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An Odd set of Twins (Read/critic only)

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An Odd set of Twins (Read/critic only)

Post by Cyclone and Typhoon on Tue Oct 17, 2017 2:19 pm

In the center of Pyyrai's main continent, nestled in a patch of dry land surrounded by swamps, a family of dragons were waiting for a lone egg to hatch. The mother, a large, green and red, four headed hydra carefully rolled the egg, something she had done three times a day since laying it. To her right was a small, brightly colored, male Asia dragon, whose scales seemed to have every color imaginable. With the pair was a much smaller, cute looking dragon. The small dragon was completely black, save his piercing red, kaleidoscopic eyes, and had a set of six equally lengthen horns crowning his head.

The little black dragon moved closer to the egg, sniffing it a bit before looking at the larger pair. "Mama, Otōsan? When will the egg hatch?" The male dragon, Arashi, look at the hatchling. "Soon, Storm. Then you will have a little brother or sister."

All the the hydra's heads smiled at the sight of her son and mate's excitement. She then lowered one of her heads to their level. "I hope you can help me keep them save as well," she said, in a motherly tone. The little dragon smiled at this, and small arcs of electricity bounced between his horns as he responded with "Yes ma'am."

Arashi then looked to his larger mate, a happy smile on his face. "It will be nice to have another little one around, won't it Dilina?" The hydra just nuzzled her mate, telling answering his question with a nod. It was then that another hydra, smaller but similar to the first, walked up.

This was Dilina's younger sister, Lewana. Unlike her sister, the younger hydra possessed five heads, and lacked her sister's individual control over them. She only chuckled when she saw the couple, but soon spoke out with three of her heads.

"Am I interrupting something?" The mother just turned one of her heads.

"No, sis. We're just watching."

It was not until a week later that the moment came. All four dragons watched as cracks formed around the egg, and hints of purple, red, and orange scales showed through some of the breaks. Dilina looked over to Arashi with a smile.

"Looks like the hatchling's color takes after you," she said with excitement, which Storm quickly picked up on. The hatchling then jump on his fathers head and looked down at him with a curious grin.

"Does that mean that my brother or sister will be colorful like you, Otōsan?"

"Yes it does."

The dragon's watched for another hour, the family noticed that the shell was about to open. They watched with anticipation as the egg cracked. Most of the excitement of the event came from not knowing what the hatchling would look like. It was almost impossible to predict, even when the parents were similar. Then it happened.

The egg split in two, allowing a lump of scales, feathers, and wing leather to flop out. Dilina was right that the hatchling was colorful, covered in purples, reds, and blacks with an orange bell. Both parents were also quick to notice the new life had two sets of wings, along with an oak leaf-like tail fin. Dark red, feathers with a fur-like quality also ran down the hatchling's back, then forking off at hips to run down the sides of the tail. But the little baby had one more surprise for its family.

Dilina, Arashi, Lewana, and Storm all look with surprise as not one, but two heads lifted up from the little dragon. Twins! Unlike their mother and aunt, and like any hydra born with multiple heads, each head seemed to have its own consciousness. It seemed odd. It was not that it was uncommon for hydra to be hatched with multiple head, on the contrary, it was even quite common half hydras, but the mates just never expected to have a set of twins.

Storm just happily looked at the pair as one of the heads looked at him and smiled, soon followed by its twin. Each head was different. While both were spade shaped, had small brow horns, and maroon, hair-like feathers, the pair's heads each had different horns, eyes, and feather lengths. The left head had eyes like Storm's, red and kaleidoscopic, with a pair of horns that each had a bud half way up, and longer feathers. The other twin had similar eyes, but in blue, and had four horns crowning its head, along with shorter feathers.

Dilina smiled at the cute display before cleaning the close pair off. As she finished, the mother noticed something the shocked her. The blue eyed twin was a drake, the other a dragoness. It was rare that such twins could even hatch, let alone be so healthy. She quickly told her mate and sister, who were both shocked to hear this. Arashi walked up to twins, smiling when they chirped at him.

"I guess Astral has a plan for you two, or Kelarth found favor in us?" Lewana looked over at her sister and smiled, just happy that the hatchlings were ok. She did let a chuckle slip as the pair each tried walking alone. Storm helped them up before looking at his parents. He smiled, and asked "What are their names?"

Dilina and Arashi eyed each other and smiled. They had actually had two names in mind: one for a male, the other for a female. Dilina then looked at the red eyed head, and say "Cyclone." She then looked at her brother, and said "Typhoon." The little hatchling just hobbled over to their mother and looked up, getting a laugh from all the adults. The mother then brought out some stag.

