For the moment all he could do was tend to the others in his tribe the best he could.

Malaki found healing injury's to the flesh was easy, but the damage done to the mind was another matter entirely. Many of those in his tribe bore invisible injuries that went deeper then the scars on there bodies. Again it was not something he wanted to think about. He had his own problems to deal with when it came to the mind.

Thankfully the spire had its own collection of scrolls and Malaki took that time to research any knowledge the tribe had on seers. At the moment he was relaxed by a window with several scrolls scattered about and one fully unrolled and open before him. No light came through the opening though as it was night outside. Only a cool breeze.

"The butterfly effect...." The night wing said lowly as he read the old scroll over with his glowing malachite colored eyes. "Highly disconcerting", he mumbled again. "Ok then, enough of that", with that he rolled the scroll up and took another scroll on a topic more relevant to his tribal occupation as a healer.

Malaki read the scroll in silence but stopped for a moment as he heard claws tapping on the stonework of the corridor outside. The night wing did not let his thoughts linger on the curiosity of who else was up. He had just started reading a interesting part of the scroll that talked about the theoretical benefits of invasive surgery's.

After reading the theory the night wing rolled up the scroll and gathered the others to put back on the shelf in the room. Going out into the corridor he saw two others from the tribe sitting around a bowl shaped brazier on the ground with a welcoming warm fire. Like a moth drawn to the flame Malaki headed towards his kin, but not before putting on his black tinted goggles that shielded his sensitive eyes from the light.

They looked at Malaki as he approached and sat down but did not speak right away. Malaki sat with his kin around fire taking comfort from the warm. "I'm hungry...." One of the night wings said with a tone of sadness. Malaki continued to look at the fire, the reflection of the flames dancing on his goggles.

Malaki looked at the dragon that spoke and saw how visible there ribs were. They seemed more skeletal then anything else. It was at this moment he looked at himself and found his body was in the same state, malnourished. "We are starving", Malaki said in a matter of fact way devoid of emotion.

"The hunters keep returning with less and less food. Hopefully tomorrow they will bring enough for all of us." Malaki was trying to be optimistic but he already could see that future. There would not be enough food and he would have to fight for his share when they arrived in the morning. It was not something he looked forward to doing. Being reduced to fighting over food like a starving wolf in winter. But such were the times.

"Things will get better, you will see". Malaki added in an attempt to keep up his fellow nightwings spirits up. But words proved a hard thing to swallow when your stomach ached with hunger. In the morning Malaki was outside waiting  for the hunters to return, and waiting to fight with the others for some. "Every dragon for themselves". He grumbled. "How far we have fallen."
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