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Guarnere, Errant Dragon Dragon10
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Guarnere, Errant Dragon

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Guarnere, Errant Dragon Empty Guarnere, Errant Dragon

Post by Guarnere on Wed May 16, 2018 2:51 am

Guarnere, Errant Dragon Guarne10
Type of Character:
Lightwing Dragon

Link to Character List Page: Character List

Personal Info

Lord Tectonic, (ex) Order Master of the Chapter of the Stag of the Order Knights of Prosperity




Many would think Guarnere old and wise upon first meeting him.  Perhaps he is.  The only problem is that he acts neither old nor wise.  He bickers with his daughter constantly, teasing her every chance he can get.  Guarnere has little filter when it comes to his words, tending to say what's on his mind at the time.  At least, that's what it seems, but his trickster ways could mean anything.  Behind an air of detachment, he could be one of the smartest dragons to ever live.  Or, he could really be as he seems, a sarcastic jokester whose mood swings back and forth faster than his tail.  One way to think of Guarnere is to take a wise soldier, put him in the body of a kitten, and then put that kitten in the body of a dragon.

Guarnere doesn't consider himself a dragon to give into fear, but he does consider himself a dragon to learn from past experience.  He has deep feelings towards wizards and sorcerers, fearing and distrusting them.  He knows from experience the pain of ballista, and won't fly where one is spotted.  He has lesser fears as well, those that don't turn his personality like a switch, but do edge out of his confidence.  The past, dreams of soldiers long dead, graveyards as far as the eye can see, the smell of burning burning flesh and hair, monsterous armies stretching out of the deep waters...  Those are just a few of the things that keep Guarnere up at night.

Despite his age, Guarnere is physically fit and a powerful warrior.  He's not the largest dragon, but he's got a mix of nimble and strong, combined with a quick wit and the experience of battle.  He's something of a poet-warrior, as well-read as he is well-trained.

Guarnere is not a mage, given his distrust of them.  He's also not as street smart when it comes to foreign shores, like the one he's found himself on.  He's generally lost, relying on Mithridae to figure out where they are, and doesn't do well with other dragons given how hard it is for him to speak their language.

General Appearance
50 ft

Guarnere has white scales, shaped similar to the scales of a pangolin.  However, around his face, back, and shoulders, he has spikes of bone.  His scales have a texture to them.  Default a very light grey, they have a white coating similar to marbling, veins, or roots.

Luminescent teal

A wyvern with two front wings used for walking and flying, and two back legs for perching on.  Guarnere is a light grey with a coat of white veins across his scales that give him a textured, white appearance.  His face is flatter than most of the local dragons, showing a foreignness to it, and is much closer to a parrot's beak than what most would think of as a dragon's maw.  In addition to his diamond-shaped scales, he has thick bone-like spikes that start over his head and continue down his spine.  For his facial features, he has bright blue-green eyes that glow in the darkness, and a facial structure that allows complicated movement of his jaw and face scales/muscles/spikes, giving him the option to form expressions despite how ridged he is.

Tribe Information and Status

100% Lightwing


Mithridae - Adopted Daughter

Galahad (Deceased)


Skills and Abilities
Normal Abilities:
[Not sure what normal abilities an LW has]
Human-Speak - Given that he has spent most of his life with a human army, Guarnere finds it much easier to speak to humans that he does to speak to other dragons.  He has the same accent that Mithridae does for humans, but has a much worse accent when talking to other dragons.

Special Abilities:
Eagle-Eye - Taught to him by older dragons for war long ago, when the young dragon was just beginning to learn of tactics and combat.  Guarnere, should he close one eye, is able to focus a small amount of magic into his open eye to see in higher detail at greater distance.

With his eagle-eye activated, Guarnere is able to spot small animals such as raccoons or pigs at 20 miles and humans at 50 miles.

There are limitations however.  The farther away an object is, the more closely he would have to search.  Spotting a person from close up is easy, looking across a field at a forest to spot one person is difficult, spotting one figure from that many miles away doesn't make a lot of sense, so it isn't focused that far that often.

In addition to that, his eye must remain steady to track targets, and terrain or other objects can easily block his sight.  It's easier if he has a vantage point to track, and easy enough to track someone from a few miles while flying above them, but is almost impossible for him to get more than a glimpse of someone at the required height to actually see 50 miles.

For a little perspective, he would be able to see that there is someone on the capitol building in the picture below, but would have to be perched on the mountain top to actually do it, and the rest of the city would be hidden behind trees.  He wouldn't be able to see details about the person, but could at least tell roughly where they are.  (Mount Ranier at 1,400 feet looking down on Olympia 50 miles away).

Guarnere, Errant Dragon Olympi10

Combat Style:
A battle-mount, Guarnere favors hit-and-run tactics and specializes in prioritization in the heat of combat.  He and Mithridae have a lot of experience working together, and they work best as one cohesive unit, so they can both be surveying the battlefield and tracking twice as much at once.  One-on-one, Guarnere prefers to get close and personal with his combat and utilizes whatever strength he's got on his enemy, whether that be size or speed.

