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Ice and Fire Just Don't Mix (Private, Tahki)

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Ice and Fire Just Don't Mix (Private, Tahki) Empty Ice and Fire Just Don't Mix (Private, Tahki)

Post by Xenos on Sun Jun 25, 2017 11:47 am

Xenos grunted. He was recently informed that it was him that would have to give the new IceWing a walk around the territory, and teach her about how they do things around here. He wasn't a teacher, why should he be wasting his time with this dragon when he could be doing his job? Well, he guessed that now this was his job. Maybe if he could think about it like that, he'd like it a lot better. The dragon was waiting outside of the Capitol, in a field of burnt grass that may or may not have been caused by him. Whoops. If the IceWing asked, he'd simply reply with 'It's more like home,' where everywhere you looked was blackened rock, volcanos, and lava streams. Yeah, he liked patrolling home more than the lush forests of the EarthWings and the weird swampiness of the NightWings. Actually, the only way he'd patrol the NightWing territory is by flying, he wouldn't want to muck up his skin with that wet slimey stuff.

The more he waited the more impatient he got. Where was this new recruit? If they ever wanted to survive here then they'd want to make sure they got to where they needed to be on time. Have you ever heard of the dragon that woke up late for the war? No, because that never happened. Or well, if it did then they got demoted or something. He wouldn't know because he was never late. Xenos wondered what they were thinking, letting an IceWing into their tribe. If they didn't die from getting places late they were going to die from the heat of the FireWing territory... unless they got special permission not to patrol there. But what use is a soldier if they can't patrol everywhere? He snorted again. He'll just have to see about this IceWing. Maybe he could test them, take them along the border of the warm FireWing homeland to see how long they last. That'd be fun, and if they were to stubborn to stop... then he might as well saved the kingdom from a useless dragon.

With a smile on his muzzle from his ingenious ideas, he continued to wait for this IceWing.

FireWing Guardian
FireWing Guardian

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Ice and Fire Just Don't Mix (Private, Tahki) Empty Re: Ice and Fire Just Don't Mix (Private, Tahki)

Post by Tahki on Mon Jun 26, 2017 10:13 pm

Head raised to look forward, Tahki kept walking. Her mind was racing, following the rather vague directions that she had been given previously. Thankfully, she wasn't too hopeless with actually following what she had been instructed, but that didn't mean she was having a glorious and fun time trying to recite them to the very letter within her mind. Grounds underneath her paws tore as they crushed through impact, heart racing from being so late. Shoving past dragons, friend or foe, she didn't really care, she bolted to the designated meeting area. Great. Trust Tahki to be late on the initial day.

Bursting from the thriving streets, she stopped short of the dragon. A scowl bloomed on his face. Great. Delayed as she was, he'd become irritate. Time that'd gone by so obviously painted on his face, he'd been waiting for her for some time. That look only continued to worsen the longer that she allowed it to stay on his face. Well, she assumed that Xenos was the poor soul assigned to accompany her on her... Trial? Tour? Whatever this was, Tahki didn't really remember. With a newfound energy, she made her way across to Xenos. Lowering her head in a respectful bow, she spoke. Finally.

"My apologies for being late. The directions, if you can call them that, weren't incredibly clear." She said easily, straightening herself. His eyes seemed to burn into her soul, the longer she stood there, the worse the feeling became. Storms conducting the fury the FireWing felt were held by those eyes, they were swimming with emotions. "So... Where to?"

Great work, Tahki, that's not how you splinter the ice with a FireWing... You didn't even mention your name. Idiot.

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Ice and Fire Just Don't Mix (Private, Tahki) Empty Re: Ice and Fire Just Don't Mix (Private, Tahki)

Post by Xenos on Tue Jun 27, 2017 10:02 am

From the sound of thunderous footsteps, Xenos looked up. A blue dragon was approaching. They fit the appearance of an IceWing, and with a grunt he lifted himself to his paws. "If you ever want to survive here, you'll need to come up with a better excuse than that." He snapped, tail flicking across the ground and causing soot to rise from the overcook blades of grass. "I have been instructed to take you around the wider patrolling area, around the territory of the EarthWings, the NightWings, and," A mischievous glint shone in his eyes, "the FireWings. Most of the time guards take a section at a time, but if we did that then how would you learn about the territory?" He snorted, clear disgust showing on his face. "Then again, I could care less about what you know. It already seems you don't know the importance of being on time, so it won't make a difference when the patrol you're assigned to goes out before you even make it out of bed. Say..." Xenos eyed the IceWing. She seemed to bulky to be a hunter, but who knows. "What rank are you going to be anyways?"

The guard wasn't looking forward to this. taking the IceWing around the outskirts of the territory was going to take a few days- A few days off his post and a few days with this IceWing. Although, at the rate the IceWing seemed to go, it'd take them twice, if not three times as long. Oh gods, maybe he'd be lucky and something would happen to the colder dragon, making it impossible for it to finish. Maybe a big boulder would accidentally fall, or he'd roll over in his sleep. Or maybe when he takes a little 'detour' into the heart of the FireWing territory the new recruit will melt. That'd be a sight to see. He eyed the dragon again. What use would it be if he was taking a hunter on this 'tour'? Shouldn't another hunter be showing it all the good hunting spots? Maybe it was so that the dragon didn't wander out of their borders and onto another dragon's territory while hunting. And again, if it was a guard, why couldn't they get someone else to do it? He had important work to do, like patrolling. And killing. And killing those who were on his territory while he patrolled. Yes, the funs times.

Xenos slapped his tail on the ground, trembles coming from the force of it. "Let's get going and make it to our first post before nighttime." He growled, Beginning to walk towards the forest on their left. Before they could properly start they needed to make it to the border, which was a fair distance away from the capitol. If they made it, which they should by his calculations, then they'd be able to stay nice and cosy in one of the little huts along the border. If something stopped them and they didn't make it then the two would end up having to make a shelter themselves. He hated the idea of that, he'd have to do all of the work while the lazy IceWing just sat there and watched. As he walked, he didn't check if the recruit was following, he genuinely didn't care.

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FireWing Guardian

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