"Only just hatched and already hungry. A good sign if I've ever seen one.

((So, how do y'all like it so far? Think I should keep going?"


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Re: An Odd set of Twins (Read/critic only)

Post by Snowscale on Wed Oct 18, 2017 11:47 am

Keep going and don't stop.
And are you sure you aren't an author? I've been writing since fifth grade, and honestly I haven't really made a really prolific piece yet. No offense intended, but it's not flawless, but I think in a couple of years you could go on to write an award-winning book.
And again, keep going and don't stop. Even if you have to break through a few walls.
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Re: An Odd set of Twins (Read/critic only)

Post by Cyclone and Typhoon on Fri Oct 20, 2017 5:36 pm

The next day, Dilina was the first to awaken, as usual. She looked with a smile to see Storm, Cyclone, and Typhoon sleeping together. The twins' long, hydra necks were laying across their bother's back, while Storm had rested his tail on their back. The mother got to watch this for half an hour before Cyclone opened her eyes.

The little hatchling looked up at her mother, letting out a happy chirp. She attempted to move over to Dilina, but soon found herself held back by her right side. She cried a bit as she kept trying. Then she finally looked at Typhoon, and began to chirp at him. Dilina let out a short chuckle, and thought At least one of them seems to know they need each other.

The mother then saw the blue eyed hatchling slowly wake up as his sister continued to chirp at him. Typhoon sleepily looked at his sister, who chirped towards their mom. The drake looked over to Dilina and smiled, letting out a happy sounding chirp. The pair then tried to walk towards their mother.

Cyclone and Typhoon's attempt did not last long, however, and the two soon stumbled off their big brother and fell to the ground. The little tumble was not too bad, but it did surprise the pair. Dilina could not help but laugh, before looking at the twins and telling them "You two are going to have to learn early on you have to walk together."

Of course the day old hatchlings barely understood anything outside of "Mama," "Otōsan," and their own names; so they did not listen as each tried to walk on their own. The two pulled their shared body left and right as each wanted to go to a different side of their hydra mother, and with each attempt they only managed to trip each other. This was the spectical that Arashi and Storm woke to.

The non-Pyrraian dragon watch as his youngest children struggle. He was happy that they were healthy, but he knew the fact that they were only half hydra made something as natural as walking difficult for them. He watched as they stumbled again. Dilina went to help them up, only to be beat by Storm.

Once he help Cyclone and Typhoon up, the elder brother decided to try and show them how to walk. "Ok, you two. You need to do this," was all he said as he walked around the pair. Both heads followed the Storm. The seven year old dragon thought they knew what he was saying, but looked disappointed when they kept up the tug-of-war hobble.

Dilina couldn't take it anymore, and lowered one of her heads. She then gripped the twins main wings and lifted them. Both Cyclone and Typhoon seemed to love this as they smiled and giggled before their were placed next to the mama. She nuzzled both twins before her mate came over and spoke.

"Our Chīsana Kiseki seem to be having some trouble." Arashi was only met by a confused look from his mate.

"'Chīsana Kiseki?' I've never heard you say that before." The male smiled as he nuzzled the twins, then Dilina.

"It means 'Little Miracles.'" The eastern dragon then sighed, not really wanting to say what he was about to. "You know they need to learn to walk for themselves."

"Oh, just leave her alone," said the stereo voice of Lewana, who had walked in on the discussion. Dilina just shook all of her heads.

"He's right Lewna. Which means after a getting some food for Cyclone, Typhoon, and Storm, we'll start teaching them." As she said this this, Storm was playing a game of tug-of-war with the twins. He was not really trying, just to keep the game going. As he pull kept pulling, the black scaled hatchling felt something bit his tail. The hatchling's red eyes turned to met his little sisters own eyes. Storm just laughed, and told the little dragon "I'm not food Cyclone."

Later that day, Arashi was watching the hatchlings while Dilina was hunting. He had place Cyclone and Typhoon on some flat ground, and was doing his best to teach them walking.

"Ok. Typhoon, move this foot. Cyclone move this foot." The two managed to get this part down, winning them some praise from Storm. Then the father showed them the next step, only for the hatchlings to stumble and fall. Both hatchlings began to whine, acting like it had hurt them. Arashi walked over and picked them up, as Storm gave him a questioning look.

"Why can't Cyclone and Typhoon walk, Otōsan?" The father sighed as he placed his tail on the older hatchling's shoulder.

"They each only control the legs and wings one their own side. They have to learn to work together to walk." Storm was trying to think about this when Arashi looked back at the twins, seeing them both try to chase a different bug.

