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Perytonia, mistress of herbs

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Perytonia, mistress of herbs

Post by Perytonia on Sat Jun 17, 2017 12:50 am

Type of Character: Dragon
Personal Info
Name: Perytonia
Alias: Pery
Age: 170
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Personality: Perytonia is a rather serious dragon who places great pride in her work, whether it involves research in new plants, new medicines or potions. As such, she is extremely protective of her home/garden, refusing most from entering without her permission (not even if they are her superiors). But she can quickly become a compassionate and honest dragon if a dragon comes to her as a patient. Perytonia is also quite curious, not afraid to try new things that will not jeopardise her practice. This includes the use of aromatherapy, music, visuals and writing. It seem to be a mix of different personalities, but this was all because she takes her practice and research very seriously and does not want anyone wandering into her space without good reason.

Beyond practice, Perytonia is rather vain and can be quite stubborn. She believes in the very traditional ways of dragons, valuing their majestic nature and the particular worth of 'queens'. Although it was saddening to her that such tradition may be lost and will never return, she is very quick to move on. There are times that when she heard something that's ignorant to her, that she can go into a rant and reiterate the grand old ways where dragons ruled Pyrria. One can take it that she holds a very bad grudge against the humans and consider it an embarrassment that the dragons lost the fight, especially with the loss of the Earthwing territory still very fresh to her.

Fears: Fear of fires. Not only does it destroy her plants, but she herself is also flammable.


Very average across both strengths and speed. A heavy hit from her can make bulky dragons stagger back, and she is only slightly above average for speed (35mph).


Perytonia is very knowledgeable in different remedies and can perform a variety of plant magic without lifting a claw. However, she is not completely built for combat and fulfils more of a supporting role for another dragon. This does not mean she cannot hold her own however. She can control a multiple number of plants using just her mind. If involved in a combat situation, she is very dependent on constantly thinking ahead of her opponents. As such, she is a good strategist and is capable of applying her knowledge of herbs and plants into combat. Beyond that, she is basically a library of different herbs, potions and such.



Perytonia possess a natural fire weakness as all her plants and even herself are flammable.


Enemies that continuous attacks or puts constant pressure on her, not giving her respite, can quickly overcome her ability to strategise and force her to fallback on desperately defending herself.

General Appearance
Height: 95ft
Scales: Green and bristly-grass like
Eyes: Blue
Appearance: Perytonia's body is unique in a sense that she is covered mostly in plants, particularly bristle-like greens. (See picture)

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Earthwing
Inheritance: Pure
Rank: Healer
Family: N/A
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Special Abilities:

Plant Sprout

This is a two-phase ability. Perytonia, using her mind, plants up to 5 temporary seed somewhere within 250ft of her. Once she is satisfied with the number of seeds used and their location, she can then, at any time, force them to sprout into any type of plant that she desires and control them mentally. These plants lasts for 2 posts before wilting into nothing. Note, the moment she sprouts the first seed, she cannot plant anymore seeds for another 5 posts. Seeds recharge once ever post, capping at 5.

Possible plants:

Basically bread and butter. One seed sprouts 4 of these in the one location. They very strong, requiring almost the full strength of a bulky dragon to tear themselves out of. In addition to binding, they can be used to whip enemies or hold onto certain things for support.

Stinging flower:
Basically one vine with a large bud at the end that, when it flowers,, produces a stinger. They either contain sleeping or paralytic venom. Sleeping venom causes fatigue and exhaustion at the affected area for 3 posts, slowing its movement. If Perytonia manages to hit their neck or head, they can become very sleepy and struggle to keep their eyes open for 2 posts. Paralytic venom paralyses the affected area for 2 posts, but if Perytonia hits the neck or brain, the whole body is paralysed for that duration instead.

Honeying flower:
A plant with a short stalk that blooms into a large jug-like flower, containing nectar. Drinking this can heal internal injuries or status, or applying them over the skin can seal off and clean superficial wounds (just don't try and lick it off, or it will bleed again).

Thorn spitter:
A flower with thorn-like petals, designed to flick and shoot a cone of thorns at a direction. They can impale past thick hides, but don't do much more than to cause severe stinging pain (like bee stings).

Combat Style:

First thing is Perytonia would try to avoid combat as much as possible.
However, if that fails, by the time she knows, she would have prepared the area around her with her seeds, waiting to sprout on her command. Perytonia is more of a spawner-type of fighter, using only the plant-life around her to fight for her and overwhelm her opponents. She rarely tries to kill her target (part of her morals as being a healer), using only disarming or subduing techniques, such as binding them until they cannot move or stinging them with paralytic poison.
If enemies manage to get close enough too her, she will normally rely on her average strengths for the purpose of distancing herself only. That means hitting them in places where she can potentially stun them before shoving them away, or sprinting far enough to safety. If she can manage to surprise them as they get close, it is more than enough for her to launch a barrage of quick claw strikes at areas that count.

History: N/A
RP Sample: N/A
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Re: Perytonia, mistress of herbs

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Sun Jun 18, 2017 9:43 am


Approved Because the app is approval-worthy, not because it is an EW app.
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
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