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DP Revamp to end all revamps

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DP Revamp to end all revamps

Post by Baldirak on Fri Jun 02, 2017 12:23 pm

All other incantations of DP have been simply a system to rewards players for rping here. However we always had the difficulty of what rewards to give. The flaw of the system was it had no purpose, so I'll start off by explaining the purpose of the revamped DP system.

1. As usual to reward our members for their time and effort on our site with meaningful rewards. Also to reward members who put quality into their writing, more on this later.

2. To replace our current system in which staff assign gods and leaders. Staff misjudgment has led to some issue with this in the past. This will take a burden off the staff shoulders (don't pay attention that I'm just replacing that burden with these point systems) and to give players a more concrete idea of what they need to do to get higher positions as well to assure our members we are interested in fairness as far as individual advancement. Full Gods are the exception these will be decided through special events instead.

3. Borrowing from Cossy's idea to add depth to tribes by using DP we are going to be implementing that which will be represented as AP(Alliance Points) more on that latter as well as adding depth and interest to gods WP(Worship Points) again more on that latter.

4. Add player progression and remove some limitations we once had. It used to be you could create whatever character you wanted with whatever abilities up to a certain point before you had to become a god of some sort. While this is still true as far as individual abilities we are removing any limit there was on the number of abilities one could have. However from now on all new character may only start with one ability and all future ones must be purchased with DP. This will give peeps a personal goal to reach towards in adding abilities to their characters.

Leaders and Gods will still have a limited number of slots however when one person leaves the next leader will be decided by those who are interested in the position and have enough DP for it. Ties will be determined by whoever has the most DP. DP cost will be determined later. Same process with gods with the exception of full gods.

As mentioned earlier ones quality of writing will give them DP. This will be the best way to earn DP. We will have a new story submission area where rps will be evaluated by staff and awarded DP based on enjoyment to read, quality of writing, and originality. Only one person needs to submit a story and the story as a whole will be evaluated with everyone involved receiving points based on participation. So if a story is worth 100 points and someone barely put any contribution in they could get say 10 points. If two people both put a significant contribution in they could both receive the full 100 points.

If the topic has the tribe tag then AP will be awarded to that tribe. So if Joe is in the Imperium and is in a Alliance RP topic he could receive 100 DP and then his tribe could receive 100 AP however this is also based on relativity. If it only barely actually involved alliance affairs Joe could get 100 points for a great rp but the alliance could get only 10 AP for little tribe significance. A rogue in a alliance topic will not earn AP for anyone.

Same deal with worship points. WP will be used by semi gods to preform miracles/use amazing god powers and full gods will use it to influence the world. For example a full god could use WP to influence a few followers to build a temple in a tribe to gain more worshipers. Tribes however can rebel against the gods. For example they could execute worshipers of a certain religion reducing a gods influence in a tribe.

Abilities and tribe upgrades can be written and submitted to the creation center for approval.

Here are some Links to some of the new stuff.

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Re: DP Revamp to end all revamps

Post by Baldirak on Thu Jun 22, 2017 12:53 pm

Officially Released!
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EarthWing King

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