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Alyär Iris Iza Draekus

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Alyär Iris Iza Draekus

Post by Alyär Iris Iza Draekus on Sun Jul 09, 2017 12:09 pm

Type of Character: Human
Name: Alyär Iris Iza Draekus
Alias: Usually goes by either Iris, Iza, or Alyär
Age: 52
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: Alyär is a very mysterious woman. She mostly keeps to herself, usually only coming out to negotiate trade deals and other official work. Most who have met her say they can’t figure her out. Say that she always leaves them in a confused state, like she has an otherworldly presence. Some have even accused her of being a witch for this very reason. However, despite any trouble she is able to get herself into, she always finds a way to get herself out of it. She is very capable and resourceful, often making the most out of a bad situation.

She has a strong thirst for adventure and the unknown, which is why she joined the trading and fishing business. Sometimes, if confronted, Alyär can have a fiery temper. However, rather than starting fights, she can portray her anger in a way that makes the one she’s angry at feel incompetent, and can sometimes appear patronizing to those she dislikes. She enjoys watching her enemies’ temper flare up, as it shows that she is winning the battle of wits, or at least the battle she thinks she’s fighting.

Speaking of fighting, Alyär has a keen interest in dragons, and even the prospect of dragon hunting. She often will talk about dragons, and seems to have an unnatural knowledge of them and their civilizations, not that she would share any of this information with her employees or anyone who wasn’t a close friend. Instead, Alyär keeps this information secret, just like many other things she seems to possess knowledge of.

Alyär also has a unique knowledge of magic. She seems to be able to control it effortlessly, as if it comes natural to her, in an uncanny, inhuman way.

Fears: She fears losing her power, and she fears her secrets being discovered.
Strengths: Alyär seemed to possess almost inhuman strength, and she appears to be as adept in magic as the strongest dragon. She is also a natural born leader, and has gained a lot of charisma and charm over the years. Not to mention she is also quite skilled in both hand to hand combat and long ranged combat, having nearly 20 years of experience. Alyar also has a pretty strong resistance to colder temperatures. She is particularly skilled in the art of transformation…
Weaknesses: While she also causes rage, Alyär is quite hot headed, despite her gained wisdom. Granted, she wasn’t as headstrong as she was in her youth, but she can still be quite easily triggered. As a human, her build is also much smaller than many of the beasts that would initiate a fight, and she could be easily squished by a large dragon. She also is rather afraid of fire, and it seems to be a big weakness for her. If you do manage to get Alyar mad, and provoke her to be rash, she can become easily outwitted and outsmarted, especially in strategic fights.

Life Info
Home: She is a traveler, though she also has a large manor in Brysur
Profession: She’s a fishing captain and the head of a trading company
Family: Her family is unknown.

General Appearance
Height: 5’4”
Hair: Black, perhaps a bit grey, though it seems to shine a dark blue in direct sunlight.
Eyes: Icy blue
Appearance: She is a very sophisticated woman. She usually can be seen wearing either formal dresswear such as the one she appears in up above, or in more official work attire, such as a captain's suit, more adjusted for sailing the seas.

Skills and Abilities
Skills Alyär has quite the survival skills, as she once lived on her own, and did many trecks through the woods on her voyages and adventures. She also seems to particularly skilled at fishing and swimming.
Equipment: She possesses a mysterious book of magic, as well as a hand crafted steel longsword.
Combat Style: Generally, Alyär will fight with agility and speed, and will use strategy and her magic to combat her opponents.

History: Iza’s history is foggy. She claims that when she was young, her family lived on a farm out in the country. She was always ambitious and fiery as a young child. As she grew, she’d discover that farmlife was very unfulfilling. Around the age of 30, she started to pursue a career in the trade business. She started off at the bottom of the ranks like everyone else, but through her skills and determination, she was able to quickly rise to the top of the ranks as head of the trade.
RP Sample: It was an absolutely gorgeous day out today. The sun was shining high up in the sky. The birds were tweeting. Alyär could even hear the soft breath of the ocean as its sounds carried to where she sat on her balcony. She’d glance out, admiring the blue waves. Such a beautiful place to live, she thought to herself. And such a beautiful place to work. She really was quite blessed to have the life she had.

A sudden roar made her avert her attention towards the east. It sounded like a dragon’s roar. She’d narrow her eyes. What was a dragon doing this close to human civilization? Quietly, she sighed. A maiden’s work was never done. Quickly, she’d retreat back into her home, ready to defend it if need be.

You hide jealousy in the depths of your goodwill
Alyär Iris Iza Draekus

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Re: Alyär Iris Iza Draekus

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Sun Jul 09, 2017 2:09 pm

Alyär also has a unique knowledge of magic. She seems to be able to control it effortlessly, as if it comes natural to her, in an uncanny, inhuman way. Alyär seemed to possess almost inhuman strength, and she appears to be as adept in magic as the strongest dragon

Humans are extremely weak at magic. It would take them years just to master a simple magic like conjuring a small flame or light. Also, does she really possess 'inhuman strength' or is she just stronger than the average female? If the former, that will not be accepted. You should include how much she is able to lift.

She is particularly skilled in the art of transformation...

Again, humans are magically weak. As long as it would take to learn simple magic, it would take even longer for something complicated like transformation. If you give her the necessary training, what will she be able to transform into and for how long?
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
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Grand Champion Y1 Earthwing King

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Re: Alyär Iris Iza Draekus

Post by Astral on Sun Jul 09, 2017 2:39 pm

APPROVED per prior arrangement.

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Goddess of the Moon and Stars

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Re: Alyär Iris Iza Draekus

Post by Sponsored content

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