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DRF Halloween Special (Open Event)

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DRF Halloween Special (Open Event)

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Tue Oct 31, 2017 12:57 am

A full moon fills the sky. A cold wind howls through the thin branches of bare trees. Dry, dead leaves tumble down the street, landing safely on a pile or being stopped suddenly by a shoe. There are creatures everywhere: a sentient robot here; a princess there; demons; zombies; witches... Even the dreaded dragon-kitty lurked in the shadows. In their clutches were strange orange buckets filled to the brim not with water, but some odd ingredient. Perhaps something for a potion. But how ever full their buckets were, they continued running from one temple, one frightful, cobweb-covered temple to the next, demanding offerings but never leaving any in return. Indeed, it was a strange sight... But stranger still was the fact that these creatures had a human with them, a human to guide them to the next temple or escort them back to their own realm. Why did such beings require human guides? Did they not know their way about the universe? Whatever their reason, these humans were enslaved and needed to be freed before they completely lost their will. This is where the Dragons enter the tale.

On the world of Pyrria, Humans and Dragons were no allies. Never would you see the two together in friendship. Only bloodshed could exist between them. But one of the Dragon gods, Kelarth, saw the danger of allowing demons from another plane of existence to steal humans for their dark purposes.
What should stop them from moving on to Dragons? And what consequece would the total extinction of humans have on Pyrria? On Dragonkind? The God of Fortune did not wish to find out. And so he opened a portal to that dark and terrifying world, and sent forth the mightiest of the Dragon race. He tasked them with one thing: free the humans and destroy the creature holding them captive

Okay, so if you've noticed, this is in the Multiverse Portal which means weird things happen. If you step through that portal as a Dragon, you may be turned into a Human. Or you might remain as a Dragon but much smaller in size. Now you might be wondering about what this means, so allow me to tell you.

If you come out of the portal as a Human, congratulations, you get to feast on candy! If you come out as a Dragon, well I guess you can have some candy too.. but you might be too busy looking for those monsters. Or maybe you're going to be that Dragon and run off from the group to explore and never be heard from again. But I digress.

In this special Halloween event, which takes place on modern day Earth, the goal is to find a way to rescue the humans from the monsters. Hint: THE MONSTERS ARE HUMANS! Now, if you decide to be a human,  you're going to be running around trying to help the real humans break free from their demon captors. If you decide to be stuck as a Dragon, your job will be to try to defeat the demons (monsters, same thing). But you'll find that you've either lost your abilities, or you're no bigger than a dog (it would be cruel to say Chihuahua, so let's say a Poodle) and can't really do much harm. On top of that.. you're a dog sized Dragon... attacking people--kids... you might want to grab your running shoes. Or maybe you just want to explore this strange new world, get to know the locals. Sure, make this story your own!

Here's where the twist comes in. There really is a real monster. After a few failed attempts at doing your jobs, a mysterious figure will direct the group to a very creepy and randomly placed castle in which you'll find the portal back to Pyrria (so if you decided to wander off from the group, just be aware you might get left behind if you haven't rejoined them by this point). Guess what's guarding it. Very Happy

How the trip through the portal affects your character is totally up to you. Want to be a human but still have your Dragon abilities? Cool. Want to be a Dragon and have no abilities or maybe get new ones? Go right ahead. There's even a third option of becoming something other than a Human or Dragon, like anything at all.

So before this officially gets started, I need to know how many are interested. If you are, just tell me which character you'll be using. I'll be rping the mysterious figure and monster specifically, but if you'd rather I did all the NPCs, I can do that, too.
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
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Grand Champion Y1 Earthwing King

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Re: DRF Halloween Special (Open Event)

Post by Wake on Tue Oct 31, 2017 2:53 am

I'd be interested! As for character... I think I'll go with Snowblaze.


Name by Lori.
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Re: DRF Halloween Special (Open Event)

Post by Snowscale on Thu Nov 02, 2017 11:48 am

Count this guy in! I'll obviously be using Snowscale, but if Raygnar approved when this starts, I'll more than likely we him too.
SkyWing Citizen
SkyWing Citizen

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Re: DRF Halloween Special (Open Event)

Post by Sponsored content

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