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Post by Naviera on Fri Oct 13, 2017 12:04 pm

Type of Character: Human
Link to Character List Page: http://www.rpgdragons.org/t4859-astral-s-character-compendium
Name: Naviera Tsuki
Alias: Navi
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Sexuality: homosexual-ish  
Despite her confident and uncaring nature as far as the lives of others Navi is rather uncomfortable around men. She could kill em without a second thought but outside of that she avoids them, feeling uncomfortable whenever they are present. With the onset of puberty she found her attraction leaning more towards that of her own gender. The strangeness of it has kept her from exploring it any however. Instead she keeps her mind occupied with her work. Her work actually takes up the majority of her time and thoughts. More recently however she has begun thinking of her future trying to decide her purpose and worth like so many others of her age. Expanding her horizons

When she isn't working she is often just wandering about keeping her head low and observing the people around her. Creating relationship is difficult for her as she finds relating to anyone near impossible. That having been said she isn't shy about interacting with people just quiet and withdrawn. It is easy to mistake her for being uncaring and emotionless. In truth she finds great joy in little things others often disregard she just isn't overly expressive about it. She doesn't have any sense of morality rather her morality is her emotions, emotions she feels very strongly.

The world in Navi's eyes is plagued with misunderstanding. Misunderstanding that is creating from pretending to know or knowing only part of the unknown. The only true evil in the world being the unknown itself. It's reach and influence corrupting humans to spread confusion and to forever hide the truth from them.
Fears: The male species
Strengths: Assasination, speed, intelligence, and affinity for magic.
Weaknesses: She's a girl so don't try to arm wrestler her or anything. And if her speed isn't enough to kill you she'd really appreciate it if you'd let her run away.

Life Info
Home: Nomadic
Profession: Assassin
Kakko/younger brother/alive

General Appearance
Height: 5'
Hair: black, thick, straight, and long (bring the jokes!)
Eyes: red
She is still maturing so and at this stage it is hard to say what her figure will be in the future. One thing is for certain however. Her height is rather slow growing and appears she will be on the short side. A great contrast to her hair which extends down to her knee caps. The kunoichi has peculiar taste in attire. She wears a black sleeveless mini dress complimented with a red tie and belt that brings out her eyes. She also wears red gauntlets that partially hide black gloves and black long socks that stop before the knees that poke out of black sneakers. Somehow the outfit ends up appearing rather classy.

Skills and Abilities
Skills Killing
Special Ability: In her time training with the prestigious mage mercenary group Navi had learned a spell to send electricity through her nerves and muscles to increase her speed. (18 mph sprinting speed before 30 after as an example)
Equipment: A Katana
Combat Style: She prefers to always engage with surprise in her court. If the element of suprise is lost she relies on her speed and intellect to take out her opponents. If all of that fails, though it rarely does her only remaining option is to escape.

History: Warning Dark History Ahead
The Tsuki family are a monarchy family that rules over the land of moon a kingdom residing on the north western most island in the crystal sea. They were a family of great wealth however during a war their land was ravaged by bandits. They maintained their power but in order to preserve their blood line the queen and king of the land sent their children out to live with some hidden villages paying a large amount of money to ensure their safety. In this monarchy unlike many others around the world the first born regardless of gender is the heir to the throne. The king and queen of the time sent their eldest daughter to live in Anthropinos during the raids. For one reason or another however all the other children were killed or passed away without continuing the line. The eldest daughter however chose not to return and instead stay in Anthropinos. She was upset with their pampered way of living and found her family to be disconnected with the needs of their people. She decided to stay in Anthropinos and raise her children to earn their own living and live as commoners. The leadership was handled by the Stuarts who had the responsibility of taking care of the throne till a heir arrived. Naviera is the eldest born of the children of the eldest daughter of the previous king and queen.

