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Bone,bone, and more bone

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Bone,bone, and more bone

Post by Zeoneith on Tue Oct 10, 2017 11:28 pm

(Yup....you guessed it.....another bone dragon) Rolling Eyes

Type of Character: Dragon

Personal Info
Name: Zeoneith
Alias: Bone Crusher, Rampaging Bull
Age: 200
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: Zeoneith is a fun dragon, to him mostly. He likes to trick other dragons, and making fun out of them, but off course not the mean way. He has anger issues, so he likes to stay calm most of the time
Fears: Water......since Zeoneith is completely made of bone (Just like Zeoldrerrirth ×P), he doesnt like water much.
Fear of dying or being sick. He has trouble when it comes to this. No he doesnt get angry, he just get panick attacks, hoping that it'll go away.
Strengths: Since his skull and tail is hard as diamond, he can bash things to break. Like for example: Say if Zeoneith was fighting a Monster, and the thing was attacking him. If Zeoneith can hit it with its tail, it can send the Monster flying. How far? It depends on the weight. Now....if Zeoneith head bashed it, its almost fatal. If hes in one of his raging modes, it can be fatal. Other one, large, snake like fangs that can easily tear through flesh
Weaknesses: Water.....one splash, and it can be very effective on it. He cant fly, since his wings are too broken and torn up

General Appearance
Height: 50 feet
Scales: Zeoneith bone is pure white, since it was newly brought.
Eyes: Pure violent
Appearance: Head: Large, also heavy horns on top of the head, while large white fangs down the mouth. Neck: Is just like Zeoldrerrirth's neck, but shorter. Body: same as Zeoldrerrirth's but more chunkier and better protection. Wing: Torn up, so broken that Zeoneith cant even fly. Legs and claws: same as Zeoldrerrirth's but larger claws and chunkier legs. Tail: Chunkier for combat, but with spiked ridges on them

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Lightwing
Inheritance: Pure breed
Rank: Royal Guardian
Family: Zeoneith has no family, except for Zeoldrerrirth, which you can say he is his cousin
Mate: None
Hatchlings: None

Skills and Abilities
Special Abilities: When Zeoneith is in trouble that he think he can handle, he can call upon a Gaster Blaster, but only 2 at a time. They are like spirits, but with skulls. They have with eyes. They can fire a white blast, that is powerful enough to even burn through metal. Rage Mode: When Zeoneith is halfway damaged, he can summon a strong force in him so he can get a bit stronger. Wheb do you know when this happens? When his eyes are glowing.

Combat Style: When Zeoneith is fighting, he just go with it, giving everthing he got.

History: This piece of history is similar to Zeoldrerrirth's story


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Re: Bone,bone, and more bone

Post by Bassasail on Wed Oct 11, 2017 11:37 am

Aight, so there are multiple things that Id like point out:

1. As far as you skull and tail go, how fatal are they to a dragon? Some of the monsters on here excede well over 100ft in length and height... Or both. Saying you can cause a fatal injury from bashing it. If it were tge same size Id say the monsters could stagger from the tail whilst it get knocked down with a bad injury from the head, but not fatal. As far as you durability for tail and skull go making it to "as hard as a diamond" is fine with me, but make it to where it could still break.

2. Im gonna say no to the gaster blaster. Now if this dragon is bone, and not living, then even if it was living Id still say no. My suggestion is to go for something a little different, like for the Gaster Blaster, turn it inti a Gaster Cannon. Your character could have a lingering flame within them, and once needed, shoots off a flamethrower of LightWing energy, but once every other turn. So you could have used it one turn and have it recharge for 3 or 4 turns. While this isn't really fire to begin with from what I know LW's can use a light energy, so try that. It can affect most dragons with tge exception of Fire and EarthWings, and while its not very strong to begin with it can deal some damage and be used in an emergency situation.

3. As far as your rage ability: lets change that a bit. Instead of "summoning" the rage it should be an inner ability that he could use any time when, well, he has half health. It should be to where he gets so enraged that he looses control and attacks everything, Everyone. This should last a good 10-15 turns before it dies down, and it should give you twice the strength, however in trade for that you aren't aware of the damage you take so you could easily get hit from blind sides, behind, or anywhere you aren't paying attention.

4. Csn you please give a more detailed description of your combat style? Be creative with it, Im not looking for an entire paper but detail is everything: the more of it you have the better others can understand it, and you could twist it to your hearts content.

5. And lastly, could you add one more weakness? Just to make it three. But Id gi for something that does not take you out with ease, like perhaps the spaces in your underbelly could be fragile?


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