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New Members Guide: Lore[WIP]

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New Members Guide: Lore[WIP] Empty New Members Guide: Lore[WIP]

Post by Baldirak on Sat Feb 11, 2017 6:29 pm

The Beginning and the Gods
In the beginning there was only Shardas the god of nothing. Naturally being the god of nothing is rather boring so he created bright burning stars spaced vast distances from each other so that he had their pretty twinkles to look at. Eventually he grew bored of this and created planets to orbit the stars. He again quickly grew bored of this too. However he found he wasn't growing bored of creating things. It was quite fun for him. Choosing a specific planet he started creating detailed tiny things, trees, mountains, and creatures. This occupied him for a great deal of time and he created many beautiful things. Taking a step back he saw the planet he had created and worked on so tirelessly for a large stretch of time was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He named the planet Pyyria. However now he found himself sad for he had nobody to share this great accomplishment with. He was lonely. And so he decided to take on a task even grander than his previous and create the first dragons so that he could build relationships with him. He created to humans to serve the dragons not foreseeing in the future they would rebel with a will of their own. Content with all the work he had done he rested to enjoy it. As time passed though he began to grow sad as with each generation of dragon they slowly forgot about him and turned to themselves. One day without warning he was just gone and nobody seemed to notice.

Shardas' power however stayed behind seemingly at random choosing baby dragons to inherit his power. Full Gods were the first to appear with only a max of 6 alive at the same time. Immortal and unable to be killed, harnessing and being responsible for the laws of the universe. Each one played an important role in keeping the world together. Unlike Shardas though they walked upon the ground with the other dragons keeping them from ever being completely forgotten. Despite all this due to their immortality they found themselves detached and every once in awhile through their own will the ceases to live and their power passed down to the next random baby dragon.

The other gods to come about were Semi Gods with only a max of 7 being alive at one time. They lived far longer than the average dragon but were still mortal. Like their life spans they possessed far more power as well, sometimes having complete control of an element and the like.

The last type of god to appear were the Demi Gods. They were the children of the others gods and only inherited one aspect of them or power unless both their parents were gods in which they inherited two not necessarily always one from each.

The Semi Gods however didn't have the same responsibility of preventing chaos like the full gods who at any moment could just decide for the world to come to an end. After all 7 teamed up and took over the world the Full gods decided to split them up one semi god for each of the 7 tribes being under the direct authority of their respective tribe leader and becoming an important political piece.

For some time it was considered the norm that the most powerful of gods were the full gods together with equivalent power to that of Shardas. That changed when the goddess of the moon and stars was shown to have the ability to take away the immortality of the other full gods, to have authority over all magic, and power beyond theirs. She was renamed to the goddess of gods. However her roll has been rather insignificant to the world as before she had discovered this power her mind had been broken.

The Tribes
At first all dragons were the same however they changed depending on where they were located and they adapted natural abilities to adapt to their surroundings. They began to form tribes.
All the tribes have a few basic ranks that they all share

Hatclings: They are the young dragons, mostly just hatched from their egg or younger than 10 years. At this time, they are chosen either for Tracker or Guardian, depending on their strength and body shape.

Trainees: The dragons who are currently in training. They either train to become a Tracker or a Guardian, or a Healer in training with their Trainers (teachers).

Citizens: These are the every day dragons that make up the bulk of any tribe. They are provided for by the trackers and live relatively easy lives. The citizens take care of building and everything else the military doesn't handle.

Guardian: The dragons who protects the tribe from danger, including other dragons and animals. Protectors are usually the bulky and powerful dragons of the tribe.

Scholars: These are the scientists of the tribe. Personal information libraries, Scholars work to advance the technology(magic) of their tribe and they share knowledge. They are not very good fighters but they have some of the strongest magic in the tribe.

Lieutenant: Lieutenants are second in command of a dragon tribe. A lieutenant is chosen by the leaders to be their successors. They are responsible for organizing daily patrols for the tribe, such as hunting patrols and border patrols. If a tribe leader is unable to lead a tribe temporarily, then the lieutenant would take over for that time. If a lieutenant is sick or injured, then a senior dragon will temporarily take his/her place.
Note: Requires Tribe leader approval.

