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Chloe The icewing

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Chloe The icewing

Post by Chloe on Wed Dec 20, 2017 2:13 pm

Type of Character: Dragon
Link to Character List Page: http://www.rpgdragons.org/t213-chloe-s-bio-update
Personal Info
Name: Chloe Firethroat (I love irony)
Alias: Brindle, Fluffy, HeartHorns.
Age: I don't know how dragons age so uh... 18
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual (Panromantic)
Personality:  Chloe is a relatively quiet yet calm dragoness compared to her younger, more hyperactive self. her lack of logical thinking over the years being replaced with a more rationalised thought process. Of course, she still has times where she can suddenly get a random outburst of energy that surprises many of the dragons around her at the time. She's unafraid to show her opinion on a subject matter and will be quick to point out certain flaws if she spots them. Chloe is quite fond of fish and sometimes has a low attention span, her mind easily wandering off if a conversation begins to drag on or if she's heard the subject before.
Fears: Chloe has a strong fear of sharp objects, that can range from icicles, human spears, almost anything that can prove deadly with a sharp point. She also has a fear of being alone despite the fact she has mentioned she likes being alone.
Strengths: Chloe has a much better grasp on her ice abilities than she did when she was younger, She's able to channel it through her tail to create a sort of tail club made out of ice. She's also able to stay calm in a dangerous situation, even willing to take the lead.
Weaknesses: Her weakness would obviously be fire, being an icewing, her ice abilities are easily cancelled out by the affects of hot weather or direct fire. She can also lose her cool and become reckless if stressed and pushed to the brink of her mental capacity.

General Appearance
Height: 35 ft exactly
Scales: Her scales are a mixture of shapes, being more square at the top of her, around her head, back and tail and being more oval or circular the further away from the squared off scales they are.
Eyes: Her eyes are coloured an Emerald green
Appearance: Chloe is a rather thin, yet bulky looking dragon, her scale colour being a very interesting shade of purple. Her eyes being a bright shade of emerald green. From a distance, you wouldn't realise that her scales are covered in a thin layer of fur, very visible areas of fur being the golden fur that covers her head and the top of her chest area. Her wing membrane, along with the colour of her horns and nose horn are a soft pink colour, the two primary horns curling around the  back of her head, creating a visible heart if viewed from behind. Her tail has two green spikes and a diamond shaped spade of the same shade of green at the very end.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: IceWings
Inheritance: PureBred
Rank: Guardian
Family: N\A (Will add when i've built up her story)
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N\A

Skills and Abilities
Special Abilities: Chloe has the ability to channel her ice powers through to her tail, the ice forming spikes on her tailspade and spikes to create a pretty dangerous club if used correctly. This can only last for around 2 to 3 posts before the affects ware off.
Combat Style: Chloe prefers not to fight, but if she has to, she'll first confuse the foe, she'll stay hidden within the foliage of a forest, or use the wind between her wings to create distractions before either jumping out and giving them a quick gash before doing the same again. rinse and repeat until the foe in question quickly gets the gist and jumps her or until she managed to overcome the opponent.  

History: Chloe had a strange upbringing. Her siblings were way older than her and moved out of the nest around the time she was born. Her father was a stern, yet jolly icewing, her mother she only knew of for a while before her passing. Her father went from one mate to another during her young years, one such step mother expressed much dislike for Chloe, blaming her for almost everything her other, older hatchlings did. It'd take a few years until her father finally managed to cut ties with that dragoness and raised Chloe on his own. Chloe, during her teenage years, had an almost limitless amount of energy, this ultimately lead to her finding out about her icestrike ability. However as time went by, Chloe found herself becoming a very adventurous dragoness, she ultimately lost her home, her only family she knew of. She flew miles and miles, across sea and land until she found herself on a completely new continent, or island, she didn't know, the dragons here called it pyrria. This is where she then grew up, learning about the tribes and their culture, even ultimately joining the Icewing tribe. Her story is just beginning though.

So.... i dissapeared for....a long time....but im back and im hopefully, planning to stay
IceWing Guardian
IceWing Guardian

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Re: Chloe The icewing

Post by Bassasail on Wed Dec 20, 2017 5:24 pm

I think this app deserves approval, unless there is another who says otherwise.


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Re: Chloe The icewing

Post by Bassasail on Wed Dec 20, 2017 6:44 pm

Approved. Im ******.


Male Virgo Buffalo
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Re: Chloe The icewing

Post by Sponsored content

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