Once each of their targets ran off, both looked a bit sad. At least until they started wrestling each other, which was i sight their father and brother could not help but laugh at.


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Re: An Odd set of Twins (Read/critic only)

Post by Cyclone and Typhoon on Thu Oct 26, 2017 11:12 am

Dilina finally came back after two hours of hunting. In two of her jaws, the mother had some fresh fish. In another, a small deer. When she finally touched down, the hydra smiled to see Arashi teaching Cyclone and Typhoon how to walk, with Storm attempting to help.

As she dropped her prey and walked closer, the mother could hear her mate counting at each step. "One. Two. One. Two. One. Two. One. Two." She smiled as the pair finally realized their mom was back, and lost their rhythm as they once again tripped.

Instead of whining, like the last few times, their body quickly turned as both tried to get to the mom, yelling "Mama" a couple of times as they came. They actually managed to take a few steps as they slowly got closer to their Dilina, something that made the both Arashi and his mate smile.

Once they managed to get to their mom, the twins both began to nuzzle and paw at her. The hydra lowered one of her heads to nuzzle both little hatchlings back. It wasn't long before Storm ran up as well, and was given the same nuzzling his younger siblings got. He then looked up at him mom.

"Did you see them walking, Mama? Did you?"

"Yes. Very impressive. I also brought y'all some food." At the sound of food, Storm sniffed the air and ran towards it as Arashi walked up. She smiled and gave his mate a slight nuzzle before grabbing two fish. He then dropped them in front of Cyclone and Typhoon, who managed to take a step towards the meal be they each began to eat a fish.

The drake then looked over at Dilina, a smile on his face. "I thing they are getting use to walking. If we keep teaching them, it should become second nature within a month or two." Some crying soon came to both parents ear. They both looked to see Cyclone, who had just finished her meal, trying to steal Typhoon's fish. Dilina just shook her heads and took the fish, placing it next to Typhoon.

"That's you brother's fish Cyclone. You can't take it." The little dragoness just pouted as her brother began eating again. Arashi just looked at his daughter, telling her he would get her another fish if she behaved until her brother was done eating. Dilina then looked at her mate.

"These two are goin' to have one interesting life."

"Agreed, Watashi no ai."

Three years later.

Typhoon laid there, fast asleep, until his head began to get nudged by something. As he began to wake up, he felt his body jerking, and heard a familiar voice enter his ear.

"Typhoon. It's time to wake up. It my day to wake you up, so wake up. Wake up, wake up, wake up!"

The young hatchling yawned and opened his eyes to see his sister, wide awake and ready to get moving. The blued eyed hatchling got his short legs under him, and lifted his side of their shared frame to be balanced with her. Cyclone smiled as she watched her brother got up, and quickly told him "Morning!"

The pair had grown and changed some over their first three years. Both's horns had lengthened, and their coordination had greatly improved, allowing them to walk and run. Typhoon had begun to get some short fuzz on the tip of his snout, while what where buds on Cyclone's horns had begun to form spikes.

Typhoon then smiled at his sister, and asked "What are we gonna do today?"


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Re: An Odd set of Twins (Read/critic only)

Post by Cyclone and Typhoon on Tue Oct 31, 2017 8:33 am

You know, Typhoon had asked a really good question. What were the pair going to do? The red eyed twin began to think. What could they do? They were still learning to fly, and honestly not any good at it, so it had to be close.

Then she finally thought of something. She looked at her brother with a smile, telling him "We can go explore the swamps" with a plucky, happy voice. Typhoon smiled as he heard the idea. The little hydras always seemed to find something interesting there. The pair then started on their way, until a soft bite was felt on their tail.

The pair were then lifted into the air by there tail. Both looked back to see their mother smiling at them. She nuzzled the pair with one of her head before placing them in front of her. "Where are you two goin'," she asked with a motherly voice.

Both hatchlings smiled at the question, before Typhoon responded with "We were going to the swamps." Dillina loved that her children wanted to explore, but it was also something she had to worry about. If anything happened to any of her young, the hydra would not be able to live with herself. She did, however, know how to keep them safe.

"Okay you two. How about you get something to eat first, and wait for your aunt and brother. They may want to go with you." Cyclone and Typhoon both pouted a bit, Cyclone more so than her brother, before both responded with "Yes ma'am." They then got up and walked toward the little spot their parents stored food.

As they went, Typhoon noticed a big bug on the ground, and halted the pair. The only problem ws he forgot to warn his sister, who kept walking, and soon tripped them. Cyclone just leered at her body mate, but was surprised when he pointed out the bug.