The EarthWing tribe.
They are the largest of all dragons reaching heights of between 50' and 100'. These giants of dragons lived in big forests and were quite fond of nature. They were pretty peaceful for the most part sticking mostly to themselves. Don't let this fool you however as they can spit acid and bite with venom. They tended to have scale colors and patterns reflecting nature with the most common being green. After a grand human invasion the EarthWings were nearly brought to extinction and lost their territory. After becoming a part of the Twilight Imperium they've been slowly growing their numbers. For the most part the EarthWings stuck with themselves never meddling in the affairs of others and keeping out of trouble. It wasn't until they decided to hold a feast for the IceWings and FireWings that things started to go down hill. It was originally meant to bring the 3 tribes together in an alliance but naturally the FireWings and IceWings weren't too fond of the naive gathering. To make matters worse it was discovered that one of the IceWings present had been holding hostage a NightWing with whom the FireWings had an alliance with. It goes without saying no alliance was made and when everyone left tensions were left that weren't there before and those that did exist were worse. A little later on the EarthWings were the unfortunate first target of the human army that planned on attacking all of dragon kind. Due missing leadership the EarthWings were massacre and their species brought to endangerment of extinction. Only after merging with the FireWings and NightWings have they begun regaining their numbers.

The FireWing tribe.
The second largest of all dragons reaching heights of between 40' 85' Notorious for being very aggressive and hot headed. They come in colors of orange and red and could spit fire of up to 3,000 °F The FireWings were always a driving force in the world mostly economically. However until the rise of the NightWings the world feared the FireWings would take everything over. After some insubordinate embarrassed them at the EarthWing feast they pulled away from world leadership. It wasn't until the queen of the FireWings mated with the EarthWing king that they became a major force again. With the NightWings they created the Twilight Imperium.

The IceWing tribe.
The third largest of all dragons reaching heights of between 35' 70'. They typical have colors of white and blue. They had cold and ice related powers. The IceWings have been left out of world affairs mostly due to poor leadership. Leaders were changing all the time to the point that nobody knew who the real leader was at the time.

The NightWing tribe.
The third smallest of all dragons reaching heights of between 15' 40'. They come in blacks and greys. They can breath a toxic sleeping gas and are the only dragons with perfect night vision while as all others struggle to see at night.

Like their species as a whole the NightWings were secretive and stayed out of others affairs at least as far as the public was concerned. It wasn't until a new leader one many called a tyrant rose to power that many changes were made and the NightWings became a feared tribe. After the collapse of the EarthWings the NightWings swooped in to take their old territory from the humans that were beginning to settle there in a series of aggressive expansions. The Tyrant was assassinated and the new NightWing leader joined the Twilight Imperium. As the Nightwings are today, they are broken into two Castes. Those known as the Ebonwings dominate the hierarchy of the society, acting as aristocrats and official heads of the administration, military and civilian institutions. The normal Nightwing caste are the backbone and majority of the Tribe, forming the bulk of civil service, military, trade and civilian duties.

For more information on the Nightwing Tribe see here

The Starlight Order.
A tribe formed from a union between the former SkyWing and LightWing tribes, it is composed, thus, of primarily SkyWing and LightWing dragons, and their territory spans the entirety of the L'Ishon region, an island separate from the rest of the tribes. Composed of dense jungles and grasslands, as well as a few mysteriously floating islands.

The Humans

Originally servants of the dragons, their own will led them to wanting a life of their own. Humans are very creative creatures and very communal. They also breed at a ridiculously rapid rate compared to dragons. When they worked together against the dragons for their freedom it was a great surprise to the dragons. There wasn't much death and the humans separated their lives from the dragons rather easily. That didn't last long though as quickly they rose to be a comparable force against the dragons. They battled with each other for eons the dragon gods unwilling to wipe out the humans due to being a valued creation of Shardas. After many wars there came a peace in which the humans mostly only fought with themselves. Only in recent years have the humans begun kidnapping small and baby dragons causing tensions to rise between human and dragon kind.

Their Settlements.
When looking at a dragons map of territory one might think there is nowhere for the humans to live since each tribe has taken up huge swaths of lands. The humans live within tribe territories and are simply ignored. It isn't until they start settling near areas where dragons are actually living that they get push back. The humans on the other hand are blissfully ignorant that they are living within dragon territory. Their travel is so limited they have no idea the distance Dragons can reach and protect.

