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Nightwing Society Empty Nightwing Society

Post by Tenebris on Tue Feb 21, 2017 1:36 pm

[Please note this is mainly Nightwing Culture and History as the Potentate which remains a client autonomous state of the Twilight Imperium and this article does not represent the Imperium as a whole]

Nightwing Society

Nightwing Society Ebonwi10
-Sigil of the Nightwing Potentate, client state of the Twilight Imperium-

"The knowledge here is not for idle hands, nor prying eyes. Information must not be lost, but it must not be used unwisely. Stay your hand, or proceed if you’re willing for me to guide your way” -Tenebris, Archon of the Potentate

Following years of strife and instability within the Nightwing Kingdom during a period of time known to the Potentate as the Black Interregnum under the corrupt sovereignty of Gemini, followed by the occupation of the Throne by the Dictator Oculus, declaring himself Emperor. A great Schism occurred, with Lord Tenebris, an advisor of the Crown leading his followers and Refugees to a safe harbour beyond the mainland.

As the newly declared Nightwing Empire began its aggressive military expansion, the Nightwing society continued to fracture as the very homeland closed its borders, while Oculus’s expansion continued.  The splinter faction of the Nightwing Kingdom lead by Tenebris, continued to build themselves in the image of the Nightwings of the past, renaming themselves Ebonwings upon the Isle of Aeterna Dominus. Although much mystery and secrecy surrounded the Isles of Aeterna
Dominus it was ruled by a powerful aristocracy known as the Apextorium.

Today the Potentate came to be after the once more great reunion of the Nightwing Empire after the fall of Oculus and the Ebonwing Potentate, returning to the mainland to rejoin its kin upon the continent and joining in both culture and customs. Creating a new unified Nightwing Nation known simply as “The Potentate”.

Mythos and Legends,

Nightwing Society Nightw10
-Modern day NightWing flag-

Throughout time there has been several Myths and Legends on the land which both the NightWings have dominion and also the NightWings themselves. In the days of the age of Antiquity as the Continent of Pyyria was in its early stages many Scholars agree that before there was the Tribes and different breeds of Dragonkin and their lesser Reptilian cousins, the Dragons were as one in terms of attributes and appearance. It has been the countless ages which have past what have evolved and developed the different Tribes we see today, this is the case with the NightWings having adapted to the environment they have inhabited.

Below is a series of ancient tales, revolving around Myths and Legends, not just from within the NightWing tribe but also foreign Tribes and culture on their stories of the ancient NightWings and how the Tribe as we know it today came into existence. This time period is referred to by Nightwings as the “Age of Antiquity”.

The Great Plague:
The Myth of the great Plague in a story and theory that the South Western land of Pyyria was once as fertile and beautiful as Earthwing lands of today. The legend goes that the progenitors and precursors of the NightWing Tribe faced a terrible Plague that devastated both the Dragons of the Region and the land, turning their once proud homeland into a remnant shadow of its former self. The land being transformed into a hellish landscape with scarce food, dead wastes and rotten swamps. Those who would later become the NightWings were said to be just too stubborn, weak or old to leave and thus they themselves over time evolved into the NightWings we see today.

If the stories are to be believed the remnants of the Plague cannot be seen apart from the land itself, any such Plague has not appeared in recent years and no mass graves within the NightWing Empire have been found dating back to that era. Given that the water supply remains fresh it can be assumed that whatever “killed” the Trees of the NightWing heartland has not come from some contamination.

"Be wary, Hatchling, of NightWings plain...
Be mindful, Hatchling, of their infected grain...
For if throat is parched and of infected water sip...
Forever your soul will be in cursed Nimbus grip.
So heed this warning, Hatchling, and if far from Parent stray…
Let light from Home's Hearth guide you back your way."

-A Nursery rhyme by other Tribes on the lands of the NightWing (Exact origin unknown)-

The Betrayal:
A more modern tale from only recent years, no doubt influenced by Queen Gemini’s rise to power and her Regime, however, the Myth of the Betrayal is story often favored by foreign Tribes (Often Tribes who have poor relations with the NightWings) when discussing the appearance and heartland of the NightWings.