It was a massive insect, about the size of a large dog, that dragons called "Hissers." Both twins smiled when they saw the bug, knowing that they were fun to place with. The pair began to prod at the creature, getting it to produce a snake-like hiss, and backing away. They continued this game for a couple of minute, but then they saw Storm walking by to get some breakfast.

The older hatchling was soon tackled by his younger siblings, and was brought to the ground. He chuckled and looked up to see Cyclone and Typhoon laughing their heads off. He shrugged them before speaking up, still chuckling as he did.

"Why did you two attack me?" The twins looked at each other before looking back at Storm, both saying "Because it's fun" in unison. The older hatchling just shook his head when he heard this, before tell the pair they needed some food.

Once the younger dragons got some food, they and there Lewana went to the swamps.


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Re: An Odd set of Twins (Read/critic only)

Post by Cyclone and Typhoon on Thu Nov 09, 2017 1:10 pm

Cyclone, Typhoon, Storm, and Lewana walked across the land that ran through the cypress swamp, with the twins asking their brother and aunt about almost everything they saw.

“What’s that hair on the tree,” Cyclone asked with curious and cute look. Lewana just smiled. The teen dragon loved her niece and nephews, and was not afraid to help her sister and brother-in-law care for them. She then looked over with a couple of her heads, speaking with her stereo voices.

“That’s Manticore Mane, Cyclone. It’s a kind of moss.”

Something then caught Typhoon’s eye. He quickly nudged his body mate. Cyclone turned towards her twin, soon seeing what her brother saw. It was a bush covered in little pink flowers. Typhoon then ask “What kind of flower is it?” Cyclone just gave him a curious smile, responding with “I don’t know. Let’s get closer.”

The pair then slowly walked up to the plant, as if they were stalking it. Both just looked at the plant before “Pretty” came from Cyclone’s maw. The pair then decided that if it was “pretty” it must smell like other flowers, and quickly smelt the plant. They soon came to regret this as both heads began to cough from the scent, not because it was bad, just strong. Really strong!

It wasn’t long before Lewana and Storm found the pair, only earning a chuckle from their aunt. Cyclone just gave her a dirty look before Typhoon responded to the laughter.

“Why are you laughing?” Lewana finally calmed down to answer her little nephew.

“Well, Typhoon, you and your sister just discovered what me and your Mama call Saber Scents. They have a really strong smell. Strong enough to make a dragon gag.” Cyclone let out a few more coughs before she responded to the older hydra.

“Why didn’t you warn us, Aunt Lewana?” The hydra just looked at her red eyed niece.

“I didn’t see you heading towards it.” She then nuzzle the pair before sending them to Storm. “Now stay near your brother this time. Ok?” Both twins nodded before following once again.

After a little more time, Lewana finally led the hatchlings to a nice pool of water. The young hydra then walked in before motioning for her nephews and niece to follow, and was quickly followed in.

Now Cyclone and Typhoon did not know how to swim, but they loved water. The pair were fine as long as they could walk along the bottom. As the two played and messed around, Cyclone noticed something out in the water.

It was a water flower, one she thought her mother would love. She tapped Typhoon’s head with her snout before pointing the flower out. “Mama would love that,” she told him, hoping her blue eyed brother would agree. Typhoon looked over at the flower, then at his sister.

“But we can’t fly or swim.” This may have been true, but Cyclone wasn’t backing down.

“But swimming isn’t hard. Storm can do it.”

The blue eyed head then looked back at the flower before giving his sister a nod, and they began to walk towards the flower. As they went out as far as they could walk, both checked to be sure no one would stop them. Then, they finally began to swim.

For the first moments things were going well. Both had seemed to get an excellent grasp on the motions of swimming from just watching, but then it happened. Cyclone’s front leg got caught in something, sending both into a panic. They fought to free the caught leg, but it didn’t seem to come free. At the point, Storm had noticed his siblings were in trouble and called for Lewana to help.

As the hydra came over to the trapped hatchlings, whatever Cyclone was stuck on sunk deeper, causing the young dragoness to be pulled just below the surface, and just out of the reach of air. Typhoon, on the other hand could barely keep his head up.

Thankfully, Lewana was quick to help them, and soon freed the twins from the trap, a cluster of roots. Once she had freed them, the teen placed the pair onto dry land. Both were shaking, though Cyclone seemed more terrified then just shook up. The teen dragon then checked them, happy to find them uninjured. She then gave them a stern look.

“Why did you to do that?! That was dangerous! If you had stayed under any longer....” She just sighed, realizing she was only scaring the two more. The five headed hydra then spoke with a more concerned tone. “Just don’t scare me like that again.” The twins just nuzzled their aunt, telling her they wouldn’t scare her again.

