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Memories In Between Us (Read Only, commentary allowed)

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Memories In Between Us (Read Only, commentary allowed)

Post by Daybreak Euphoria on Fri Mar 10, 2017 3:02 pm

((Backstory of Fractera))

"Come along, Mother! Look at the beautiful sun!" the little hatchling cried in excitement. Sharyen smiled and looked above. The sun really was beautiful. It was early in the morning and her hatchling kept prodding the Dragoness's face until she awoke. For days the hatchling begged to see the sunrise; and here it was. A glowing sky of oranges, pinks and yellows reflecting on the lake below. "Be careful Fractera, the lake isn't frozen like in Winter, you might fall in" Sharyen warned. The little hatchling pouted. "I'll be fine! I can fly! See! I have wings!" she exclaimed, flapping her wings. Sharyen laughed. What a bright little dragon.

The two Dragons sat on a large boulder facing towards the sun, watching the bright colors fade into the blue sky of day. "Can we come here again?" Fractera chirped. Sharyen nodded and held her hatchling warmly under her wings. "Only if you wake up early enough. But you can only come here when I'm with you, alright?" the Dragoness purred. A sudden loud bang was heard. Was that.. cannon fire? Sharyen spun her head around and saw a group of humans with large cannons pointed towards the two Dragons. Why are humans in Icewing territory? And why are they trying to kill us? she thought. "Fractera, get out of here! Run somewhere safe!" Sharyen cried as she pushed Fractera down the boulder. The little hatchling winced. What were these loud noises that hurt her ears? What was the circles of black flying into the sky? Why did Fractera need to run? All these thoughts raced through her head at once.

Fractera did as she was told, and sprinted as fast as her little legs could. She slid and ducked behind a rock, watching the humans and her Mother. Sharyen was fighting the humans, tearing down the cannons and ripped through nets that were thrown at her. She breathed an icy breath of shards, but it couldn't get through their iron shields. Sharyen made an escape attempt into the lake, hoping the humans would leave; but they only pointed their cannons towards the water. Sharyen dodged them quickly, holding her breath. The humans were persistent and didn't stop, until after a while, they just.. left. It seemed they were trying to kill the Dragoness, but did not prevail; and they left. Fractera watched the whole thing, waiting for the right time to find her Mother. "Mother! Mother can you hear me?!" the little Dragon cried. No answer. Nothing rising to the surface. Just a lake of still water. She waited and waited until sunset. She waited, sitting near the lake's cold shore. Nothing; so she cried. Fractera knew she had to tell her Father, but it was too late now. So there she sat, motionless for hours.

It took some time to get used to not having her Mother around. She explained as best as she could to her Father, who was devastated. Years went by and Fractera wanted to leave the cave. It was time to turn a new leaf.

((My work here is done~ This took ages O.o))

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Daybreak Euphoria
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Re: Memories In Between Us (Read Only, commentary allowed)

Post by Wake on Fri Mar 10, 2017 4:04 pm

Wow! Great job!


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Re: Memories In Between Us (Read Only, commentary allowed)

Post by Daybreak Euphoria on Fri Mar 10, 2017 5:22 pm

Thanks! It took like, days to write (because I took a lot of breaks Razz).
Daybreak Euphoria
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IceWing Tracker

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