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Tsidia, the mind player

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Tsidia, the mind player Empty Tsidia, the mind player

Post by Tsidia, the mind player on Fri Nov 04, 2016 11:40 am

Tsidia, the mind player Sunrise_by_neytirix-d94wsfu
Personal Info
Name: Tsidia
Alias: awoken
Age: 25
Gender: female
Sexuality: bisexual
Personality: I like freedom. I make friends easily and trust them expecting equal. I'm painfully honest, and don't tolerate lies. I'm playful and get bored quickly. I don't mind sudden temperature drops like jumping into cold water. I never take anything except others of my kind seriously. I always go with the flow. I never take the easy way out, and like to look for alternative solutions. I highly prefer direct mind contact exchanging thoughts and feelings over casual voice-like speaking, but I understand if it makes you feel uncomfortable. I try to avoid using force, but I won't hesitate to fight back if anyone dares to attack me.
- Water
- Flying
- Psychology
- Open space
- Wind
- Meeting others (friendly people included)
- Sleeping in different places and positions.
- High speed
- Group hunting

- Wasting time
- Dishonesty
- Losing motion
- Dull conversations

- death
- prolonged isolation
- claustrophobia

General Appearance:
Height: 15 ft.
Scales:]light purple scales dominate the body getting darker around the neck and claws. The darker scales connect, creating patterns.
Eyes: Very light purple, nearly white. Get darker when feeling hard, and dark blue when communicating directly thoughts exchange.
Appearance: Quite small for a dragon. Light purple scales and very thin wings. I have a streaky horn at the back of my head facing opposite to the face. Scale patterns and a long tail. I'm left-handed, and there's a bright mark at my left hand. I have sharp predacious claws that I always keep perfectly clean and razor sharp. You can usually see a smile on my face.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: SkyWing
Inheritance: SkyWing crossed with NightWing
Rank: Trainee looking for a magic mentor.
Family: Unknown
Mate: N/A for now (working on that)
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
-Can sometimes convince the enemy to stop the assault.
-hybrid between physical and mental attacks
-quickly learns and adapts to the enemy.

Special Abilities:
Mind-blowing gas: fires up dense gas at the enemy. Puts everyone in it's radius into a half-conscious state of mind which opens loopholes increasing the chance of bypassing mental barriers.
Betrayal: back stab that can only be used from the back and only when target does not expect it.
Illusion: Makes an illusion of yourself which can be controlled. However when the target doubts the existence of it, it disappears. Only one clone can be present at the time.
Combo breaker: Attempt to break enemy combo attack. Low success rate.
Bleed out: A passive finisher. Landing a successful hit makes the enemy bleed causing them to loss blood taking damage over time. The longer the duration the more dangerous it gets. Very effective against water element and nearly useless against earth element.
Wind combo: Can only be used while target is crowd controlled (stuns, knock-ups etc). Series of wind-based attacks each aiming different body part. This move uses up a lot of energy
Wind stance:Unable to move or attack while in stance. Preparing for enemy attack in attempt to counter attack, stunning the enemy. Requires high focus, so losing it breaks the stance.

Weaknesses: Fragile. Both physically and mentally. While able to dodge most of the projectiles just a few precise blow can take me down.
Combat Style: Hides in the back tricking the opponent with illusions while constantly trying to gather information about enemy mind, trying to understand their way of thinking, predicting their movements and lowering their mental resistances. At close range tries only to counter-attack retreating to safe distance when possible

