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Psychi, The One Who Criticizes Everything (yes, I mean everything)

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Psychi, The One Who Criticizes Everything (yes, I mean everything)

Post by Xyrik Dax on Fri Oct 28, 2016 7:06 pm

Personal Info
Name: Psychi (pronounced sigh-key)
Alias: Psy, Psyche
Age: 26 years
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual (is often mistaked for bi/homosexual)
Personality: Psychi is a dragon who is obsessed with fashion and appearance (yes, I know dragons can't wear clothes... He means jewelry!) and just has to critique any adornment on any dragon he comes across. He is a very candid male who has a high ego which can sometimes come across as annoying and maybe even a little narcisstic. He is very straightforward in his opinions without intention of hurting the feelings of others, but if this occurs he will frantically apologize and try to make it up to the dragon he had hurt. But of course, not all of his opinions are bad. He often compliments the jewelry and accessories a dragon may be wearing, regardless whether he knows them or not. Psychi is a lover, not a fighter. He is not wholly pacifist, but he upholds the truth that not everything has to be solved in war or fighting. In some situations this is not the case, and he solemnly accepts it.

That being said, Psychi can be serious if he must. He is actually really smart... Much smarter than he looks. He'd make an excellent war strategist, if that was available in the FireWings. Psychi believes that he is really cool, as he says things like "Yes, you're welcome... I know I'm the greatest!" when he's thanked. He tells things similar to this to dragons he admires or is friends with, like "You're amazing" or "You're the best!". If he knows the dragon really well and if they can spare joking, he may add, ". . . I think I win though"(and often ends it with a wink) just to be funny, although he never really means it. It can come across as rude at times. He actually sees all dragons as equals, throughout the many Tribes... Except gods and goddesses of course. Psychi worships the goddess Astral.
~The color blue
~Battle plans
~Having friends
~Nemesis (he views her as a younger sister despite her being older and feels as if he has to take care of her)
~Infernoclaw (she is his sister's friend, and though he admires this Trainee, he thinks he has to keep an eye on her to prevent her from running into trouble)
~Dragons who don't care about what they wear
~Being in water
~Just 'winging' it
~Having enemies
~Emberwood (NPC, played by Chrocey)
~Kereina (NPC, soon to be played by myself)
~Dragons who think they're the boss just because they're older
~Getting venom in his bloodflow

General Appearance
Height: 63 feet
Scales: Grey/silver
Eyes: Blue. Glowing lilac at night.
Appearance: Psychi is a lean dragon with shiny silver scales. He has a frill going all the way from the back of his head to his tail. There are silver horns on his cheeks that kind of look like wood. He has a pointed snout and seemingly sharp teeth. His wings are large and his tail is long, narrowing down to be whip-thin in size. He has a sky-blue tongue, which is a little weird.

At night, Psychi's underbelly, wings, throat, and mouth glow light purple. He's pretty much a walking and talking night light. This power has no affect on special abilities and does not make him stronger.

He has a variety of jewelry for him to wear. He never has on the same thing; every day it seems like something new.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: FireWings
Inheritance: FireWing/NightWing hybrid
Rank: Citizen
Family: Nemesis (older sister; same father, different mothers)
Mate: Looking for one
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
~Looking at jewelry and determining what looks right and what looks wrong with a specific shade of scales or other accessories
~Flying, as he is skilled at doing stunts and flips
Special Abilities:
Fire Breath: Psychi can breathe fire, shooting out to 20 ft. at the most. His fire isn't as hot as the other FireWings, due to his NightWing heritage.
Melting Into The Shadows(sort of): Shadows are scarce in the FireWing lands, which make Psychi's power nearly useless. But, if he's in danger and darkness is near, he can delve into the shade and allow the shadows cover him(taking 10 seconds to do so). However, this doesn't always work. This power is for dragons with dark scales. Psychi's pelt shines like stars. So he is not always fully invisible in the shadows, but is hidden a good bit.
Fighting: Psychi is a strategist. Not a fighter. If presented with battle, he will most likely-- no, always --flee. But if he's caught he will receive a good beating or a nice entree of death since his strikes barely do harm and he doesn't want to bite because bacteria.
~Examining his surroundings. If someone was crouched down, waiting to strike, Psychi won't be able to tell unless, duh, hot pink scales or something.
~Speed. Psychi never was the fastest and doesn't like running. Instead, he gallops, and even then he's kind of slow and easy to catch up with.
Combat Style: Reference to Abraham Lincoln. If Psychi had an hour to solve a problem he would spend 50 minutes thinking about it then 10 minutes thinking of a solution.

History: Nah.
RP Sample: Rylatha.
Xyrik Dax
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Re: Psychi, The One Who Criticizes Everything (yes, I mean everything)

Post by Artemise on Fri Oct 28, 2016 8:35 pm

Nice app ^^

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Re: Psychi, The One Who Criticizes Everything (yes, I mean everything)

Post by Sly on Fri Oct 28, 2016 9:00 pm


Sly's theme. Enjoy!

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