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The Twilight Imperium and Twilight Spire

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The Twilight Imperium and Twilight Spire

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Mon Feb 20, 2017 2:34 pm

The NightWing Archon, Tenebris, the FireWing Queen, Kenina, and the EarthWing King, Baldirak forged an alliance. It was no easy task; the full and powerful NightWing and FireWing tribes, who had a history, were reluctant to allow the struggling EarthWings into their ranks. The EarthWings were, as the result of a brutual attack by humans, already small in numbers. But recently they suffered more losses when several members mysteriously fell ill and died. After much persuasion, the Earth King finally convinced the other leaders to allow the EarthWings to join them. After much debate about how this new tribe, to be called the Twilight Imperium, would be goverened, they decided on a monarchy. Kenina and Tenebris both agreed neither would be a good choice for ruling such a large tribe. So Baldirak was chosen to be its king, a responsibilty he humbly accepted. But while Tenebris was happy to serve the tribe from the shadows, Kenina couldn't stand the thought of not being in charge. She went to Baldirak asking to become his mate only that she may be able to rule the tribe. Baldirak accepted only with assurance that the two of them would be equal. After all a united tribe wouldn't last long if its leaders weren't working together. But Kenina and Baldirak have different ideals and often clash when making decisions. For the good of the Twilight Imperium, they learn to compromise and get along a little better. Over time, their union, which was purely political initally, becomes something deeper when they fall in love.

After the successful establishment of the Twilight Imperium, Baldirak, Kenina, and Tenebris decided there needed to be a capital city, especially after Baldirak and Kenina became mates. While Kenina wanted the capital to be in the FireWing territories, Tenebris thought it should be at the center of the tribe, where the borders of all three territories met. Loving compromise and disliking the heat of FireWing territory, Baldirak suggested a compromise in which the capital would be placed in the EarthWing territory, Gnosis. There, they could create a city that represented all three tribes, with areas that were comfortable for everyone.

The capital, called Twilight Spire, has hot springs for the FIreWings, creeks and a swamp for the NightWings. But all the EarthWings require are the seasons. The grand city is built to wrap around a mountain behind the old EarthWing palace.  Baldirak insisted the ruins of the city remain as a reminder of his ultimate goal: vengence against humankind... but also in memory of the EarthWings who fell protecting the city. It is near the old city that shrines to the gods have been built. At the summit of the mountain sits the palace, which Baldirak helped to build. It isn't as large as the old EarthWing palace, but certainly just as grand. There are three wings, each showing off the strengths of each tribe. The Flame Wing brags of the FireWings' economic advance over the other tribes, having created currency. The Shadow Wing shows the NightWings' mysterious nature and tendency to keep secrets. The Boulder Wing shows the EarthWings' resilience in the face of those wanting to destroy them, their incredible ability to adapt. Each wing has a library containing the history of the respective tribes. Baldirak has begun writing the history of the Twilight Imperium and keeps the scrolls, along with his own personal collection, in the  Boulder Wing until he finds a suitable place for them.

Kaiburr Hall is at the heart of the palce. It houses the throne room and is where the Imperium entertains guests. On the west wall is a momument to Tenebris, with a plaque that reads: Tenebris, Grand Weasel Vizer. On the east wall is a momument to Baldirak, with a plaque that reads: King Baldirak, Prophet of Knowledge. And sitting behind the thrones is a momument to Kenina, with a plaque that reads: Queen Kenina, Jewel of Twilight. Baldirak personally built this one himself and placed a Moonstone in the head, so every night the moon would shine upon it. Of course it was to show his and Kenina's devout following of Astralogy, but also an attempt to win the FireWing over. Overlooking the palace and Gnosis is a tower. The tower is mainly used by Baldirak to look through time without interruptions but may also be used as a prison for the worst criminals, as it hosts a few cells at the base.

Much of the capital was destroyed by the monster invasion and many lives were lost. As a result, the Dragons have reverted to a nearly primitive state of existence, the continued existence of the tribes, alliances, and their concept of religion being the only evidence of sentience. It is thought the only reason the Dragons chose to continue to live in tribes is for protection against the monsters that now roam Pyyria.