Once I was a human. As a child I loved stories dragons and everything related to them. There was so much I wanted to tell them, so much to do with them, but... they weren't here. And if they're not here then... where are they? I was told that they don't exist. This couldn't be true. Deep in my hearth I knew it. I just had to search for long enough. If they lied that they exist, than why wouldn't they lie that they don't? Whenever I shared this feeling with someone they just laughed at me. So I kept my passion deep inside, where no one could hurt me.  I started to grow up. I met a lot of people. At age of 13 I met my best friend. Someone that I could trust. Someone that I could always talk to. Someone that knew more about me than I did. He was the only one that understood me. After many years I finally convinced myself to tell him about something buried deep down in my hearth. I told him about my passion. I felt something strange. I felt... change. He rejected me. And his every word hit me harder trying to break my hearth. Pain. I left. Went home. Layed down. I've lost the only person I could trust. I wanted to stop. Throw everything away and waste my life doing what everyone else does, but something stopped me. I felt a presence. Calm connection sweeping into my mind. I was afraid, but why? I had nothing to lose. Not like I had much in the first place. I let it free. Inspecting my mind, reading my thoughts, feeling my emotions. I felt compassion slowly filling my mind, pushing the pain away. And after hours I was reborn. I remembered. I had a goal. And I had to keep looking. I moved around trying to understand. The further I went, the weaker the connection was. Day after day I came back and it was always there, patiently waiting for me. I spoke to it, not really caring if it understands. Only the fact of conversation mattered. I never understood it existence, but it was something that pushed me forward. Day after day the distance I had to cross to reach it expanded. Feet, by feet. In school I learned about laws that bind our world together. They were so... unnatural. You can't limit the existence to some simple statements.  There was so much yet to explore. So much more to know. Our laws get proven false everyday, and filled with anothers. How can we deny other worlds not even knowing which direction will the wind howl? I studied well. Time passed, as our strange connection grew. It became stronger and more present. I could feel it all around the whole city. I always wondered why? What is it? What does it want? Why me? I shared my life with it. My hopes and feelings. We became... friends? It never replied, but I somehow knew what it feels. It worked like a therapy.  I always preferred being alone, since no one could understand me, and I was never truly isolated. And so my connection with other people lowered as the presence grew. It became part of me. And I learned. About useful and useless things. About science and nature. Religions and magic. I had to learn. I had to know. I had to keep looking. At the age of 16 I was already finishing my physics study. And the day I finished them. something terrible happened. This day my parents died in a car accident. I walked up to the crashed car and all the flames. I realized how isolated I become. I fell to my knees. I realised how little I knew about them. I never really spent time with them. Never spoked with them. Never even get to know them. I saw their cold faces staring pointlessly at me. A fight inside me broke out. I wanted to throw it all away. To destroy everything I achieved. To erase everything that led to this moment... but I refused. Back in the day of my friends betrayal I've made a choice. It's too late to go back now. I have a destiny. I have to keep going. I left the sad story, the pain, the fails, false friends and family. I left it all behind. I began my life with nothing, but my hands, laptop, and knowledge. I slowly built my life. Went to different jobs, met a lot of people, learned to manipulate them, and use it get money. I now had knowledge, and money. All i needed to start my great adventure. I started research about different things and their aspects. I discovered that most of the generally accepted facts are false. I never published any of my research. I knew how people who share something they shouldn't  end. I created my own tools, and experimented with them. I was sitting in my room thinking about how 2 different intelligent spices would get to communicate with each other. And then it hit me. In my mind I formed an image of a tree and spread it out in all directions along with the word “tree”. After a few seconds I got replied with silent satisfaction. Whatever it is, it needs me for something. And I'm willing to help it. Time passed, and my research continued. More flaws and misconceptions that I had to correct. How could people be so stupid to make so many mistakes about so simple things?
After 15 years of hard work I've achieved it all. It was time to leave this cruel world and meet my destiny.
