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Smoke, the invisible NightWing

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Smoke, the invisible NightWing

Post by Chrocey on Sun Dec 04, 2016 10:17 pm

Personal Info
Name: Smoke
Alias: Some refer to her as Ghost
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual  
Personality: Smoke is very quiet. The expression on her face makes her look like she doesn’t know what she’s doing most of the time. This makes her considerably creepy whenever she’s fighting, especially when she suffocates other dragons with excessive amounts of smoke.  In reality, the dragoness knows exactly what she’s doing most of the time.

Whenever someone engages her in conversation, she tends to act as though she were guilty of something. Because of many others ignoring her during her upbringing, she doesn’t quite understand the basics of social interaction.

General Appearance
Height: 80 feet
Scales: Gray scales, light gray underbelly. Her horns are a darker shade of gray than her scales.
Eyes: Light blue
Appearance: Smoke does not possess any jewelry, one reason being that nobody has given her any.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: NightWing
Species: Pute breed
Rank: Citizen
Family: Adopted daughter of Mooneyes and Libra
Mate: None
Hatchlings: None

Skills and Abilities
Special Abilities: She’s unable to breathe fire, however she’s able to summon large plumes of smoke from her mouth and nostrils. So much so that she can cover a 150 foot radius in a haze after only a  couple of of minutes. This makes it hard to see her scales, which blend in well with the smoke.
Combat Style: Smoke can disappear into a haze of...well, smoke. While hiding from her enemy, she continues to make the smoke thick enough to where her target can barely breathe. This continues until her attacker either flees or suffocates.  
Weaknesses: Talon to talon, she practically stands as much a chance as paper. She’s very weak, and her speed isn’t all that impressive either. She tends to have a poor reaction time, and even when she does strike someone, it rarely hurts them.
Strengths: Due to her lanky physique, she tends to move in such a graceful way that she stays unnoticeable. Even her steps are muted, rendering her inaudible.

History: When Smoke’s parents had her, they immediately discovered exactly how odd she was compared to her brothers and sisters. Along with her birth defect, they opted out of raising her by abandoning her in another town without any direction on how to get back home. Two NightWings, Mooneyes and Libra, found her and gladly took her in. After a while, though, they too found her mannerisms to be rather...abnormal. The very moment she was old enough to be on her own, the two of them pushed her out of the house and told her of another town where she may fair better.

The only thing special about that town was that it wasn’t the same town that they lived in. Smoke guessed that they would be much more comfortable knowing they would never have to deal with her again.

RP Sample: Crisp squeezed harder, rage filling her bloodshot eyes whilst glaring at the gray dragon in her grasp. “You honestly thought that your little smoke trick would work on me? What kind of fool forgets that a dragon’s wings could simply blow away your little haze?”

Smoke’s eyes were wide and she struggled against the FireWing’s firm grip. The blue-eyed dragoness coughed and sputtered small puffs of smoke, her eyes wide as the talon constricting her neck stopped her from breathing.

“Come on, weakling. Fight back! If you don’t, then you’re gonna die!” Crisp kept her hold on the NightWing, her lips curled into a malicious grin.

Smoke tried to fight. Her front talons clawed and smacked against the other dragoness’. She was desperate for air, so much so that her face was starting to turn a shade of blue.

“Pah. Pathetic,” said the FireWing before releasing the other dragoness. “You’re not even worth the effort of killing. I really hope the other NightWings aren’t as bad as you.”

Smoke collapsed on the ground, clasping her neck and breathing frantically. She coughed and sputtered, more smoke escaping her mouth and nostrils. She looked up in terror, watching the FireWing walk away. Part of her feared that the aggressive dragoness would change her mind and come back to finish the job.

Much to her relief, it would appear that the bully had given up.

“Good…” Smoke said under her breath. At the moment, she felt slightly unraveled. A yarn ball that’s threads were loosened and messy. For a brief period of time she had to straighten out. Fix her loose ends and make herself presentable.

No. ‘Presentable’ wasn’t the correct term. She never presented anything. Just another face in the crowd. Another samaritan trying to live in a world gone mad, wrapping herself in all the simple pleasures as though they were a security blanket.

Of course, the pleasure was never actually hers. It wasn’t what she wanted. She didn’t seek to win fights. She didn’t strive to prove she was better than anyone, and not just because she wasn’t.

Smoke didn’t paint, didn’t craft or write poetry. Her only form of expression, at least, the only form anyone ever saw, was watching. Looking at others as they did everyday tasks. The business owner opening his market and shouting out his variety of wares to the crowd. The father who had brought his dragonet out to look at the armor and weaponry in the local forge. The dragoness who so desperately pleaded for others to donate treasure to her.

To Smoke, the rest of the world might as well have been an ant farm. There for her observation and amusement. Not for her to actually participate in.

With a sharp inhale, the NightWing dragoness collected her thoughts and looked at her surroundings. “Tess? Are you still here?”

As if to respond to her query, a snake slithered out from beneath a bush casually in her direction.

“Ah, there you are.” The gray dragoness extended her talon and allowed the serpent to climb its way up her foreleg and onto her back, draping itself around the back of her neck while looking around curiously. “I’m glad you’re okay-”

Smoke’s voice creaked and she proceeded to cough out another puff of gray. This was followed by taking in a deep breath and holding her head high.

Without another word, the quiet dragoness started to walk. Moving a different direction than the one that the FireWing had taken.

Last edited by Chrocey on Mon Dec 05, 2016 12:16 pm; edited 1 time in total


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FireWing Trainee

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Re: Smoke, the invisible NightWing

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Mon Dec 05, 2016 8:29 am

Well, the only thing you need to do is move your weaknesses and strengths down to the Skills and Abilities section of the app. Also, exactly how big is the radius her smoke can cover? Just saying a small radius doesn't give much information.
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
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Grand Champion Y1 Earthwing King

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Re: Smoke, the invisible NightWing

Post by Chrocey on Mon Dec 05, 2016 12:18 pm

Alright, made suggested changes. Also, might wanna check the Site Rules page, as the character application code provided there actually has Strengths and Weaknesses underneath Personal Info Wink


SmokeSilver Snow
FireWing Trainee
FireWing Trainee

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Re: Smoke, the invisible NightWing

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Mon Dec 05, 2016 12:33 pm

Don't know why. Should be under Skills and Abilities.
Anyway, 1/2 approved.
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
Grand Champion Y1 Earthwing King
Grand Champion Y1 Earthwing King

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Re: Smoke, the invisible NightWing

Post by Baldirak on Tue Dec 06, 2016 12:14 am

It was relocated to be under personal info as peeps were confusing the strengths and weaknesses of their character with that of their specific abilities. The strengths and weaknesses of a character make a bigger difference in the character of the character than the combat side of things do.

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