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Kingdom of Leostonnia

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Kingdom of Leostonnia

Post by Tenebris on Tue Feb 21, 2017 1:54 pm

Kingdom of Leostonnia

-The coat of arms of Leostonnia-

"We are the faithful, the incorruptible. Our resolve makes us eternal in the analogues of History. It is we, the Knights of Leostonnia who stand before the gate of the void and do not fail or falter. We know our cause is both righteous and just, we will strive ever onward to forge a future of stability and justice as the pinnacle of all mankind. We are the living embodiment of order, it is anarchy and discord which are our true enemies and we will never rest until that future is in our grasp"
- King Oribas Wyrmfyre, first monarch of the Kingdom of Leostonnia.

The Kingdom of Leostonnia, one of the youngest Kingdoms of Man and within its lands there are no cities, merely a number of fortified Keeps, citadels and towns what are each small domains in their own right by Dukes, Barons and other Minor Lords. Leostonnia is a highly-chivalrous feudal Kingdom that lies in between the borders of the Nightwing and Icewing lands, in the former neutral territory known to humanity as the highlands and the moors. Leostonnia despite only being younger than one hundred years united as a Kingdom is second to none of size and military power compared to the other Human realms. In recent years it has been because of Leostonnia the Human crusade against Dragons and the invasion of the Earthwing homeland was brought into fruition. Having a culture and society that revolves around the ideals of Nobility, social birthright and upholding of a strictly enforced code of chivalry the Kingdom of Leostonnia has flourished as a bastion of mankind.

Ruled by a Monarch, the nation of Leostonnia has been known throughout the realms of Man for having the greatest Knights of the continent of Pyyria, surpassing all other knightly orders located within the other City States of Humanity. A proud and honourable Kingdom, the warriors of Leostonnia comprise mostly of Knights and Noblemen, who ride into battle with lance, horse and sword, seeking out glories and tales to add in their name. The dominate Religion of this feudal nation is the worship of the “Church of Holy Light”, which is a theological belief that the Light ever blesses its champions to stand against darkness and shadow. It is said, that it only when Warlord Oribas Wyrmfyre pledged himself to the unyielding Holy Light did he gain the resolve to unite the minor Kings and warlords which made up the land of Leostonnia did it become a single Kingdom and he the first King of the glorious land.

Beyond the visage of chivalry and justice what the Nobility and Knights display as the most significant traits of one’s character, they are nonetheless afflicted with a much darker side from the shining Knights they believe themselves to be. Within the feudal social structure of Leostonnia, these Knights and Nobles consider their lowly subjects as almost sub-Human, serving as Serfs upon the lands, they are little more than property seen in the hubris and arrogant eyes of their betters. The labour of all Serfs are to take no more than one tenth of the share for their hearth and kin, while providing the other nine-tenths to their local liege.

History; [WIP]

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