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From the Earth (Open)

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From the Earth (Open) Empty From the Earth (Open)

Post by Rii Rii on Sat Oct 15, 2016 7:18 pm

(All Rii babeh's from her first clutch should only be like at least 6 months old, so that's Prasi, Umbra, and Khusavir. Rhune feel free to pop in and see your hatched baby Mettatron Very Happy )

It was late afternoon and the tunnels of the haven were warm and moist while the earthwings filed through them. Daily life went on for everyone but a long snake-like she dragon huddled in her den. Rii was coiled quietly over her egg and the other children. Since she was restricted to the den incubating an egg the blue woman figured that she probably wouldn't need to bother the caretakers in the nursery by dropping her children off there. Mairii was up in a high spot away from the children. Rii had dug out an alcove in the rock near the ciealing of her den so that only she or other adults could reach Mairii's skull. The big play pit where the hatchlings were allowed to romp was easily about 15 feet deep with smooth walls. It had nice earthen railing to keep them from falling in too. Once hatchlings were dropped down into it only those who were old enough to fly or were large enough to jump out of the pit could get out. Currently none of her children were large enough to get out on their own without her help. A large water dish was at the bottom of the pit as well as some pre-cut pieces of dried meat courtesy of Rii's sharp claws and teeth. All of the wooden toys and statures she had made for Au back when it was just him and Rii were now shared by all of the children. Though Rii would have to carve another piece of wood into the shape of the reptilian Pyrrhus once more since the old statue had quite a few gnaw marks from Au denting its wooden surface. A large wooden ball was sitting still in the corner while Rii watched over the little ones in the pit. Though Rii was tempted to put her little wooden stairs into the pit so the children could go in and out of the pit whenever they wanted.

Taking a sturdy piece of wood out Rii began to carve from its surface chipping off pieces of wood in order to shape it like a lion. She was very aware of the egg beneath her as well as its warmth. The blue dragon was sure that it would hatch soon since it had gone about the same amount of time that her first clutch went before hatching. Now it was just a waiting game.

Rii's physical description here

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Rii Rii
Rii Rii

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From the Earth (Open) Empty Re: From the Earth (Open)

Post by Rylatha on Sun Oct 16, 2016 9:20 am

((I'll post as Rylatha for now and as this topic progresses I will get Metta to hatch 030 Plus sorry for crappy post, my grandma is cooking lunch and I'm distracted by food >-> )

Rylatha had heard that Rii's darling baby was to hatch any time now, and she was really excited. She even felt a little jealous because her own children were Trainees now. Ry had even begun considering taking the role of Caretaker to care for babies, but she knew that it just wasn't the same as tending to her own children. Rylatha missed those days, where Vilkas, Evaleen, and Amadeus could barely peep, and needed help to toddle about.

Ry's eagle aided her to Rii's den, but before she entered she bid the great bird farewell. She knew of the semigod's distaste towards predators who flew (besides dragons, of course), and since Rii would have a new baby soon, she would be really protective of that egg... Ry wouldn't want the mother to feel like her child was threatened. "Hello, Rii." Rylatha spoke from the outside of the den. "May I come in? I would like to see how you and your darling child is doing!"

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From the Earth (Open) Empty Re: From the Earth (Open)

Post by Hyruu on Mon Oct 17, 2016 12:38 am

Rhune mused to himself as he headed through the Earthwing galleries, a bag hanging from his maw. The green male had tried his best to support Rii since it had been known that egg was his, bringing her whatever she needed. And to begin that day what better than a good breakfast?

It had been an utter surprise for him to learn that Rii was pregnant again, and from himself this time. It had taken quite long after that to understand why was that. Seemed like Rhune was about as clueless as Rii was when she first arrived among the Earthwings... Well who could blame a dragon that could barely talk?

Rhune arrived near the dragoness's den, spotting Rylatha at the entrance. Rhune had met the blind dragoness at one occasion or two, but not really more than that though. He started to feel nervous, like he was everytime he was near dragons that weren't Rii or children.
"Good morning Rii! And good morning Rylatha. Rii I brought you something to eat!" the green dragon widely smiled.
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