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San, EarthWing Elder

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San, EarthWing Elder

Post by San on Sun Oct 16, 2016 1:28 pm

Personal Info
Name: San
Alias: None
Age: 81 years
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: San is a friendly dragon that enjoys gardening, plants, and tea. Since he is a very old dragon, he has become laidback and maybe even a little lazy. He is a peacemaker and believes in solitude for all of Pyyria, though he knows that isn't possible. He is very friendly and social, as he goes out of his den everyday to chat with EarthWings, hoping to meet a new friend. If ever encountered or challenged, he always employs mercy on his opponent, since he is softhearted. San used to be a fighter, really. He always went around, picking fights on those who seemed like a challenge... He would always lose though. Even though the first years of his career was as a Guardian, San was never built for fighting. Sure, he was strong and had a tough exterior, but he found his true skills in alchemy and magic. So he became a Scholar instead. Through his training, San learned to be patient, merciful, and compassionate. As this EarthWing learned more and more about magic and plants, his curiosity and thirst for knowledge grew. He left the Tribe for 50 years... Putting his daughter and mate aside just to learn.
~Plants, gardening
~All that he has missed from being away from the Tribe
~Other Scholars
~Killing for no reason
~Staying crammed inside for a long time
~Know-it-all dragons
~Being old
Fear of choking
Fear of becoming blind

General Appearance
Height: 138 ft.
Scales: Brass
Eyes: Amber
Appearance: San is a lean dragon with a plated golden underbelly. He has long wings with iredescent flying membranes going all the way down to his tail, all of it attached to his body. The membranes are reddish pink, somtimes glistening aqua, green, blue, or grey. He has webbing going down his neck as well that is also like his wings.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: EarthWings
Inheritance: Purebreed
Rank: Wise One
Family: Deceased parents. Daughter is Rylatha, stepson (?) is Baldirak Sapiens Draco. His grandchildren are Vilkas and Evaleen.
Mate: Formerly Jolecia, assumingly deceased
Hatchlings: Rylatha

Skills and Abilities
~Has a green thumb
~Good at making tea
Special Abilities: All of San's special abilities faded away with age, but he used to be a wizard.
~Fighting, since San was never good at that
~The dark. San can't see here, and often stumbles around.
~Frail bones. San is old, so his bones can be broken easily.
Combat Style: None

History: San was once a very loyal EarthWing Scholar until he left his mate Jolecia and his daughter Rylatha (who was still in the egg) to go learn things in the rogue lands. He just returned recently, and now resides in the Wise Ones.
RP Sample: Rylatha. I know this bio is bad, I just rushed x3
EarthWing Wise One
EarthWing Wise One

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Re: San, EarthWing Elder

Post by Sly on Sun Oct 16, 2016 1:57 pm


Sly's theme. Enjoy!

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NightWing Healer

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Re: San, EarthWing Elder

Post by Arkhor on Sun Oct 16, 2016 5:07 pm



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God of Life and Seas

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