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Updates and other things

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Updates and other things

Post by Kyht on Sun Dec 11, 2016 4:13 pm

So in general I am ok^^ but unfortunately you will not be seeing any Kyhthyr or Orion for a while. I am working things out with my family for the most part, but I am off skype and have no way to communicate other than email and this for a while ;^;
After my previous post, I had a fall out with my family and have been recovering slowly. I was homeless for about 3 days? ye and then came home expecting to be leaving as soon as possible, but due to some developments I am going to be staying a bit longer and working towards something more rewarding than living out of my car. I am safe for now, and I am not having too many issues with my family. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below, or pm me. I won't be checking very often, but I will try my best to reply when I can. I am also aware both plots and developments of both Kyhthyr and Orion are currently up in the air due to the recent changes of the site and such, so if you want to help out with that, please say so. I am going to be killing them/ making them poof into eternity and starting fresh if I can't get anything going. Kyht and Hyruu was my biggest development up until my issues with family started, and because of that she might be poofing alongside Hyruu in the end. I believe the plan was for her to be relocated for the sake of continuing their relationship, but without the ability to communicate well, I am unsure of Hyruu's position at the moment. None of this info is completely necessary '^^ but thought I would let you know what is going on. If you want details on how to stalk that budding relationship, please pm me (leave replies for questions/comments pertaining to the start of this topic)

I also understand Tezz has poofed? not totally sure, but I caught wind of it during my family drama, but couldn't focus on it until now because of said drama. If so, Orion is a smol dragon in need of love and someone to guide through the harshness of growing up without knowing his birth parents and learning to mind his insecurities and etc. Also he is super clingy and develops crushes way too easy, so expect more drama and shenanigans with him in the future^^

As of now, however, all topics featuring the two characters (excluding their Bios and introductions) are null and void. I will be either reworking their destiny soon or poofing them in the following months (yes months, I don't expect I can be very available for a while)

So there you go!! some updates on me and my life and my characters! Hope no one was too worried (despite me being literally the least popular person tm) and I am happy to say I am able to speak with Solstice Equinox off-site still and we are doing well. If that was something you were interested in at all XD

In case I don't see ya; good morning, good evening, and good night.

[20:13:19] Orion : yes
[20:13:23] Orion : i was saying that
[20:13:40] Orion : >.> who do you
[20:13:43] Orion : <.<
[20:13:47] Orion : >.> who
[20:13:56] Orion : <.>
[20:13:59] Orion : oh god

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I ship Kyhruu
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