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Skull Shadow (Finished)

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Skull Shadow (Finished)

Post by Skull Shadow on Tue Mar 14, 2017 5:17 am

Personal Info
Name: Skull Shadow
Alias: The Darkness hunter
Age: 23
Sexuality: Demisexuality
Personality: Distant and serious, he wants a partner and be accepted by more people. He likes to look the sky in the night time. In the deep of his heart, he is a very good friend. He doesnt have a good past, that's why is very distant. Sometimes he can be funny, with some bad jokes, but he doesnt do that pretty much.
Interests: Look the stars, helps other dragons and train
Dislikes: The rogues, the bad dragons and his brother
Fears: The death of his friends

General Appearance
Height: 30 ft
Scales: Black scales with some of them green
Eyes: Bright green eyes

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: NightWings
Inheritance: Pure blood
Rank: Guardian
Family: He doesnt have because they died, but the Last Name "Shadow" is still living.
Mate: He doesnt have but he wants someone
Hatchlings: He doestn have

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: The shadow magic like throwing Dark beams or controlling the shadows to scare the enemies. Sometimes he cannot controll all of his power because is a forbidenn magic so it cost many mana. This magic gives more speed and it can read minds too.
Silent like a ghost, can attack the enemies by surprise too

Special Abilities:

- Shadow aura: It is an uncontrollable energy of his shadow magic. He can control it in 5 minutes as minimum and 7 at max. It appears an aura surrounding his body and attacks with more strengh to the enemy, but it less the resistance. When he activates it, starts to be covered with darkness and the eyes go a bit dark.

- Darkness at 100%: This special ability is the most uncontrollable, he doesnt control it. For control it, he needs to control first the Shadow aura. It gives more speed, but the resistance goes very low so he can control it for 3 minutes at max

Weaknesses: The light magic because he uses shadow magic, so the light contrarrests the power of the shadow magic, but the Shadow aura can replenish sometimes the light magic. The strengh sometimes because when he activates the Shadow aura or the Darkness at 100%, the resistance goes low so he can be defeated if he is very hit.

Combat Style: N/A

History: N/A
RP Sample: Im still learning

Last edited by Skull Shadow on Tue Mar 14, 2017 11:33 pm; edited 4 times in total

Skull Shadow

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Re: Skull Shadow (Finished)

Post by Bassasail on Tue Mar 14, 2017 8:51 am

Sup dude, nice to see new faces on here! Aight, so lets get to the bottom of the ground: you left out your Appearance, and also do you think do you expand on "the death" in your fears? Like not by much but whos death does he fear?
You need to expand on your strengths and abilites man, there must be a limit to what you can do, ajd if you could expand furthermore on what you limits/strengths with your powers thatd be cool. The dark magic for example needs to be expanded, what can you further do woth it? What drawbacks are there to them? Does he need to recharge and for hiw long? Just stuff likecthat needs expanding man. As far as minutes for your power we go by posts, so like its controllable for say 3 posts. Explain how you power affects others, what drawbacks there are, etc. Again, expand.

Expand on your weakness too, hiw does light magic affect the character? How does that said strength affect your character and again, expand your app. Thats allfor now dude, if you need any help ask, Ill be here


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Re: Skull Shadow (Finished)

Post by Skull Shadow on Tue Mar 14, 2017 2:30 pm

I finished and i revised. see if i have it good

Skull Shadow

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Re: Skull Shadow (Finished)

Post by Bassasail on Wed Mar 15, 2017 7:35 pm

Again, yoyr missing the appearance, if thats the picture above the app say so in your appearance. We go by posts, not minutes, so replace yoyr 5-7 minutes with 5-7 posts. Whem describing both the Shadow Aura and Darkness what do you mean by resistance and how does it become uncontrollable? Does it drain the power at a fast rate or something else? You need to expand on that please.

In strengths yiu need to explain how these Dark Beams and so ob affects other dragons, like if it hurts them or if its just for illusions. And sorry to say but reading minds seem a bit too overpowered, why dont you replace it?

Like heres something I came up with part where as long as you remain in darkness (preferably night time) you could have more control of using your shadow magic, in light its a whole lot weaker amd more useless but serves its purpose as an illusion.

How does the shadows make your character faster?


Male Virgo Buffalo
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