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Black Solstice

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Black Solstice Empty Black Solstice

Post by Hydra on Mon Apr 02, 2018 11:41 pm

Black Solstice

The subtle tune of the whimsical notes
Teetering and taunting as the sun arose
The grey sky and crimson lightning
Shattering the glassy ocean waves
The tower in phase of ambient mirage
Bleeding mercury, like black, voided mirrors
Trickling down its walls and halls
The raindrops like tears of blood
Transparent in iridescence
Frozen in blurred time in greyscale light

Birds cried as the lullaby swept in wrath
And paralyzed their wings in a deathly trance
And they fell, pulled by the song of gravity
Pelting the ground below one by one
The fleeting moments of their breath
In ever lifeless exhale, all but a raven
Who's wing mimicked a moth
With wrathful eyes upon her back
Her eyes like fire, her affect demonic
And trailed a tail of shadows
Which filled the sky with clouds

Ashore, the beasts would cry in agony
And the sound of her song of fear
Ceased as she flew upon unto the tree to roost
Though she said a powerful soothe
A Jackal came out from the water
His eyes like mechanical cores
And red like the blood of the damned
They were like a moon, shed not teared
He spake in thought to the Raven, expectantantly, she outstretched her wings
And fearfully bowed to to the Jackal

“Alas, the holy underworld shall fear my name
But not of shadows, rather of echoes,”

And the earth was filled with the holiness of his demonic demeanor, the tree of the skies
Like the flames in the Jackal’s eyes,
The flames that set ablaze the trees,
The flames the blackened sun did not cease
The flames of the false holy ghost,
Beckoning the afterlife with promises,
All in vain of the slain, who were disgraced
And slaughtered like the innocent who shall have lived despite the imminence of their foretold anti existence, and it had begun
The storms of violent shadows, the fury of a thousand titans all but from one
Thirteen eons of torture to the mother earth
And was given the name, Andromeda
Like the many but the other
And the planet became full of ash, like bloody raindrops had been swallowed but dried her tongue, and filled the oceans with barren shadows, that became like mercury, melding until solid, the souls of the captured, not raptured, they the false holy who deceive even in agony
Their God, the almighty void of nothing, in ever expansive vastness, yet denied of existence
The tree of a thousand suns spilled from the sky from a great spoon, and every tree on this place now known as the new moon, it consumed and they became like a network of Sequoia, voided and empty. And the stars began to change from white, to mimic the sun
They became black
Another 13 eons had passed, though for the Jackal it was a mere moment, and the sun stood still, humbly in the presence of the Jackal, his name was Eclipse.
Alas there was stillness from the chaos, and his infinite power yet was not compromised.

In the parallel abstraction the Raven spake,
“Master, I have effectively withdrawn my oath to allow your past to have only conquered.”

And Eclipse was not upset by the gesture, for she merely was an omen of the second wave of grace.

In the planets eternal twilight, there was another beast that came up from the earth, but it had a hideous face and it's very name disgraced the Jackal. The beast was like an amorphous goat, with a tail like a mermaid, it attempted to withdrawal from the Jackal, fleeing in fear.

And the raven sang a gentle tune, and the beast fell to sleep. And The jackal named Eclipse began to evoke a holy whiteness like a flash that emanated to the furthest reaches of the cosmos and thereafter.

The stars were revealed as black just as the sun. And the sky was like a brilliant lustrous white, the beast unaware of its opposite opposing will, was numb from the pain of its tormented underworld.
Alas the beast began to mutate, and transmogrify, it was beginning to take form of the Queen andromeda, who was fair and pretty albeit, she stepped forth like grey walker, with each step a decaying breath, and a clenching jaw would reveal her soul. She had always claimed she was the most beautiful in her existenceless cursedness. With each step she became uglier, suppressing the creature from within her core, but as she attempted to suppress this curse, she became uglier and uglier. Plantlike vines like snakes would emanate from her body, as they got closer to the Jackal, becoming an oddity of disgrace, much like a centipede. She could not resist the change, drawing from it's power… but could not believe she was truly enraged until she saw her reflection, and stilled. The now white Jackal like a beautiful Goddess, had glossy eyes, and the beast stilled as she saw her face, in the reflection of her metallic, mechanical eyes. The Goddess merely smiled, immune to the lies of the beast’s self proclaimed beauty. And at once the centipede of a thousand faces turned herself to stone at the mere site of her own gaze.

The beast as stone, resisting to cease existence begged with lustful eyes to know her opposer’s name, with a telepathic language like the sound of scratching. She said as the stone began to engulf her eyes,
“Tell me, fairest, I must know that name…”
She said eagerly and terrified.

“I am Cassiopeia…”

And at the sound of the Goddesses name, the beast shattered, and the Sequoia forest consumed the souls beast before they'd unleash into the changing skies. Not a single voice fled it's escape.

But the Seqoia could not survive from the nutrients she provided, and the shadows of the trees faded from existence, and in their place there was stillness and ash. In the whitener expanse, there was instead a voice that echoed. It was merely the Goddesses name, and it resonated in pureness and absoluteness, exhallting the beauty of her Name.

And Cassiopeia raised her staff to the planet of ashes as the many colors of essences began to swarm around the ghost shell of a planet. They reformulated in the after time of the denied as a beautiful animal known as an Osar, a symbolic creature sacred and mythical to Cassiopeia’s very nature. They were beautiful embodiments of sacraments to prior prejudice against innocence, that innocence must not be sacrificed. And from this white creature, there was amany blissful butterflies that were of very beautiful colors. And the planet was made into anew, sacrificing the primordial, instinctual self that craved innocence, the mother she was called, earth, for her terrestrial quality. She was named Andromeda, and just as the earth and the stars, Cassiopeia declared the name of this beautiful osar after and in remembrance of her past, Andromeda as well.

Soul of Sorrow and Ice
Atmosphere Drago

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Black Solstice Empty Re: Black Solstice

Post by Hydra on Mon Apr 02, 2018 11:41 pm

Just a little poem I wrote. It's deep.

Soul of Sorrow and Ice
Atmosphere Drago

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Black Solstice Empty Re: Black Solstice

Post by Hydra on Mon Apr 02, 2018 11:42 pm

Critique me if yeh wants.

Soul of Sorrow and Ice
Atmosphere Drago

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Black Solstice Empty Re: Black Solstice

Post by Hydra on Tue Apr 03, 2018 5:18 am

Watch "Black Solstice" on YouTube

Soul of Sorrow and Ice
Atmosphere Drago

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