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Post by Xenos on Sun Jun 25, 2017 12:05 am

Personal Info
Name: Xenos
Alias: Xe
Age: 37 Years
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Personality: Xenos isn't the warm and fuzzy type, but rather the complete opposite. Killing things is just a fun pastime, and while he may be warm on the outside has a rather cold heart. It is hard to impress this one, and he won't laugh at a joke. Another thing that Xenos enjoys is his job in guarding, mostly because he gets to kill intruders. If you're on their land, you better hope you have a good reason to be. Being slow doesn't bother him, once he gets to you he has powerful hits that will definitely leave a mark the next morning. Wars are great, and it doesn't take long for him to get into a bloodlust.

The nighttime is kind of meh for him, as he can't go anywhere without being noticed. Even in his sleep his nose still glows, and his mouth when he snores. It's fine though, because no one would want to mess with him anyways. If they did, it would most likely result in death or a really bad injury. Xenos doesn't care about what he hurts or what he says, and doesn't particularly care about anyone.

Interests: - Killing. Xenos is rather... a fan of killing things, big or little.
- Hot, hot places. Xenos is a fan of warm places, not a chance his flame will go out.
- Doing his job. Xenos loves guarding. He sometimes gets to kill people.
Dislikes: - Going to cold places. If his internal flames gets too cold it can cause him problems.
- Water. Not only is it cold but if he were to swallow too much he'd die.
- Pesky creatures. If anything pesters him, he will kill it.
Fears: - Drowning. Xenos feels that drowning would be the worst way to die.
- Dying at the hands of a lesser. It would be such an unworthy way to die...

General Appearance
Height: 85 Feet
Scales: Dark gray shark-like skin. Rub it one way, it's smooth. The other... you'll end up with cuts.
Eyes: Fire-like with no pupil. They change with his fire breath, and can be used as an indicator to when he's going to fire.

Appearance: Starting from his head he has one set of horns that curve down and back towards his muzzle. He has a set of four small spines that eventually turn into the fin on the back of his head. His fin continues down his neck, stopping where it meets the back. His back is smooth and devoid of any spines or fins. Xenos's eyes and nostrils glow as if his head was hollow, following the condition of the fire in his mouth. The dragon's mouth always seems to have a constant glow and is surrounded by rows of sharp, small teeth and a large, dark tongue.

His underbelly is made up of harder layered sections, making it more protected than the rest of him. His skin is shark-like, making it relatively weaker than harden scales. Although, if rubbed the wrong way, it can cut up a dragon. His wings are also weak, but the connecting parts are covered in little sharp spines, more closer to his claw and less as it moves away from there. In the center of the connection is a large claw that sticks out, useful for battling and to give him extra grip.

Xenos's tail is smooth, just like his skin, and is devoid of spines like his back. But what it doesn't have in sharpness is made up in strength, as if he swings it around he would be able to knock unexpected dragons over. He has shorter legs, met with huge claws at the end. Each of his feet have four claws, three bigger ones and a slightly smaller thumb. At his elbows he also have three smaller spines.

The dark dragon has a muscular build, able to deliver powerful hits. If it wasn't for his weaker skin, he'd be able to take many hits too. He can take blunt-impacts well, but scratches and any tearing of the skin isn't so kind. All this muscle makes him very bulky, so running isn't his strong suit, and he is also rather slow in air. His eyes and nostrils also stand out in the darkness, as they glow like the flame inside of him. If he was to open his mouth, it would also glow too. His skin radiates heat, as he does have flames inside of him. In the FireWing territory his skin stays at about 120*, and outside at about 90*. In colder regions, his temperature goes down to about 75*, Once it reaches below 50*, he begins to have problems.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: FireWings
Inheritance: 50% NW, 50% FW
Rank: Guard
Family: N/A
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: - Withstand heat
- Strong blows
- Blunt hits
Special Abilities: - Fire Breath: From his FireWing heritage he has a fiery breath he can project from his mouth. this breath is around 1050*C (1922*F) and can travel up to 30 feet before dissipating. His breath can last half a post, and can be used every two posts.

- Shadow Armor: When activated, this shadow armor covers his skin in hard armor. The only place it doesn't cover is his underbelly, which is already tough. His armor is smooth, and gets rid of the cutting effect of rubbing his skin the wrong way. The armor can withstand hits and cuts, but is weak to magic. This includes breaths, as it is only repellent towards physical dragon-on-armor hits. If you want to take him down with his armor on, you'll need someone with magic, or else you aren't getting through.

The armor could not withstand the weight of a full-grown EarthWing stepping upon him and would break, almost instantly killing, or at the very least, injuring him. It takes at least 10 strong hits to fully break, although 5 hits placed in one spot can weaken that area and make it become more vulnerable. Larger objects are taken more easily, while smaller objects can make more cracks in his armor. With a smaller object, it takes two less posts to break a spot, but to fully break his armor it would require a chain of at least five of these cracks. That would take about 15 hits to achieve. His armor is slightly less as strong as EarthWing scales, but it seems like they are as strong.

This only lasts for five posts before having to recharge for three. If you're up against him without magic then you'd either have to wait it out or attempt to get something in between his layered underbelly.

Weaknesses: - Weaker skin. His skin is weaker than harden scales, making it more prone to cuts but able to take blunt hits.
- Glow. His eyes and nose are always in a constant glow, even in the dark of night. Which it can be nice for dark-lit places, it isn't the best for sneaking around.
- Internal fire. Xenos has an internal flame in him, which is what causes his glowing. If this gets extinguished, then he'd die. This can happen by staying in cold places to long or having a lot of water shoved down his gullet; anything that could extinguish fire.
Combat Style: His fighting style is to go in hard with the big hits and fire. He isn't graceful, and would probably end up smushing a group of baby ducks on accident. He also isn't fast, but if he ends up catching you with one of his hits it's going to be a bad day for you.

History: To be revealed
RP Sample: No

Last edited by Xenos on Sun Jun 25, 2017 10:36 am; edited 1 time in total

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Re: Xenos

Post by Tahki on Sun Jun 25, 2017 10:24 am

Hello there Xeno~

Just for clarification, there are a few things I'd like you to add to your app. With the armour and its weakness to magic, does that include breaths? For example, ice/water/acid, etc? And what does it take to break the armour through hits? Does it protect him from crushing blows from EW's- how tough is the armour- stronger than EW scales?

When you've just put these in for clarifications, then just bump it up- or, of course, if you have questions and such, feel free to ask :3

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Re: Xenos

Post by Xenos on Sun Jun 25, 2017 10:36 am

Bump, hope that's sufficient.

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FireWing Guardian

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Re: Xenos

Post by Tahki on Sun Jun 25, 2017 10:41 am

I think it looks good.


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