As the Humans of Pyyria began to turn away from the Dragons who had shown and gifted them so much. Now believing themselves the new custodians and true rulers of the World the Human nations banded to form a great Crusade to combat the Dragon Regimes. During this time, while the other Dragons had begun to form the unity and consolidation for the basis of the true Tribes they would become, they say the Dragons of the Southeast who would later become the NightWings were divided.

As nothing more than feudal groups consumed by primal urges the Dragons of the Southeast were by far the weakest and easiest target for the Humans to purge from Pyyria. As the war brought defeat after defeat to the precursors of the NightWing the strongest and smartest of them banded together in desperation, although fearing that it wouldn’t be enough they committed the unthinkable.

The tale goes on to state that those who would later become NightWIngs summoned the first of the Demons, bargaining and making an unholy deal in order to secure their survival. The land itself was twisted and contorted into a hellish nightmare, forever tainted and corrupted. Upon seeing this Shadras himself felt great shame and couldn’t condone such an act, thus he cursed those which had torn the land itself to save themselves to match the horrific crime they had committed. Becoming the NightWings, forever to lurk and hide in the Shadows, baring black scales to forever show their shame. The NightWings continue to scoff at this fantasy dreamed up by lesser Tribes today.

Night, the Uniter:
A tale all young NightWings know. Night was said to be the first of NightWing kind, the great uniter of our people who formed the NightWing Tribe and ended the Primal urges of the past. It was through her legacy that the foundations of freedom and true civilisation were set. Said to be both wise and wondrous. Night was declared the first Queen of the NightWings as the story goes.

The ancestors of the NightWings were separate from one another in all manners of the word, giving into sectionalism and isolation. Families of the forefathers of NightWings formed Clans, and these Clans united with smaller families what matched their ideology and temperaments becoming federations of small populations in their own rights.

These Clans grew within their own territorial expansion and prized their own ideals and cultures dedicating themselves to various gods. Being in such a hostile and unfavourable land the forebears of the NightWings prided themselves on their stealth and cunning to outsmart their prey, qualities the NightWings highly regard in modern day. The Progenitors of the NightWings, from within these clan like structures formed centralized, cooperative miniature states. This was the foundations of the Kingdom as we know it today, as these states formed independent codified laws, as well as civic and religious institutions. With the founding of the City states, the conflicting ideologies can even been seen among the populace to this day.

Holding no titles of authority or even powers of considerable note Night then rose our people out of the darkness and put an end to the torment and discord what radiated throughout the NightWing land, she united the separate Clans through acts of conquest, love and intrigue depending on who tells the story and formed the NightWing Kingdom, and to this day her impact continues to broadcast throughout the world.

Children of the Moon and Stars:
As we now know that the Goddess of Moon and Stars Astral was only given a separation of the Great God King Shadras’s power, the story remains however a recent one. The tale goes that many NightWings, cause of Astrals and Nimbus’s association with NightWings is that they are the mortal spiritual children of their union. Embracing the fact that NightWings were born in their image and demeanour.

This has lead to a high amount of NightWings following their respective faiths, grouping up on the stories of the two lovers who joined to form the Tribe, although, it’s known that such is fictitious given the NightWing Tribe predates both the ascension of Astral and Nimbus, along with the fact their true offspring can been seen as Demi and Semi Gods, the tale of the two lovers forming to join the Tribe is nevertheless as culturally important to the NightWings as their more codified ancient history.

Sacrilege of the LightWings:
A story all NightWing know, one of many tales from the histories of “Night” the Uniter. This tale explains the great rivalry seen within the LightWings and NightWings. Despite the the Two Tribes coming into conflict over the years there is no official fact or historical document what entails how the relationship began to sour. What is known though is the “Sacrilege of the LightWings”, a known story all young NightWings know.

In the final days of Queen Nights reign and life she bore two sons. Both from the same clutch they were both destined to rule. One of the Hatchlings was a brute, slow of mind and ravenous was his ambition and desires, the other was polite, wise and smaller in stature and general size. When the successor of the NightWing Kingdom was announced to be the wise mature brother the other went into an anguished fueled fury.

