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Stumbling into Fire (Private with Flames)

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Stumbling into Fire (Private with Flames)

Post by Tahki on Thu Mar 02, 2017 4:03 pm

It certainly was odd.

Never before had they been able climb up the side of a volcano, travel around it... The mountain was in a rather nice and the view from where she stood was something that no amount of words could describe. She left it as beautiful. The smaller IceWing never thought that it was possible to be able to see such a fantastic view. Tahki was too use to the cold wastelands of nothing but blue and white sheets of ice stretched as far as the eye could see. She continued her walk – that was until she slipped.

With a startled cry, she tumbled down the side, her wings attempting to flap to give her more stability. This just made her stumble when she hit the flat, her feet tripping her over as she slammed into a wooden door. Groaning, she laid there for a few moments before pushing herself to her feet. Tahki rubbed her head, she didn’t remember seeing a home here...

Tahki paled. She had been told about this home before. It just took her a while to realise that she had slammed into the door that belonged to the FireWing Semi-god.

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Re: Stumbling into Fire (Private with Flames)

Post by Flames on Thu Mar 02, 2017 6:58 pm

The Firewing semi god once again was just doing his usual. He knew he was alone and preferred to be alone because of how everyone thought about him, comparing him to his past and his relationship with the past Queen. They often end critisized him for not helping the tribe that much anymore, but he ignored it because he knew what he was doing.

Ever since Tempest was no longer the Queen, he had been getting into new things like writing stories and books bearing education and information. Along with books that prepared him for guests, like books containing plans for defenses, autobiographies he had wrote himself and even some children's books in case he was ever expecting a child, but all of the 3 were things he didn't consider needed anymore because of his reputation.

He sat at his desk, still writing another story with a cup of tea he had made himself. He wasn't expectigg anything or anyone, he was alone, it was quiet... it was always quiet. Thought halfway through a sentence, he stopped as he heard a sudden slam at his door. He wasn't expecting this at all and wondered if it was just another firewing wanting questions.

Confused. He got up, putting his quill down and heading to his large door and opening it only partially to find an Icewing, something he wasn't expecting at all. He observed the much smaller Icewing for a bit and gathered that maybe the slam was not intentional,
She looked she had hurt her head accidentally as she was rubbing her head. He lowered his head to her eye level, his pitch black eyes staring at her and as he spoke."Uhm... Are you alright? You looked like you hurt your head offly hard."

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Re: Stumbling into Fire (Private with Flames)

Post by Tahki on Sat Mar 18, 2017 2:45 pm

( I'm sorry for the late reply! I was a bit busy. )

Takhi's world would spin for a few minutes, the IceWing slowly shaking her head in an ultimately failed attempt of clearing it. She groaned quietly, her paw gently stroking the base of her two short horns. After reassuring herself that neither of them was broken, she would glance at the door. Perhaps it would be a wise idea if she were to back off before the door were to open and she was seen. It was only just after those thoughts that she heard some faint footsteps come from inside, towards the door.

Quickly, she tried to sit up or at least stand - but the very movement made her lightheaded and she huffed an annoyed sigh. Laying there, she would shake her head again to try and clear the lightheadedness. But no. That only made it worse for her. With another annoyed sigh, she would suddenly shut up as the door slowly opened. A red and orange dragon would lower their head, their dark eyes seemingly staring into her soul.

She shivered a little.

Slowly, she would try and stand again, "I... I think I'll be alright, I just slipped and fell from up there." Tahki said gently, before raising a paw to indicate the ledge that she managed to topple down from. She then blinked, realising the red that was scattered down its side. "Oh dear. That's never a good sign... Umm, do you have any wipes or something I can use to clean this up with?" Tahki asked, a small amount of concern rising in her voice.

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Re: Stumbling into Fire (Private with Flames)

Post by Tahki on Tue Apr 11, 2017 5:43 pm

Bump...? Sad )

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Re: Stumbling into Fire (Private with Flames)

Post by Tahki on Sun Apr 23, 2017 7:43 pm

Bump..? ;~; )

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