In the ancient days, in a far away land, man and dragon conquered an island and built a great dynasty there.  Man bowed before the first Dragon Emperor, a man of skill and strength that they believed could only be granted by one of the legendary dragons that lived on the islands nearby.

From then on, belief spread that dragons held the power that man did not.  Tribes warring near the dynasty pled for strength from dragons, offering sacrifice and days of worship for the chance to best their enemies.  While man grew greedy, the dragons grew lax.  Some grew fat on offerings, while others lived in lavish temples hidden within the islands, waited on constantly by priests and priestesses.

Life continued in the islands with a symbiosis between man and dragon.  Primitive tribes turned into fierce kingdoms.  The dynasty of the Dragon Emperor rose to into a great Empire that spread across the islands.  His warriors trained a lifetime to offer themselves as knights worthy of riding a dragon into battle.

Guarnere was one of those dragons.  Born to the islands, he grew up in and out of keeps as a proud Imperial dragon.  Over his lifetime, he flew his soldiers into and out of wars, watching kingdoms rise and fall.

It wasn't until recently that it was his kingdom that was falling.  The city of Prosperity fell to dragon's fire.  Much of the population was burned to a crisp, and many of the dragons fled to the nearby mountains.  Guarnere and his mate, Galahad, were two of the only ones remaining when the dust settled.

In the ashes of their home, they found a young girl, an orphan, and took her with them back to last remaining keep of the old Order.  While the Emprie licked its wounds, Guarnere and Galahad prepared the next generation of dragon and rider.

Mithridae, their adopted human, was in that next generation.  She rode Guarnere's back as their people sought revenge, carving a warpath through the enemies that had razed their home.  Dragons and the foulest wizards fell to Mithridae's sword and Guarnere's jaws.

But the war was not without loss.  Galahad's own rider had nearly died, and Galahad found himself bewitched by a wizard's spell.  Attempting to save the rider and dragon both, Mithridae made a choice there that crippled a small force of their own men and ended with Galahad's death at the close of the war.

Guarnere was saved any retribution, being one of the oldest remaining dragons of the Order.  But Mithridae was tried and convicted of treason.  Guarnere watched from a distance as she was imprisoned, then given one last chance for penance.  It took seven years for her to return, and when she did, Guarnere was waiting.  The pair took to the skies, flying as far east as Guarnere's wings could take them.  They left a kingdom that had become foreign to both of them, hoping to leave the scars of their final battle behind as well.

RP Sample:
"You besmirch my good name?"  The dragon rumbled threateningly, the scales of his face starting to draw up in a snarl.

Beneath him, at the focal point of his fury, a pair of blue eyes rolled.  "You don't even have a 'good' name."

"Bah!"  With a puff of his nostrils, Guarnere pulled away and gave a short, mocking laugh.  He was receiving no attention, despite the prancing nature of his tantrum or the way his chest-scales were puffed like a dry pine cone.  "I will have you know the name of Guarnere Monsant is known world wide!"

Again, more blue eyes rolling at the faux drama.  Mithridae stood, slinging her pack over a shoulder, and turned to regard the wyvern as he shook with mock-superiority.

"It was Guarnere Gaulette last week.  What will it be next week?  Guarnere Can't-shut-his-mouth?"

The dragon shuddered as if physically hit, turning to look at the human before him.  She had the look of a mother with a stubborn child, a perfect mask of stony apathy and one hand on her hip.  He had the look of a parrot who had just been caught unaware, now regarding this small creature before him for apparently the first time.

"That was rude..."

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Guarnere, Errant Dragon Empty Re: Guarnere, Errant Dragon

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Wed May 16, 2018 10:56 am

Since this is your second character, you need start a character list in Character Registration then add that link to the app. Also, until I add it to the Guide, here's a brief description of LWs abilities: The most colorful of all dragons. Their scales are able to change color, usually depending on their mood. They harness the power of light to blind and burn their foes.

What's the actual range of his special ability? How high is "high enough" and how many miles are "multiple miles"?

Astral's favorite person. ^.^

Guarnere, Errant Dragon Fpkz2Va
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
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Grand Champion Y1 Earthwing King

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Guarnere, Errant Dragon Empty Re: Guarnere, Errant Dragon

Post by Guarnere on Wed May 16, 2018 9:33 pm

Added character list.
Updated special ability with specifics.

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Guarnere, Errant Dragon Empty Re: Guarnere, Errant Dragon

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Thu May 17, 2018 8:52 am

Approved! Quick note: don't add new characters to your list until after they've been approved.

Astral's favorite person. ^.^

Guarnere, Errant Dragon Fpkz2Va
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
Grand Champion Y1 Earthwing King
Grand Champion Y1 Earthwing King

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