His madness went so far that in his delusion grief driven state her murdered Queen Night on her deathbed. Claiming to be the new King of the NightWings many flocked to his cause but the gods looked down and shed a tear upon the body of Night. When the tear consumed her body her physical form seemed to turn to dust before all present and her soul shone out in a dark fathomed form of black mist representing the NightWings and the land she ruled.

In her judgement the spirit of Night flew through into her killer and she denounced him as her son. As she left his body she passed on to the spirit realm but not before cursing him to forever walk as an outcast, forever a stranger in his own homeland. Her murderer seemed to be stained in the white of cowardice and then in unison, all who dared to claim him their king transformed from the regal elegant colour of Night to a sortment of bizarre colours as a mixture.

That day the Lightwings were born, ever to bear their shame and forever be the outcasts for their crimes, never again to be welcome in their own homeland as they were pushed and exiled. The cursed, the killers of Night. Those who turned their backs on the Shadow.

Recent History,

Nightflare Crisis and war of succession  
Nightflare, the tainted half Demonic Sister of Queen Gemini waged a bloody civil war for the Crown. Infused by a Demonic power which spread insanity and chaos in her wake, Nightflare descended upon the Nightwing Kingdom with ranks of her followers. As the war waged and homes were set ablaze even Nightflares soldiers began to desert her. At the battle of Flare’s folly, upon seeing the tide of battle turn favourably for the loyalist forces, Nightflare’s  fury was terrible to behold. She summoned Demons to fight for her, had her necromantic powers resurrected her fallen enemies and her own fallen as undead warriors, and mounted attack after attack on the forces of her Sister Gemini.

The last of Nightflare’s allies began leaving her as her madness grew, and her only companions were the decayed monstrosities and skeletons of both foe and comrade she had amassed over the war. Much of the Nightwing lands became little more than a land of death wherever the war was fought. Nightflare was only ended when her Sister called upon the very demonic powers Nightflare had used before battling one another in a final climactic duel in the skies above the Nightwing Capital. This act by Queen Gemini along with the cost of the war and the discord it brought about would forever disillusion her subjects and advisors for calling upon Demonic forces such as her insane sister Nightflare had done.

The Black Interregnum
Following the Nightflare Crisis within the Nightwing heartland, the rebellion caused the Kingdom under Gemini  to suffer and fracture into factions politically out maneuvering and exploiting one another. Due to the corrupt administration and ever growing discontent of Gemini’s reign the Nightwings seemed on the verge of collapsing in upon themselves. Disillusioned by the state and the aftermath of the war one of these factions under the premise of peace and prosperity formed under Lord Tenebris, secluding themselves and pushing towards revitalising the nation to focus on culture and intellectual pursuits to bring back the vitality of the Nightwings, under Gemini’s reign the group grew ever distant from the rest of the Nightwings who sought other methods of appeasing their emotions.

Great Schism
In the end, forced to the extreme as the Nightwing society stagnated and festered like a defiled wound. The group of Nightwings which would form the Potentate openly declared independence from the Nightwing crown, although in pity and kinship they didn’t want to renew the pain and suffering what the Nightwings endured during the Civil war against Nightflare, and thus the new Ebonwing collective looked to migrate, leaving their forsaken land behind to start again.

In their grand migration the Ebonwings discovered the Isle of Aeterna Dominus, several islands secluded from the mainland of Pyyria to the East. A foreboding and eerie land which housed nothing but ruins and decay of a former civilization. Claiming the Isle as their home, the Ebonwings named themselves the Ebonwing Potentate, draughting up the means to establish their own Tribe and later the founding system of the new Potentate after the reunification of the Ebonwing and Nightwing Tribes.

With the high appraisal of the unknown, the Dragons of the Potentate delved into their own forms of magic experimentation under the supervision and encouragement of their Archon. The Ebonwings of the Isle follow ancient traditions of magic, carrying the weight of magic energies almost as in high regard and reverence to the Gods themselves. As fierce as their Drive to become greater, magic is taught among the Nightwings seldom to be bent on use of mundane tasks. It is an art of the highest calibre, as the FireWings use their martial techniques and the EarthWings use their overbearing size and strength, The Nightwings use their cunning. As such the belief is to seek academic and intellectual supremacy over the other Tribes of the continent is ever present in all parts of their society.

