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The Grand Tournament 2017!

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The Grand Tournament 2017!

Post by Shiera on Tue Jul 18, 2017 9:09 pm

Hello all, and welcome to the 2nd Annual Grand Tournament! The signup has official closed, and the tournament has now begun!

If you are new to competitive roleplay, do not fret. Here is a guide to competitive roleplay that may be helpful to you!


All competitors have exactly 72 hours to post. Failure to do will lead to your character facing an automatic elimination. If you have something urgent come up, please let us know via chatbox discussion with staff or through letting us know in topic. Accommodations will be made accordingly.


Howling Gorge

An icy ravine, millions of years old, said to have been created by a massive flood that wiped through what is now IceWing territory. The ravine is relatively narrow, being only about 90 meters across. The height of the ravine is roughly 300 meters tall, being an awfully high flight. The winds of the ravine at any altitude higher than 100 feet become rough and ragged, and can even perhaps be deadly. The ice is slick, and rather sharp, so smacking into the side of the ravine can also be dangerous. Snow will be somewhere between one to two feet.

Smoldering Plains

These aren’t really plains, as much as a hot, smoldering wasteland. The FireWing grassland is barren, empty, with various geysers all over the battlefield, which will erupt with boiling steam roughly every four posts(Each post from the fighters counts as one post. So each time a competitor replies twice, one or two of the geysers will erupt). The terrain is rugged and sharp with small, rough rocks. The closer you get to a geyser, the hotter the ground will heat up. Temperatures can rise to as much as 100 degrees fahrenheit. Most of the terrain is flat, though there are several large boulders and rocks scattered about.

Skylight Caverns

These caverns are the remnants of abandoned Earthwing tunnels. They are quite wide, but are rather low. The caverns are quite long and winding, and quite dark, with the exception of a few beams of light that make their way into the cavern. The cavern is about 100 meters across, and about 50 meters tall. Ceiling is soft on the sides and top, but the floor of the cavern is covered in stalagmites, some of which can reach heights of nearly 30-50 feet tall, being about the same width as that of a tree trunk.

Island of Illusion

This island located on the SeaWing isles is a rather peculiar little thing. The island is known to cast various illusions on unwary travelers. These illusions are usually setting based, such as making bushes or water appear where there is none. Illusions are quite realistic, and can even make it appear as if they have mass, and cast shadows. The location of this battlefield is a sandy beach, with a bit of greenery, such as pine trees and bushes. The island is very small, only about 200 meters in radius. The water is warm and almost crystal clear. An illusion will appear once every 6 posts.

Pandora’s Swamp

Located within the NightWing territory, this swamp is known for always being particularly foggy. The fog is often so thick, you can only see about fifteen meters ahead of you. Most of the terrain is wet, with the ground floor being mushy and soft, like quicksand, and it is covered in roughly 5 feet of water. There are small patches of land, but they also are spongy and muddy. There are many low hanging trees all over the battlefield, most of which are small and curly. The fog only goes about 30-40 meters high, though, as do the trees. The air above that is clear, but it is hard to see much of the battlefield from the air.

Jungle of Venus

The LightWing jungles have always been a place of forlorn and mystery. The jungles of venus are no exception. These jungles are often very humid and moist, not to mention hot. The lowest level of the jungles are wet and have about 2-6 feet of water, but the upper levels have many sturdy branches that dragons of up to 80 feet can rest on no problem. The trees are about 300-400 feet tall, and the lower levels from about 100 feet and below are shadowy and dark, while the upper levels are less dense with trees and much lighter. The forest trees are, however, littered with deadly carnivorous plants, large enough to cause damage to any dragon 50 feet or smaller. These may attack every 6 posts.

Astral’s Clearing

Named in honor of the former Skywing, Astral’s Clearing is the name of a small forest just nearby the SkyWing palace. It is called such because there is a small clearing at the center. The clearing is only roughly 70 feet radius. The clearing is flat, and full of lush grass. All around the clearing are various deciduous and coniferous trees. The winds of Astral’s Clearing above the trees are fast, but have a certain current to get in if you know how to navigate, allowing dragons a little extra boost.

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Re: The Grand Tournament 2017!

Post by Celestia on Tue Jul 18, 2017 9:22 pm

Editing or to be a little more blunt I am changing everything except the locations and time to post. This isn't going to be a copy of Ark's tourney from last year and I appreciate Shiera for providing the locations however from here on I am regaining full control.


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