I was standing in front of a giant machine. Giant circle empty inside, in front of me. It's time. Power supply started draining endless amounts of energy. Dark gas flew between the chambers getting increasingly hotter. The moment it turned into plasma it was transmitted to enormous room. Gravitational field kept it in the air, as It accelerated. After reaching nearly the speed of light it shoot into a construction forming a gateway. A bright light flashed. It emitted unbelievable amounts of energy. I got close. I felt disintegration reaching out for me. A step into the void, and it will be all over. If anything fails, I'll get disintegrated in an instant, but I had to risk it all. I took a deep breath and a tiny step into the light. It began. My whole body splited into single quantums. My consciusness spread across the universe. I could feel it all. Every grain of sand at every desert in the whole universe. I pushed my thoughts to location. “It's your time to shine!”, I said and awaited a response. “...”.
“... please help me”. I was about to give up. To let the void consume me, but at the last second I heard a voice. “In truth you was born, and the truth you will serve. The answer you need is in your own head”. I searched for any place that could be “it”. I recalled my life looking for the right spot. Betrayal, death, isolation, passion, presence. Presence. Now I know. I know what I have to do. in my head focused my whole existence into that point. Slowly my body was forming back. I focused entirely on the connection. Analysed it's location. Where does it come from? “Follow the light” I heard. I looked around the abyss. I saw a glowing point and moved my attention to it. I called for motion. Slowly the point got bigger approaching me. I felt the single quantums of my body sticking together forging my body back, slowly becoming whole again. I opened my eyes, to see the light around me. Unimaginable amounts of energy surrounded me. It formed some sort of an entrance, and threw me through it. I looked up. Clear sky above me in a strange world I just got into without any way back. I slowly got up, and looked around. Nature had really evolved here. But it didn't matter. There was something else. The presence connected to my mind. It forced me to walk. I followed it's dirrections. And at the top of a mountain I found her. My life, fate, destiny, unreachable dream. I saw her right in front of me. Her beautiful scales, majestic wings, wiggling tail, and playful smile on her face. I took an uncertain step.
- It's me. My name's Tsidia.
I took another step with relief and rejuvenation. And another with my hopes and dreams, and another one with me whole being and my soul. It couldn't be anything else. All those myths, legends, stories. She was here. All the time. She waited for me.
-  „I don't care about the people and the problems”. „I don't care about the physics and the laws”. I gazed into her light purple eyes looking at me patiently. I raised my hand, unaware of what happens next. „As long as you are by my side”. I touched her warm, light purple scales.
I could feel all her cares. All the worries and excitement. And the last, most important – love.  A bright symbol was shining on my hand. Happiness fulfilling me. In my head I hear her voice.
It's not safe here. We need to move. Then we can talk.
Where are we going?
There's no time. Come on I'll take us to my place.
She exposed her back, and layed down waiting for me.
I'm not sure if that's a good-
While you was having your sweet life seeking adventure I was worried sick! Do you know what they would do if they found out about us?! THEY WOULD KILL US. You own me this, and many more. So stop grumbling and get yourself on my back now!
I'm sorry I didn't mean to anger you. I just don't know what to do anymore.
Have you ever flown by a glider?
A few times.
It's kind of the same thing. If you release me, you die.
Ow thanks a lot.
You're welcome
She started running to the end of the hill. The abyss got closer.
Are you sure this is safe?
Not at all Razz
She said as she spread her majestic transparent wings, when the ground beneath her legs was no more. I grabbed the nearest spike coming out of her back, and hold it as it was my life. We got high, higher than clouds. I felt the cold air brushing against my face. She shacked a little to regain stability.
- Don't hold it that hard, you're hurting me!
I loosen my handle slightly.
How far is it?
Just a few hours.
We passed amazing landscape. This isn't possible as far as I know. Islands floating in the sky, rivers, falling into endless oceans and... cities? Did people built them? How could they get here, so many light years away? After time that felt like an eternity we landed in some sort of a cave. It was high inside the mountain. Unnatural, like if someone digged it. Am I... bleeding? Friction between me and scales must've tear all my skin off. Shaking I fell off her back, thanking god for a stable surface to lay on.
Are you ok?
I've lost most of my skin, I can't feel my arms, I'm tired and scared, and have a burning mark on my hand, so hell yeah, I'm fine.
I'm glad.
Can we?
It's time.
