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Solomon Wyrmfyre, Prince of Leostonnia

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Solomon Wyrmfyre, Prince of Leostonnia

Post by Solomon on Thu Feb 23, 2017 2:12 pm

Type of Character: Human Aristocrate.
Name: Solomon Tiberius Wyrmfyre.
Alias: Knight of the burning blade, Prince of Leostonnia, Duke of Ravenhold.
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual  

"It is both my burden and my pleasure to be a custodian of my family's legacy"
- Solomon Wyrmfyre on discussing his role as the second heir of House Wyrmfyre

Solomon is a complex character of various underlying traits, a brilliant but savage man. The Prince’s animality shows when he doesn't hesitate to sadistically assault his enemies nor brutalise those he considers dishonourable cowards within his own ranks and the Serfs of his hand. While to be known for his ill-tempered behaviour in inconvenient situations which turn against his favour, Solomon is undoubtedly a keen calculator with his machinations, and has an almost eerie supernatural impeccable charm as he carries himself with an air of ethereal regal grace. For all his wit and cleverness with words Solomon is often referred to as a silver tongue, whose ability to speak, deceive and manipulate his opponents is legendary. The Prince’s capacity for cleverness and way of words is only matched by his limitless ambitions for greatness to surpass even that of his Father Damitian and his Grand Father Oribas.
Despite being a hardened soldier and Knight with an appearance of arrogance and violence, Solomon has proven himself to be empathetic to those under him and particularly to those in need who are helpless, this has even been documented of once aiding Serfs. He maintains an idealistic belief of respecting fellow warriors even with his aristocratic background (A trait not often seen in the Nobility of Leostonnia as they few themselves superior) to value all enemies and allies alike as equals. Even with his devotion to the Light and his desire to bring what he believes righteous retribution towards all enemies of Leostonnia and the Dragons he never underestimates their resolve and is frequently impressed at their tactical abilities even with their lack of morals.

Fears: Never surpassing his Father. His Older brother. Being inadequate. Failing in his quests.
Strengths: Political acumen. Jousting. Swordsmanship. Chess. Gardening. Horse Riding.  
Weaknesses: Vanity. Refuses to use Ranged Weaponry personally.

Life Info
Home: Ravenhold Keep, Kingdom of Leostonnia.
Profession: Prince, Duke, Knight.
Alexander (Brother), Allamire (Brother), Lucretia (Sister) Alexander (Son-Named after brother) , Eileen (Daughter), Taranaw (Illegitimate Sister), Solayn (Brother), Dominic (Illegitimate Son), Liam (Illegitimate Brother), Oribas (Deceased Grand Father), Damitian (Father), Helena Wyrmscar (Grand Mother), Lucinta M. Wyrmscar (Cousin), Gilford J. Wyrmscar (Cousin), Lyanna Wyrmfyre (Deceased Wife)

General Appearance
Height: Six foot two.
Hair: Silvery-Blonde
Eyes: Eerie Sapphire
Solomon is known for his defining features such as his eerie metallic sapphire gaze and his silvery-blonde hair which gives him both an almost unnatural appearance and a domineering sense of authority. Unlike many who claim aristocratic blood who are clean-shaven with smart hair, he has shoulder length hair to his shoulders and a small beard as remnants to his expeditions and Quests as a Knight. Other than having a muscular build despite his age of thirty six his other distinctive aspect is a mutilated crude scars what disfigure his face across his cheek and lips. In all Solomon has been described as handsome and attractive yet unnerving and intimidating as a whole.

Skills and Abilities
Skills Like all members of the Nobility of Leostonnia Solomon can read and write training by Monks as a child. He is famed throughout the Kingdom for his mastery of the Jousting and unseating his opponents in tourneys.
Armour -

Breast plate cuirass.
Arms, individually made of three pieces - The upper cannon, lower cannon and coulter for the elbow.
Hourglass gauntlets.
Pauldrons, to protect the shoulder, the left is larger as it is commonly used as the defensive side.
Surcoat, coloured in the heraldry of House Wyrmfyre.
Doublet with chainmail maille sleeves.

Bergen and personal admin kit -
Eighty Litre Bergen - two detachable side pouches, small front pouch and finally a compression strap top flap.
Cutlery - pewter spoon, steel knife and fork, pewter goblet, wooden bowl and plate.
Washing kit and Straight Razor (Cut throat Razor).
Entrenching Tool (Shovel).
Basic sewing kit for making repairs to rips and tears in the field.
Flint and Striker.
First aid kit including the tourniquet and field dressings.
Sleeping bag and roll mat.
Costrel, water bottle.

Additional equipment-
Linen shirt and a pair of breeches.
Coist, to be worn underneath the hat to absorb sweat and keep hair back.
Belt with bandoliers.
Brass sundial compass.
Regional Maps.
Model kit, to plan out battle strategy.
Human Prince

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Re: Solomon Wyrmfyre, Prince of Leostonnia

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Thu Feb 23, 2017 2:50 pm

Baldirak Sapiens Draco
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Grand Champion Y1 Earthwing King

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