It isn't ruled by anyone. It's a hot spot for criminals. They specialize in slavery and assassinations. It's also the place to go when looking for some mercenaries. If you need something shady to be done you'll find a way in Kakos. The city itself is a dump but that's just the way they like it. One should never enter this city without knowing what you're getting into or you'll be rapped, robbed, and killed. If you are human that is. Kakos is located within old NightWing territory just before the rotten forest.

It is one of the biggest cities in the world. The city itself is full of different people. It's know as the black city for its tolerance of criminal behavior. Which is rather unfair since the criminal part of the city is actually rather small. Its just called that because its the only major city with those kind of problems. There are many laws in the city most of which are on who can own land and who can trade what. Just about everything you can think about is regulated. The city is governed by whats called the kings counsel. Only those in the counsel can elect people into the counsel. Decisions are made based on a majority vote. Anthropinos is located right in the middle of the main continent between old FireWing and EarthWing territory within the rogue lands.

Its more of a refugee camp than anything. Those who find they can't fit anywhere in the world come here. Life is hard here as they are surrounded by a dessert but its better than nothing. Those who don't fit in come here. Anyone is accepted in this village but only if they seek peace. Otherwise they are thrown out by the residence. The village is largely ignored by most of the world as nobody considers it valuable and nobody would dare risk the dangerous road there for nothing in return. Ammos is located within the Oasis Sands within old EarthWing territory.

A coastal village/city They act as a bulk trade market where you can buy everyday things for cheap prices. It also gets a large amount of money from people wishing to sail to other lands. Brysur is diverse and the laws simple. Brysur is located in old SeaWing territory on the coast and edge of SeaWing forest.

The terrain and climate there is cold and hard the people that live there more so. The village is run by a chief and the position is heretical. The people of Kryo value strength over everything else and the rules are based of that strength. Anything goes as long as your strong enough to do it. Great warriors and famous are born and raised from this place. Despite their brutish ways the people of Kryo are known also for their legendary parties and feasts. Prove your skill in battle and you can expect to have the night of your life. Kryo is located just outside old IceWing territory just to the left of the snowy peaks.

Their customs are very similar to that of Kryo. However this village specializes in women warriors and chief is also a woman. Men are suppose to raid and hunt for food while the women are the soldiers. Like Kakos they also have open hands to criminals. The city gives birth to the finest female assassins the world has ever seen. If one were to go to war with Gynaikes it wouldn't be a war. The leaders of their enemy will be assassinated before they even start rolling out the soldiers. Women who wish to settle down will often go to Kryo in search of a husband and bring him back to Gynaikes. Gynaikes is aggressively neutral with everyone or at least that's how they see it. Gynaikes is located in old FireWing territory in the heart of the rift of cinders.

Kingdom of Leostonnia
The Kingdom of Leostonnia, one of the youngest Kingdoms of Man and within its lands there are no cities, merely a number of fortified Keeps, citadels and towns what are each small domains in their own right by Dukes, Barons and other Minor Lords. Leostonnia is a highly-chivalrous feudal Kingdom that lies in between the borders of the Nightwing and Icewing lands, in the former neutral territory known to humanity as the highlands and the moors. Leostonnia despite only being younger than one hundred years united as a Kingdom is second to none of size and military power compared to the other Human realms. In recent years it has been because of Leostonnia the Human crusade against Dragons and the invasion of the Earthwing homeland was brought into fruition. Having a culture and society that revolves around the ideals of Nobility, social birthright and upholding of a strictly enforced code of chivalry the Kingdom of Leostonnia has flourished as a bastion of mankind.
Here for more information on the Human Kingdom of Leostonnia

Kingdom of Moon
Located on the northwestern most island in the Crystal Sea and ruled by the Tsuki family.

Humans and Magic
Magic is innate to Dragons, but for humans they are only just beginning to understand it. Thus, their capabilities are very limited. If one can use magic at all, it is very basic--such as conjuring a small flame to use for light or to ignite a campfire. One could learn more advanced magic, but the information needed to do so is extremely hard to come by. Such information is reseved for people of status or the very wealthy. But once that information is obtained, it would take a long time of study--many years--to learn more advanced spells.
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New Members Guide: Lore[WIP] Empty Re: New Members Guide: Lore[WIP]

Post by Tenebris on Tue Feb 21, 2017 1:58 pm

Recently added the Human Kingdom of Leostonnia to the Lore.

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A look at one of Tenebris's Publications as a Scholar

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New Members Guide: Lore[WIP] Tenebr10
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