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EarthWing Ranks

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EarthWing Ranks

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Sat Mar 11, 2017 1:33 am

Regular Ranks:

Healer: An EarthWing who specializes in mending wounds and treating illnesses. They have a vast knowledge of herbs and their uses, be they good or bad, making them the best Healers of any tribe. Some have the ability to use mud to heal wounds--a natural EarthWing ability--on all species, making them sought after by all citizens of the Twilight Imperium. All Healer trainees learn to identify herbs and their uses, and how to treat minor injuries and ailments. Once these have been mastered, a trainee may go through additional training to learn the more advanced areas of Healing, if they so choose.

Acid Guardian: These are the first line of defense for the EarthWings. Acid Guardians are trained to fight and specialize in using acid to deter enemies; their acid is more potent than other EarthWIngs. Acid Guardian trainees learn to fight and are taught combat styles that make the best use of their acid breath.

Tracker: While most tribes' trackers are stealthy and even serve as assassins, EarthWings don't have that luxury, being the biggest species. EarthWing Trackers are primarily hunters, gathering food for the Wise Ones and anyone else who can't hunt for themselves. Tracker Trainees learn only how to avoid becoming prey themselves, focusing on evading enemies rather than facing them head-on.

Boulder Guardian: These Guardians specialize in using the earth to defend weak points. They raise strong walls of earth up to 200ft tall and 100ft wide to allow time for retreats or to give the Acid Guardians time to regroup. Either from a distance or behind a wall, they like to fling boulders at their enemies. Boulder Guardians tend to have a bulkier build and armor plating.

Guardian: The regular Guardians. They primarily patrol the borders and alert the tribe to potential threats. While they don't have a specialization like the Acid and Boulder Guardians, they are trained to fight and use their own unique skills to aid in battle. While the Acid and Boulder Guardians fend off enemies, the regular Guardian will help Citizens escape.

Citizen: They make up the bulk of the EarthWing population. Having no responsibility within the tribe, they are free to do and go wherever they want.

Wise Ones: The elderly of the tribe and a source of wisdom. They live the rest of their lives in comfort, surrounded by family, or left alone--whatever they prefer. A Healer trainee is usually assigned to care for a Wise One as part of their training. A dragon may become a Wise One if they suffer an illness or injury that leaves them permanently unable to contribute to the tribe.

High Ranks:
Twilight Sentinels (WIP): There are three, each the second (the final being the Semi-gods) and strongest (mortal) line of defense for the Twilight Spire; if the Guardians fall they are summoned. The Earth Sentinel patrols and protects the EarthWing lands and holds authority over the Guardians. Earth Sentinels specialize in using the earth to destroy. Earthquakes disorient and distract grounded enemies. Great pillars are raised to intimidate and crush any too slow--or unable-- to get out of the way, provide obstacles for airborne enemies--or cover for allies. They use every ability they have to keep enemies at bay. While armor is not typically worn by Dragons, as it is impractical and hinders flight--which is bad for a slow flying species--the Earth Sentinels wear helmets. Some may wear clubed tail guards.

All three Sentinels have exceptional combat skills and were trained together. They captialize on each other's strengths and, when working together, are a devestating force.

Scholar: Keeper of the library, the Scholar records EarthWing history and preserves artifacts for future generations to appreciate. Anyone looking to study the ins and outs of their rank or simply learn more about EarthWings, need only to visit the Scholar.

Head Healer: This Healer is the best there is, able to treat practically anything. Because of their vast knowledge, it is typically the Head Healer who trains new Healers.

Royal Guard: This EarthWing's sole purpose is to protect the royal family, specifically the king. They are always with him, unless he says otherwise. It's said that a Royal Guard who outlives the king or queen didn't do their job.

Baldirak Sapiens Draco
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Grand Champion Y1 Earthwing King

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