I raised my head. Our gaze met. She layed down next to me. Her body wrapped up around me. I felt warmth emitting from her. I leaned against her stomach and felt her tail tightening around my legs. The pressure faded away, as our minds experienced each other. I closed my eyes. I felt so safe. Without any worries, hugging a dragoness in the middle of the universe. Now that we were together we could finally be free. And in this freedom there was so much to say, so much to do.
Who are you? Who am I? How are we communicating? How could you reach me from so far away? What are we going to now? Why me?
Not all at once! My name's Tsidia. I'm an air dragon and I live here. You're a human obviously. The thing on your hand is called “gedwey ignasia”. It's there to manifest our bond. We are communicating via direct mind contact. When I first met you, you was alone. So scared. Full of unrealistic love and passion, that had to be taken away from you. I couldn't them allow to do that. I gave you hope and you figured out the rest. At first I thought that you were like the others. That I will heal you and leave you like many others, but you was different. You was inspired. Resistant to everything they say. You didn't let them kill you, and make you believe all the lies they created. You seeked the truth, and risked everything for it. Throughout your task I started developing these strange emotions. I couldn't understand them, but now I know. Whatever happens, as long as you're here I can keep going. I promised to never let you down. And when you cried, I did with you. I've choosen you. That's probably way to much for you to process right now.
Because of all this waiting for you I haven't eaten anything yet today, and I'm starving. I'm going to get myself a dinner. Will you survive an hour without me?
I don't think so.
Great. I'll be back in no time!
No wait!
But she was already gone. I felt the presence slowly drifting away, back into it's passive form. Her feelings slowly faded away, as the distance between us increased. She was getting smaller, until completely disappearing in clouds. I felt so empty without her. She was the missing part of my soul. Well, it looks like I'm going to spend a lot of time here, so I might as well take a look at how big is this place.
I started walking around. It was some sort of a tunnel system, with every room having a different function. From the inside it gave the impression of being even bigger. It had many passageways, emblazed with complex patterns. Every passageway ended with some sort of a room. A room with bones and burned ground, maybe some sort of a kitchen? A room where patterns pieced together creating clever paintings, perhaps an art room? And so on. I was wandering through, the system, getting increasingly stunned, but also memorizing basic patterns that, the tunnel net used. The pieces of what happened today found their place in my head. Finally after what could be days, or just minutes I found the end. Cave ended at the other side of the mountain, creating a back entrance. It had a spectacular view. Time had no meaning in here. At one side, a giant wall. Buildings, cars, people travelling here and there, my whole life up to now. Closer, behind the walls, a big meadow, like in fairy tales, with flowers, and butterflies. At left, a giant forest, at right a river, falling into gorgeous waterfall, forming a lake. Water was reflecting sunlight, illuminating healing fluid. I was free. From the world. From the hate, greed, anger, depression; corrupted, and stupid people. What now? I heard footsteps behind me, but I was too fascinated to look back. I knew It was her. I sat down. Words had no meaning so we remain silent. I felt her purple scales entwining around me. The sun was going down, dazzling our eyes with light orange light. „If this is how the world looks like, I want to be a part of it”. Stars slowly invaded the space, as dreams slowly covered our heads. And that's how the day ended. When I woke up she was already gone. Was it all just a dream? Unreal story, that nobody believed? I don't care, for me it happened and that's enough. I wonder if anyone notices that I'm gone. „Oh there you are! I brought you my “deer” friend! but that's the last time I give you free food. You didn't eat anything for at least a day did you? She was right. I was deadly hungry. We moved to the provisional kitchen. I lit up the fire.  After a minute, the deer was already ready. It tasted odd, but tasty, none the less. We layed down, and enjoyed our meal.
Please, tell me a story.
What kind of story?
A story about this place. I see people here, and I don't understand how they got here. I see cities and giant line between them and the rest of the place.
Are you sure? It will be a huge shock for you.
I don't want to live in a world of lies anymore.
Alright. As you wish, but it will be a sad story. "For as long as one could remember, dragons reigned over the world
 of Pyrria. Thanks to their Great God, the almighty Shardas, they prospered and ruled the lands, seas and skies. They lived as seas became mountains, and mountains became seas. They lived as species appeared and went extinct. They lived as another sentient specie slowly appeared. Humans. These intriguing mammals learned extremely fast and showed signs of a great intelligence. Dragons gave them fire, and they figured the rest out.

