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Kasai Noctis

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Kasai Noctis

Post by Kasai Noctis on Sun Jul 16, 2017 7:17 am

Personal Info
Name: Kasai Noctis
Age: At an early age
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: Kasai would look cute and innocent in his low age, but in truth he's a little charmer. He enjoys persuading his tutors to satisfy his desires, often faking tears, pretending to be unhappy or being clingy to them. He only lets these acts down in front of his parents, carrying a grin on his snout. He enjoys a lot to play boards games, especially those that requires a lot of planning and thinking. Socially Kasai isn't interested into making a lot of friends, but rather spending a lot of time into studying and reading books. Magic is his main interest and he likes to practice it with others. Because of this he shows little interest into the fighting arts, despite physically he's quite the imposing child. Yet he uses this at his advantage when demanding respect from other children, never faltering or showing sign of submission. This especially works with NightWing children that sometime insult him to be a half breed. Truth to be told he's a bit uncomfortable of his status due to his father keeping somewhat distance from him. His mother openly loves her child instead.
Board games
Failing at magic
Run out of books
Losing at games
The monsters currently destroying Pyyria

General Appearance
Height: 8 feet
Scales: Black and orange
Eyes: Amber
Appearance: In his regular form the dragon has orange scales with black shades on his body. In his shadow/night form, the dragon is almost black with orange stripes on his body. Look at special abilities to learn more.

Shadow/night form:

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Twilight Imperium (FireWings)
Inheritance: 50% FireWing, 50% NightWing
Rank: just a child for now
Family: female FireWing and male NightWing
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: Kasai, thanks to his inheritance, can also be active during nighttime. He's being initiated in the magic arts and proves to be very good at thinking smartly.
Special Abilities: Kasai can change the colour of his scales to almost black. This ability allows him to merge with the night or be able to move unnoticed in the shadows. He's still practicing to fully control this ability.
Weaknesses: Being half FireWing, he isn't able to completely turn black. He keeps some orange strips on his body, making less harder to locate his position.
Combat Style: Kasai has yet to develop his own and unique combat style.

History: Kasai Noctis's egg born under mysterious circumstances. Rumours suggested it was one of the first hybrids born from the the NightWings and FireWings alliance during the war against the humans. The egg hatched inside FireWing territory, thus formerly making Kasai a FireWing. The child grow in quite a comfortable place alongside other children, surrounded by tutors coming from both tribes. They took care of him and made sure he grew in a safe environment. His parents often visited him to spend time with their child. His life was very happy until the cataclysm happened: a portal opened, unleashing several dangerous monsters. The palace where he lived got destroyed. Kasai was brought to safety with the other children inside a secret settlement somewhere in the Twilight Imperium.
RP Sample: I'm Atlantis, and after taking a break from the site, I'm making a return with a new character!
Kasai Noctis
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FireWing Citizen

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Re: Kasai Noctis

Post by Astral on Sun Jul 16, 2017 9:28 am


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