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Baldirak Sapiens Draco
Grand Champion Y1 Earthwing King
Grand Champion Y1 Earthwing King

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Re: The Twilight Imperium and Twilight Spire

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Mon Oct 30, 2017 12:46 pm

Twilight Reckoning

Portals were opened all over Pyrria, unleashing many terrible monsters upon the world. These creatures proved too much for the battle hardened forces of the Twilight Imperium; for their last line of defense--trained for the greatest threats--the Twilight Sentinels; even their prophet King had not forseen the day. The empire's capital city was destroyed and nearly all were killed. Only the King and Queen, Tenebris, and a few non-Citizens survived. This day has become known as Twilight Reckoning.

Survivors rise from the rubble of the Spire

Though the attack left all in low spirits, none were more depressed than Queen Kenina. It crushed her to see her alliance destroyed, her Citizens eaten by monsters against which they stood no chance. The only one who could come close to her in mood was her mate. Baldirak could not understand why he had been unable to see the arrival of the monsters. His power had a will of its own at times, but he had always assumed it would bring such an event to his attention. As a result the King felt personally responsible for every death there was and would be for as long as the monsters remained. But watching the fire in his mate go out sparked one of his own. He has gathered the broken alliance under a new name,Twilight Survivors, and leads a campaign to begin fighting back by first capturing or killing each monster species to learn their habits and weaknesses. In his spare time, he tries to repair the damage the monsters have done to his mate.
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
Grand Champion Y1 Earthwing King
Grand Champion Y1 Earthwing King

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Re: The Twilight Imperium and Twilight Spire

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Sat Dec 16, 2017 11:16 pm

A More Detailed Account of Twilight Reckoning

It was midday. Most of the Guardians were patrolling the borders of the Spire when the first creatures appeared. They thought them odd but paid little heed for the creatures were small, scarcely big enough to be a threat to prey beasts. And then the creatures suddenly became much larger, more dangerous, and greater in numbers. The Guardians were overwhelmed and only two managed to escape to make their way back to the capital to warn everyone.

Tenebris was busy going over laws he wanted enforced in NightWing territory; Kenina was tending to some Queenly duties that commanded her attention; Baldirak was dividing his time between being just another Dragon within the Imperium--always to the displeasure of his mate--and performing his own duties as King.

The monsters came to the city only a minute or so after the arrival of the two surviving patrol Guardians, leaving no time for the King and Queen and Tenebris to meet up and devise an evacuation plan. In fact, the monsters' assault was so sudden, the air about the Imperium was "every Dragon for themselves", as most tried to flee rather than try to help others. Hatchlings and Citizens who had little fighting experience, were the first to perish. However, the Guardians, at least those who stayed true to their rank, did all they could to help. If they were not helping others to escape to safety, they were fighting the monsters with everything they had.

Meanwhile, the Twilight Sentinels had been killed by massive monsters only a god could hope to defeat. Vilkas, nephew to the King, had called upon his demigod power to fight and was escorting as many as he could into the palace--the only place the survivors could still safely enter the EarthWing tunnels. He found his mutant form kept at least the smaller monsters away, as in that form he looked to be a monster himself and they didn't bother him. It was enough for him to do his self-appointed job, though he often had to fight larger foes that didn't care about his appearance.

The leaders of the Imperium finally found each other amidst the chaos and quickly agreed to send all survivors to the Ebonwing Isles. Tenebris--while he did do some fighting prior to meeting up with Baldirak and Kenina--was keen on saving his own hide and volunteered to lead the way. As he left, however, a monster set its sights on him. Kenina and Baldirak were already engaged in their own battles when the latter noticed Tenebris was about to lose his fight. Despite his strong dislike of the NightWing leader, Baldirak rushed to Tenebris' aid, saving him. While Tenebris lie stunned by the fact that Baldirak had saved his life, the King suffered great injuries trying to keep the persistent monster away from the NightWing. By the time he finally slayed the beast, Tenebris had fled. Baldirak had a broken wing and hind leg; his tail dragged limply behind him; his left eye was swollen shut; deep scratches marked his stomach and sides. Somehow he managed to make it to Kenina in time to save her life as well. The Queen had been outnumbered by one. Baldirak took on both until Kenina recovered enough to help. Though this fight was shorter, it saw the King barely able to stand. Through sheer will alone, the King flew with his broken wing to the Ebonwing Isles along with Kenina. Upon arrival, they found Vilkas and the Guardians had led the survivors through the tunnels--part of the way before the monsters discovered them--to NightWing territory where Tenebris took over to get everyone to the Isles.

Baldirak Sapiens Draco
Grand Champion Y1 Earthwing King
Grand Champion Y1 Earthwing King

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