After the sweet little moment, Lewana decided to take the hatchlings home. Typhoon had noticed his body mate still seemed down. The little dragon frown before talking to her.

“It’s ok, Cyclone. Maybe Otōsan can teach us how to swim.” At hearing the idea of swimming again, Cyclone let out a quick “No!” Typhoon just gave her an odd look.

“But then we’d be able to....”

“I said no!”


“No!” At this point, Typhoon was getting mad at his sister. All of a sudden she didn’t want to swim. It was her idea! He finally turned to her, looking almost as mad as she was.

“It was your idea to....” It was then that Lewana stopped the two, before thinking good worse.

“Typhoon. You can’t make Cyclone do what she doesn’t want to.” This didn’t seem to phase Typhoon, who only responded with “But she....” He was cut off his aunt again, this time with a calmer voice and sterner look.

“Both of you. You have to learn to compromise from time to time. You won’t always be able to convince each other to do something, so you may have to just not do it. Do you both understand?” The pair both nodded, before Typhoon told his sister he was sorry.


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Re: An Odd set of Twins (Read/critic only)

Post by Cyclone and Typhoon on Sat Nov 18, 2017 9:37 am

It had been a week since Cyclone and Typhoon's brush with death, but that was the last thing on anyone's mind right now. Ever since their attempt at swimming, neither of the twins could agree on anything. It was also clear they misunderstood their aunt. If Cyclone wanted to do something Typhoon didn't, the blue eyed twin would not take any compromise, and visa-versa. It was starting to get on everyone's last nerve, particularly Storm.

This day, the young dragon had had it up to his snout with his siblings' arguments, and was ready to tell his parents. Of course, they already knew, everyone knew, but they had hoped the hatchlings could sort this out themselves. This hope, however, had faded over the week, and everyone was ready to give in.

"Mama, Otōsan, you have to do something about those two." It was clear by Storm's tone he was both irritated and worried, and this tone stayed as he continued. "Cyclone and Typhoon have been at each other's necks for a week now. If they keep this up, I may go crazy and they might hurt themselves."

Arashi sighed, knowing his son was right. He gave a knowing look to his mate before responding. "We will handle it son." Dilana got up, a smile hinting that she knew what they would do, before tell her oldest to stay with his aunt.

While this happened, Cyclone and Typhoon were have yet another argument.

"But, Typhoon, I want to play with that Hisser!"

"No! I want to stay here!"

"Well I don't!" The red eyed twin then lifted her side, attempting to drag them over to the bug. Typhoon was about to stop her, but their parents walked up, making them stop this argument. Dilana gave the pair a worried looked before respond.

"Cyclone, Typhoon we want to show you two something. Come on." The pair just looked at each other before following their parents.

After some time, the group came to a fork in the path. Dilana looked over at Arashi with a slight smile, hiding he expression from the twins.

"Well, Honey, let's go this way." The non-Pyyrian dragon gave a hint of a smile before speaking.

"No, Watashi no ai, I think we should go that way." Dilana the got "mad" at her mate.

"No, we should go this way!"

The two mates continued this back and forth until they both seemed to have had it. The twins, meanwhile, both wondered what was going on. Why were their parents arguing like this? Then their mother then yelled at Arashi. "Ok. Then we may as well just stay here!"

"Fine!" Cyclone was worried at this point, as was Typhoon. They wanted to see the thing their parents wanted to show them, but they were just arguing, and seemed to have decided to just not go over this one little fight. And why did it get so heated? Typhoon didn't understand it, and Cyclone just worried. Finally, the little dragoness spoke.

"Why are you fighting?"

"Yeah? We want to see what you wanted to show us."

"He's right. We can't see it if we just stay here." Both parents just stopped and smiled, only confusing the body mates more. They just stared at them, before Cyclone spoke again.

"Why are you smiling?" Dilana just brought one of her heads down to see her young eye-to-eye.

"That's what you two have been like, Cyclone. You and Typhoon haven't been able to stop arguing, even if it means you do nothing." Arashi walked up to the little dragons, rubbing both of their heads with his paw.

"We wanted to show you what you were doing my Chīsana Kiseki, so that you would see what you were doing." Both hatchlings stared at each other, looking guilty.

"We're sorry," both said, and were somewhat surprised when their parents nuzzled them.

"We know, you two. Me and your father just had to show you how bad it was getting." Both hatchling smiled, with Typhoon saying that they would try to be better.


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Re: An Odd set of Twins (Read/critic only)

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