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Well this is awkward (Kip)

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Well this is awkward (Kip) Empty Well this is awkward (Kip)

Post by Celestia on Sat Jun 10, 2017 12:49 pm

(I'm using this character because this is what I was using to look at your app that was using the character code)
Astral decided to take a little break from Svad. Even for a goddess of knowledge she was getting a little overwhelmed. The humans were so similar yet so different at the same time. Although the humans did not have different species each of their towns were just as different as the dragon tribes.

The small human didn't even notice she had chosen to stay in her human form for her little getaway. It had become so natural as natural as her dragon form. Perhaps it helped her human form was just as tall as her dragon form though. She imagined for other dragons the height difference would be quite the shock.

Sitting down with her back against a tree trunk the green eyed human stared out at the green forest in front of her. How long had it been since she'd seen another of her own species now? The sun was on it's way down the sun shining through the leaves rather beautifully. She didn't physically need the rest but this was the perfect spot for some rest of mind. She let out a deep sigh closing her eyes and let sweet silence ease her.

Well this is awkward (Kip) 158avbn

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Well this is awkward (Kip) Empty Re: Well this is awkward (Kip)

Post by Kip on Sun Jun 11, 2017 11:54 am

(Sounds good. ^.^)

Kip had stayed up very late the night before, thus being very tired. Being a rogue had its disadvantages-- it was harder to rest knowing there was nobody there to watch your back when you slept. No Guardians, no Tribemates, no anything. Praying to a god or goddess was the best you could do. However, being a rogue had its perks as well-- it meant that there was nobody to nudge you awake when the sun was up, and also that you didn't have concerned questions from family members about why she looked so sleepy. The LightWing didn't think they would appreciate her answer anyway.

With that in consideration, she suddenly felt relieved she wasn't in a Tribe. Again.

Kip had been so busy studying last night that she didn't see how late it was from within her home. With this is mind, she realized she hadn't gone for a flight in a long time. It would do some good to relax and get some fresh air. Her paws were getting numb from the cold stone floor anyway.

She took off to the sky right away, escaping the mountains. It was a strange sensation-- like you were choking, and you finally got your first gasp of air. That is how Kip felt. She felt trapped in a cage of cold rock and endless lore to scrutinize. A flight was the proper gasp of air she required. It was especially nice when she spotted a lush forest, thick with emerald leaves. It reminded her a lot of home, so she glided down to land deftly on her paws. It wasn't quite a jungle, but meh whatever.

Suddenly, a strange scent reached the LightWing's nostrils. The red and yellow feathers atop her head bristled suspiciously. The scent was not familiar at all. It smelled so weird. . . Not a dragon at all. However, it wasn't so far off. . .

Making a few turns, Kip finally saw it-- no, her. What was that? Was that a human? Kip never saw such, but it fitted the description of all she heard. It had black fur on its head, or something of the sort. It didn't look as soft as fur, but it was certainly longer. Kip twisted her head around to gaze at the yellow mane on her back, then at the human to compare. Kip's eyes were totally dazed in confusion. Can humans and dragon communicate? Would she understand the human if she were to speak? Kip was rooted, watching the creature curiously. Would the person run? Or was it brave?

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