Generations over generations, dragons watched as humans progressed and invented clever mechanisms. Once the humans got smart enough, the two species worked hand in paw. The dragons, masters of magic and physical strength, shared their knowledge with the humans, masters of machinery and cunning. Thanks to this combined knowledge, both species made impressive progress in a lot of fields. These were the golden times of friendship, knowledge and life.

But alas this era wasn't eternal. One day, Shardas the Great God decided to end his life. Dragons and humans alike mourned his death... But not for long. Along with their leader, the dragons had lost their most powerful protector. It took only a few generations for vanity to take its toll. The humans stopped worshiping the deceased Great God, and instead worshiped their own false God. Soon enough, they claimed the mighty dragons were not worthy of living alongside the humans. And thus the Great War started. Deprived of their greatest power, dragons were of no match against the humans. By their sheer number and their deadly use of ballistas, the humans quickly got the upper hand in the fight. The powerful beasts got slaughtered by their former allies. Retreating farther and farther, they found themselves having less and less territory, and less and less members. Holding only a few pieces of land scattered among Pyrria, dragons were on the brink of extinction. These were the dark times of hate, despair and death.

At their darkest hour, when most of them had lost faith in life and hope, a miracle happened. Generations after his death, Shardas's last gift bestowed on the dragons. Some of them gained a part of Shardas's powers and became Gods. Some gained a smaller piece of his powers, becoming semi-gods. But the most important was that these powers became their salvation. Little by little, these dragons rallied the others under them. Little by little, they instilled hope in the hearts of dragons. After bitter fights, the dragons managed to secure territories for themselves to live in. The humans, understanding something had changed, stopped the general offensive. The dragons had done it. The conflict slowed down, the humans being unable to push any further.
Generations passed. Life resumed once again. Dragons grew again and formed Tribes to get stronger. With the help of their semi-gods, the Tribes could secure their territories against the humans. While the gods together had the power to annihilate the humans, they chose not to do so. The pressure remained, the dragons all too aware of what would happen if they underestimated the human threat. These were the present times of wonder, recovering.... and hope"
Wow... .Now I understand. I'm sorry. I didn't know about all of this.
It's not your fault. You couldn't know. I would take you to them, but you're not ready. Soon you'll start experiencing some changes. You will know when they come. When you trully feel that you are ready, just say, alright? Then we can go, and you know... meet them.
Ok. So... what now?
Now, would you care for a ride?
Years passed, as the changes progressed. My ears spiced up. My wounds healed much faster. Voice got deeper, and I got taller. I learned faster, and reacted quicer. I controlled my emotions better. All of my senses honed. And MUCH more. Every day I told her something about humans. And she always told me something about dragons. After years, that seemed like days we both knew everything about each other, and our races. We enjoyed every moment of being with each other. We were flying together, hunting together, sleeping together. We never left our second selfs alone. And one final day, we felt like we are one. We were the same being with seperate bodies. I felt the sudden determination. It was time.
Hey Tsidia!
I'm ready.
Finally. I waited so long for this moment. It's just a couple of hours away, we can just walk there.
On our way we noticed something wrong. A strange smell. The forest. It was burning. A blazing inferno consumed everything in it's path. We saw them. Humans. They were here. And they were up to no good. Then it happened so fast. There was no time to think, no time to run. I forced Tsidia to run away even though she refused. They had projectile-based weapons. They took their aim. There was only one way to stop the bullets. It was my time, my moment. She refused to escape, but I was stronger. I was so afraid. All of us are gonna die one day... but I'm gonna die today.  A loud bang. I'm bleeding. Everything got dark and red. My breath got lighter. I heard her cry. I wanted to scream, to run away. There was so much I missed, so much to live for. But she was my everything, and I had to protect her at all cost. I shouted. „You can take my body. You can take everything I invented and built. You can take my family, and friends. You can take my hearth. But you will never have my soul! The stars were shining bright. For the last time, I felt the warmth of her hearth, as I knew she was safe. And the last thing I saw, was her happy, loving smile. "One day... we... will be... free "I'll be waiting”, I heard as she understood. „Farewell my friend”.
Tsidia, the mind player Red_and_blue_heart_by_sakuraalexia-d5fb90a
RP Sample: It was a beautiful day. Sun was shining, wind was howling, sky was clear. The air was fresh and it smelled so. We were casually walking through the forest when a dark shadow fell upon us. Nothing in range could be it's source so it couldn't be „just a tree”. Something is wrong here.
- What's that?