Those who belong to the Nightwings are notorious for their secretive and eccentric ways given the bizarre environment of the Nightwing homeland and distance from the prosaic lifestyle of those within the rest of Pyyria, which makes the professions of Magic and Alchemy attractive. Located on the Island of Shadows refuge is an athenaeum which houses a repository for numerous ancient scrolls and artifacts, as well as the grand archive which had a detailed recording of all notable events of the world. Another Keep makes itself home to an Apothecary lab which is the pinnacle of academic desires. If one is to visit the Capital of the Nightwings the very air would feel eclectic and vibrant with energy as if it had a life of its own, giving a feeling of increased energetic flow to one's person the whole process is an added security, the exact number of spells and wards woven into the very air are unknown and can be considered a well placed manner of precautions.

Faith is a personal matter for all begins on Pyyria, and this is no different to those within the Potentate, however due to their increased isolationism they have developed an issue in which certain divine deities take prominence over others. The Island is firmly dedicated to Astral as she is considered the most important to both themselves and their culture, although never officially announced it is assumed that the Nightwing Dragons follow their own pantheon despite the other Gods undeniable existence. Due to their avaricious nature they revere Astral above all others, although there is a considerable amount of faith also placed on Nimbus. Within the various Keeps and holds there is always located a sanctuary to both of these Gods.

Unlike anything seen within the rest of the continent, the Potentate prides itself and highlights the magnificent possibilities of Dragon architecture. Although usually Dragons are practical and meticulous about their crafts, the Nightwings pride themselves on both a coupling of functionality and beauty. Their works stand out as testimony to their pride, statues and great works of art litter the land for artistic beauty. Drapes woven with the utmost care illustrate the passion and true lofty stature of those what make their home within the Potentate. Adorning the Draconic architecture is often Silver as a symbol of purity and dominance out of wealth, which is also the major trade and natural resource of the Potentate. In the name of usability and beauty exists their craving desire for jewelry, inherited by their Archon Tenebris and the Apextorium.

Nightwing Society Bust10
-Draconic bust, an example of Potentate Art-

Those within the Potentate pride themselves with their crafters constantly perfecting and engaging in their art. Each of them takes care and time with their work. A finished work is an expression of the nature and capabilities of its maker. Very few completed items in the world in reference to Jewellery are seldom as ornate as the ones one would find or purchase from the Potentate. Each of the items made have a distinctive flare which most within Pyyria would be able to trace back to the Nightwings, bold colours and precious Silver are the backbone of all their works. Almost all within the Potentate usually adorn themselves with baubles of all sorts, as a tendency to hoard precious items each usually has a taste of the adornments they find themselves in, although, because of this many Nightwings are prone to garish overindulgence.

Improving abilities and competition take precedence in leisure activities for the Nightwings. When the inhabitants of the Potentate aren’t honing their skills in Magic or other academic pursuits, they’re playing a game or engaging in an activity to prove their mental, physical, or spiritual conditioning. When it comes to fields of expertise the Potentate enables that everyone isn’t restricted in their activities to familiar skills. Part of developing oneself is expanding one’s horizons. Due to Tenebris’s ideology of competitive games to prove who is greater than another to test their wit and cunning, almost twice a month challenges are maintained within the grand hall of his Palace upon within the Capital against competitors in strategic games, the contests that have one clear winner are favoured. One would find why within the Potentate Dragons often playing strategic board games, philosophic riddle contests, or improvised storytelling events, and one-on-one sports which are often associated in a grand affair. Every Season a festival is always maintained to put on a show of feats on the Potentate, ranging from academic to aerobatic along with a celebratory feast.

