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A Thunderbird in the Imperium Capitol (Open to All)

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A Thunderbird in the Imperium Capitol (Open to All)

Post by Tormaigh on Sat Jun 24, 2017 2:16 am

Tormaigh flew across the skies, carrying a deer in his left foot. The bird thought about what had happened hours ago. He was just hunting, diving for a piece of prey, the very deer in his talons now. While this was normal, what wasn't normal was smashing his foot into a boulder. The thunderbird knew it was bad. He couldn't even stand on it. Tormaigh's only hope was that someone in the Imperium capitol would help a lesser, and that's why he brought the deer. Some form of insurance.

He then laid his eyes on the city, quiet a sight for a forest dweller like him. He slowed down as he approach a safe spot to land. Well... if you could call what he did a landing. Not having both feet able to work was a problem. He then looked around, trying to find a healer that would help him.


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