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Tsidia, the mind player
Tsidia, the mind player
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SkyWing Trainee

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Tsidia, the mind player Empty Re: Tsidia, the mind player

Post by Tezz on Fri Nov 04, 2016 12:46 pm

Hey there! Very detailed background, quite nice. There are a few things that need editing in your app though, so let's get right to it!

First of all your character is below the minimum height for a skywing, and they're tiny dragons as it is.

Second of all, mind control is not an ability we allow on the site, due to it creating an unwelcoming roleplay environment. We enjoy when characters meaningfully interact with each other, and that sort of ability removes one side of the equation. So please change the 'take over' special ability.

Thirdly, your 'wind combo' refers to a 'wind slash' that is nowhere on your app.

Fourth of all, we use human year equivalents for apps, so at the age of 50 your character would be well beyond the threshold of a trainee.

Bump when edited Smile

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Tsidia, the mind player Empty bump

Post by Tsidia, the mind player on Mon Nov 07, 2016 6:48 am

Tsidia, the mind player
Tsidia, the mind player
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SkyWing Trainee

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Tsidia, the mind player Empty Re: Tsidia, the mind player

Post by Astral on Sun Nov 20, 2016 4:49 am

"Combo breaker: Breaks the enemy non-ultimate attack. Can be used once in a battle."
We can't have an instant guarantee dodge.

"Wind slash: A very quick counter-attack. Requires preparation to be successful, but if the enemy attacks while in stance the attack will miss and target will get stunned, becoming vulnerable to Wind slash. "

Again no instant success.

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Goddess of the Moon and Stars

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Tsidia, the mind player Empty Bump

Post by Tsidia, the mind player on Sun Nov 20, 2016 7:00 am

Should be perfect now.
Tsidia, the mind player
Tsidia, the mind player
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SkyWing Trainee

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Tsidia, the mind player Empty Re: Tsidia, the mind player

Post by Astral on Sun Nov 20, 2016 1:27 pm

Goddess of the Moon and Stars
Goddess of the Moon and Stars

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Tsidia, the mind player Empty Re: Tsidia, the mind player

Post by Baldirak Che'le on Mon Dec 05, 2016 11:25 am

Out for edits
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Baldirak Che'le
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Tsidia, the mind player Empty Bump

Post by Tsidia, the mind player on Tue Dec 06, 2016 4:48 am

Edit completed

Freedom is a state of mind
Tsidia, the mind player
Tsidia, the mind player
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SkyWing Trainee

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Tsidia, the mind player Empty Re: Tsidia, the mind player

Post by Baldirak Che'le on Tue Dec 06, 2016 7:47 am

Baldirak Che'le
Baldirak Che'le
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Grand Champion Y1 Earthwing King

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