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The American Ghoul, Plot and Ideals?

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The American Ghoul, Plot and Ideals?

Post by Bassasail on Sat Jul 29, 2017 2:12 pm

The story of The American Ghoul follows an undead man wanting to live life a normal being, if such exists for a Ghoul. Wyatt Bryms (AKA Ghoul) is seen as one of America's greatest mercenaries, a slayer of superheroes and supervillians. In reality, they bother the ever lasting hell out of a guy who wants to be left alone, however gets pushed into recruiting an odd team of heroes, villains and freelancers when a powerful knowm as the Hunter is threatening to release all actual hell on Earth. Together, Ghoul and the team must save the entire world from decimation, as much as they hate it.

This is my first shot at creating a book worth reading. I have everything for book #1 set up, but if you have amy suggestions or ideals let me know ajd we can talk. Not to mention, this will have plenty of cussing, nudity and so on, so it will not be posted on DRF (no I will not post a kid/pg13 form of it on here.). I will get started on it on either August 12th or September 5th and upload ea. chapter to FanFiction.


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