Luck did not favor the Tsuki family however as Navi's family struggled each month to provide food for the family and pay for rent. From a young age a great amount of responsibility was placed upon Navi's shoulders. From the moment she learned to talk she was expected to help around the house. It was actually a curse the girl was incredibly intelligent. The more she learned the more was expected of her. The more she learned the more she knew she didn't know. The more she learned the more she realized what she knew didn't actually help her any. She wasn't even 8 before she knew where the phrase "ignorance is bliss" came from. Despite all this she tried her best to help where she could with her family. Even ignoring the favoritism her younger brother received. She was just learning to be thankfully she had a family that didn't have any major relationship problems or at least that's what she thought. She could tell something was off but exercising the ignorance is bliss mentality, she didn't look into it. Instead she focused her efforts on training to join a traveling a prestigious mage mercenary group when she was of age. The money she could earn from missions as a magic warrior would solve her families money problems. She fancied her parents favoring her once that came about.

Once Navi did join the academy for the group even her younger brother admired her on the side when he wasn't jealous of the attention she now received from her parents. Navi took a particular liking to combining magic and stealth finding both a proficient mage and an assassin from Gynaikes to tutor her. Just when things were beginning to really look up though they took a sudden turn for the worst. Somewhere in the back of her mind Navi knew her father had a drug problem and this his relationship was strained with her mother. Not at all helped by the mothers infidelity. She ignored it though pretended it wasn't there. It made it better to pretend it didn't exist. Nothing would happen if it didn't come up. Returning home after training though she returned to find her mother sobbing. Her husband had been killed by a gang he both owed money to and recently stole products/drugs from. They didn't have time to grieve though as the gang came knocking on their door looking for further compensation. They hadn't the means though but of course the gang wouldn't hear any of it. They kidnapped Navi as collateral as they put it until the mother could come up with the money. As time drew on the gang found another way the family could pay their debt. They used Navi sexually. The entire time she blamed herself too. If only she had known she wouldn't be in this mess her father wouldn't be dead. It was all her fault. There were some many things she could have done to prevent this. Preemptively strike, set a trap, or collect blackmail to name a few. Somewhere along the line Navi managed to escape and return to her mother.

The family fled the village and moved from small town to small town constantly paranoid. The mother however was not very employable and their financial situation significantly worsened. Navi was still too young for anyone to hire her for legitimate work and she began resorting to the only other option of illegitimate work. She eventually found a proxy company she worked for consistently smuggling drugs around. Nobody suspected the adorable little girl of trafficking drugs. Navi knew what it was she was doing but beyond that didn't ask any questions just glad to be able to feed herself, her brother, and her mother with the money she was making. In a cruel twist of fate however Navi discovered she had repeated her mistake. Their warehouse was due for an inspection and the superior to inspect it was none other than man who was first in line to deflower her. This entire time the proxy company she was working for belonged to the gang that was hunting her family. This time however instead of just taking her he located her family and took her mother. What happened after this is incredibly hazy to all who survived it. Navi prepped and slaughtered the every member of the gang that had destroyed her family. It was her fault they had been able to do what they've done so far. If she had asked just a few questions, questions nobody would even think twice about answering she would have known the company's affiliation and been able to get out of there long ago. This time it was her mother paying the price and she refused to lose her mother too. After doing the deed however Navi learned that many she had killed including a few that had raped her were in the business similarly because they had debts to pay and were trying to support their families. Navi couldn't make sense of any of it.

After the ordeal Navi moved away from her family. She couldn't bear the guilt of being with them. She ended up making a name for herself as an assassin. Something in her died or was twisted or something she wasn't sure. But something was much different about her after she had destroyed that gang. She saw nothing wrong with the taking of lives for a living. It was as natural as a cat killing a mouse to feed itself. The child assassin sent most of the money she made to her mother and brother but never delivered it in person.
RP Sample: Nahhhh

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Re: Naviera

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Fri Oct 13, 2017 12:45 pm

So just for the sake of detail. What's her running speed before and after using her special ability?
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
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Re: Naviera

Post by Naviera on Fri Oct 13, 2017 12:56 pm



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Re: Naviera

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Fri Oct 13, 2017 12:59 pm

*Puts a fresh coat of ink on a stamp*

This app has officially been APPROVED by Baldirak.
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
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Grand Champion Y1 Earthwing King

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