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Inside the Journal of Machhias the SkyWing

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Inside the Journal of Machhias the SkyWing

Post by Machhias on Sun Apr 22, 2018 5:31 pm

(Since I really can't do much with Machhias right now, I thought I would advance his character through this journal. Any questions will probably be explained,)

Day 1145 on the job

It's been three years since I've started this journal, started this kind of miserable job and continued being [incoherent scribbling] short. I remember my first entry, right out of starvation.

Day 1 on the job

They made me clean what they call the "short side" of the garrison cave. They thought it was funny.
I didn't.
[incoherent and obscene scribbling] them.

They will pay.

Then, after that, I realized I needed a structure and  purpose to this journal. i.e this excerpt from day three:

1. This is to help you not fall into the [long rant] abyss of insanity, not just for rants and anger relief.
2. Write in this journal only when you are sensible, not just feeling sensible.
3. Do not change any past entries.
4. Write as much as you can.
5. Follow the rules, you idiot.

That has been revised many times, Machhias, if you don't remember. I'm just writing about all this "anniversary" stuff because the only thing interesting that happened on my shift today is I found the dead body of a hatchling EarthWing. Gave the body to whatever identification systems we have in this ruin of SkyWings and LightWings, and that was the end of that.

A thing coming up is that the other guards are having a party tomorrow night, but they all say I will get "the short end of the bone" if I try to come. I r [it seems as if this part was crossed out] I r [more crossing out]

I might try to go in the party and "shock" them. Heh. They'll be surprised.

Tomorrow I get to patrol the south-east portion, where all the interesting stuff happens. The last time I patrolled there was nine months ago, as they know [a large portion that looks like it had been a rant was scribbled out]

I guess there will be some commotion tomorrow, I might actually become a regular patroller if I find something interesting. I indeed plan on finding something interesting, some stray dragon or pack of monsters moving towards the garrison and the camp behind it.

Day 483 on the job

Why must they torment me while it was they who made me short? They will pay. They will pay. Tlrx vlll oy [they will pay written in a very angry scribble]

That is where one of my, your, tradition came from. The one exception

they will pay
they will pay

Last edited by Machhias on Mon Apr 23, 2018 5:18 pm; edited 1 time in total

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Re: Inside the Journal of Machhias the SkyWing

Post by Machhias on Mon Apr 23, 2018 1:15 pm

Day 1148 on the job.

Good news.

No, I didn't get south-east duty on 1147 again, nor today. I got invited to help with something going on in LightWing territory, something about getting more dragons to help rebuild whatever is going on up on that plateau. I heard that Attor is going to be there, so I guess that's al [there is a smear toward the side of the page. Covering the rest of the page is a message teared in the page, saying, "Haha short Mac is writing about his love life." Machhias still makes use of the paper, and continues the entry on that page, between the message.] Sorry about that. One of my [obscene language] "colleagues", just took away this journal. Now to continue.

Alright. But mainly, I just want to do something ineresting. I can't tear out Shaka's throat because everyone else would just gang up on me, like they've done so many [obscene language] times. [The rest of the page is a long rant about Machhias's anger. At the bottom of the page is a a little sentence saying, "Rule 1 is the only rule I frequently disregard." Drawn next to it is a miniature self-portrait of Machhias, smiling.]

Seriously, though. I really a, surprised that the haven't mobbed and killed me yet. It's surprising. I guess they got a notice when they beat me up that one day.

Day 928

Yesterday, Shaka and her pigs really came close to killing me. Very close, I am not willing to say any more, out of anger and lest they find this and use it as a way to give me the death sentence because of false accusations. They would do that. But they will PAY.

I guess they found out. My night shift (not south east, I got west, which I get a lot. I just get to sit there and watch nothing happen) is coming. I will talk more about yesterday the next time I write. Sigh. They.

they will pay
they will pay

SkyWing Guardian
SkyWing Guardian

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Re: Inside the Journal of Machhias the SkyWing

Post by Machhias on Fri Apr 27, 2018 6:02 pm

Day 1149 on the job

I said I would talk more about yesterday when I wrote, it then I woke up today thinking, "Oh yeah, nothing interesting happened yesterday yesterday." So, that's that.

We started preparing to leave, we go in a week. [Here it looks like there was a word here, but it has been so furiously scribbled out that there is a hole in the page here.]

Day 1151 on the job

5 days.

It's mainly orginization stuff. Very boring. I hate this. So much. They will pay for this offense to my practically nonexistent happiness.

Also, they took away my shifts, so now I am just lazing around all day.

Day 1152 on the job

[This entry seems to be entirely consisted of pictures. It seems that Machhias was bored.]

Day 1153 on the job

Three days of boredom gone
Three days to go
Three times there has been dawn
Three wars to fight
Until I can know

Day 1154 on the job
Day 4 on the bored side of hell

I've started to go into the library for the human literature. I've alreaday read everything else.

Ugh, it's boring.

Dialogue of me: "Augugughhgugughghghghghghugugughgghhgulglglggugiguguigkgkgugugopgogiguguiggititigugufuuguguguguguguguuauuguauauauauauausuauaauausuausuauugugugguugguugugugghghghghhgugughghghghguugughhgbgnngmgkglogjghgnnghgjdidosoqpqpqwqqppwowjsjsjsjppwijejeufififjgjgjjgjtjfififitifufjfjjffjjfjfjfjfjjf. Fuauuauuauauaua. Auaauauaauuaf. Someone kill me now. For goodness snakes. Kill me. Now."

End of hell day 156 on my stupid job

We're leaving in a couple minutes. Thank goodness. THANK GOODNESS. THANK YOU TIME FOR PROGRESSING.

(This is subject to change for accuracy)

SkyWing Guardian
SkyWing Guardian

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