Slavery is an ever-present feature within Nightwing society, Slaves serve in household lairs, or state agriculture, mines, military, manufacturing. construction and a wide range of services throughout the Potentate. While in the past, Slavery was practised unofficially of lesser species, since the regime of Tenebris it has become an integral legal part of the Nightwing culture, separating Slaves as property to individual Nightwings to Penal State slaves whose slavery was enforced due to a punishment within the criminal system. In the modern state of the Nightwings, there are around ten Slaves to every one Dragon of the Tribe. Upon this foundation of forced labour was built the entire edifice of Nightwing philosophy under the belief that Dragons are superior to all other species of Pyyria and are the true inheritors and custodians of the World.

The complete dominion of one individual over another, is so embedded in Nightwing culture that slaves are almost invisible and there is certainly rarely any feeling of injustice in this situation on the part of the upper echelons of society. Inequality in power, freedom and the control of resources was an accepted part of life and went right back to the harsh and unforgivable land the Nightwings had made their home, to which end breeded the harsh and unforgivable ideologies that are present today, as Shadra’s blessed creations, the Nightwings are truly above all others. In the words of Archon Tenebris, “Freedom… Is not a general right but a select privilege for the chosen”. It is believed that the freedom of some is only possible because others are enslaved. Slavery, is, therefore, not considered an evil but a necessity by the vast majority of Nightwings within the Potentate. The fact that slaves were taken from the losers in battle, criminals and lesser races (and their subsequent offspring) is seen as enough justification and confirmation of general Nightwing perceived cultural superiority and divine right to rule over others and exploit control to “guide” the lesser species of the world.

Originally, slaves were acquired through  piracy, trade, brigandage and through black market organisations, once over many Nightwing Civilians made a living in capturing and selling Slaves wherever the opportunity arose, however within the modern day Regime, Slavery was officially recognised under the Institution of Servitude, headed by the Master Slaver who sits upon the Archons court. The Institution as it is simply widely known consists of both foremen who over see state Slave compounds such as mining operations and agriculture and the official trade of selling, along with slavers who are now the only official members of the Nightwing society able to hunt down and acquire new Slaves for the Potentate, legally only able to hunt for such within Nightwing territories and the disputed “Rogue” lands. To purchase a Slave one must legally providing lodgings and a means to sustain the individual after the initial transaction, this however is not the case for a “state” Slave who are usually comprised of criminals who are forced to work in any conditions for the betterment of the greater good of the Nightwing Potentate.

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"Oftentimes in reality, the realists are in the position of the antihero. Neither those on the side of good, nor the side of bad really trust them, as their truth is universal." ~ Tenebris, Archon of the Ebonwing Potentate.

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Nightwing Society Empty Re: Nightwing Society

Post by Noctis Umbra on Sat Aug 10, 2019 8:21 am

What ranks are there for the Nightwings?
Noctis Umbra
Noctis Umbra
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Nightwing Society Empty Re: Nightwing Society

Post by Baldirak Che'le on Sat Aug 10, 2019 11:14 am

Hello there, Noctis. Welcome to DRF! i am Baldirak, one of the Admins here. You can find a list of default ranks (meaning ranks that all the tribes have) here http://www.rpgdragons.org/t4665-new-members-guide-character-creation

If you have any more questions, please post them in the Help Section http://www.rpgdragons.org/f18-help-section

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Nightwing Society Empty Re: Nightwing Society

Post by Noctis Umbra on Sun Aug 11, 2019 12:44 am

thanks, i have looked that over, i decided that my dragon is a trainee, i'm working on the character submission form as we speak.
Noctis Umbra
Noctis Umbra
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NightWing Trainee

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Nightwing Society Empty Re: Nightwing Society

Post by Tenebris on Wed Sep 04, 2019 6:45 pm

Recently added information regarding Slavery within the Potentate.

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A look at one of Tenebris's Publications as a Scholar

"Destiny isn't a matter of chance, its a matter of choice. Only we can claim our Destiny when the path opens" ~ Tenebris lamenting.

"Oftentimes in reality, the realists are in the position of the antihero. Neither those on the side of good, nor the side of bad really trust them, as their truth is universal." ~ Tenebris, Archon of the Ebonwing Potentate.

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