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Kip, The... Person? >->

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Kip, The... Person? >->  Empty Kip, The... Person? >->

Post by Kip on Mon Oct 10, 2016 10:01 am

Kip, The... Person? >->  White_dragon_by_sashawren-d8d401b
Personal Info
Name: Kip Shinpuru
Alias: You decide!
Age: 27 years
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: Kip is a very professional-capable, friendly, and relaxed dragon. She is a composed and collected individual who is modest and patient around people, making her very sociable. Additionally, she is tended to be quite formal. As a dragon who treats all equally, she can't stand people who enjoy participating in cruel acts, such as bullying. Kip also seems to be a quick thinker and helpful dragon. However, she has a habit of acting before thinking, and follows other dragons of higher ranking's lead before thinking it through herself. Kip is also a level-headed thinker in the arts of healing. Despite her impressive skill in this field, she knows her own limits and can make close-to-correct actions when facing a patient with a serious wound or sickness.

As an engaged dragon, Kip takes her studies and relationships very seriously. This makes her stubborn and a little emotionally sensitive. However, this makes her very loyal to her Tribe and friends. She often holds grudges against those who have hurt her or her friends, but will keep doing so until receiving a sincere apology from their part. She is willing to keep secrets and help friends in need, often without thinking through the consequences, no matter how awful their actions have been. Kip is also eager to take risks for the greater good, and was always concerned with herself of the ethics to make decisions.

For most of Kip's life, she has believed that she is destined to become a great and skilled healer, one that would help dragons no matter what, and is striving for this goal, in spite of what she may lose. Kip is selfless to a fault, as this trait of her personality has a tendency to harm her the most.
~~The arts of healing
~~Forests of many kinds, especially coniferous though
~~Hybrid dragons; she enjoys examining them and seeing what they may be capable of and how their abilities work
~~Basking in the sun
~~Playing and goofing around with hatchlings
~~Encouraging younger dragons
~~'Deadly' arts, such as assassination
~~Mountainous terrain; unknown why she doesn't care for these
~~Being flirted with
~~Being kept inside for a long time
~~Bullies; she will take it up with a trainee's mentor or hatchling's parent if she discovers them being mean to others
~~Eating meat. Kip is a vegan.
Dragons dying because her healing skills failed her

General Appearance
Height: 32 ft.
Scales: Pure white, a little cream in there as well
Eyes: Sky blue
Appearance: Kip is a very simple-looking dragon, but that doesn't mean she isn't beautiful. She has a lean and graceful body with a long tail meant to grab and curl around things. She has an elegantly shaped face and snout with no horns, but three ridges on each side of her cheeks that has a smooth greyish web between them. Her wings are large and feathered, with the end feathers being of a soft cream shade. Kip's underbelly is not plated or separated from her normal scales, but it is the same color as her wings: cream. Her paws don't have claws, which is odd, but looks a little like the hands of a human or ape. Her scales are very smooth, and they don't change colors like other LightWings. She actually doesn't appear to have scales.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: LightWings
Inheritance: Purebred LightWing
Rank: Healer
Family: Undetermined
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: Wants to have some babies booii

Skills and Abilities
~~Identifying plants, fruits, and veggies
Special Abilities: Perhaps oddly, Kip doesn't have any special abilities. Either that, or she hasn't discovered them yet.
~~Kip can't hunt or fight.
~~Can't stay warm in cold weather. Since her scales are weak and make a thin coat, she often can't stay in snow or sleet for more than an hour.
Combat Style: None

History: Nothing special.
RP Sample: Rylatha/Alistair

Kip, The... Person? >->  Z5d06fe7d34d71
Kip, The... Person? >->  Radian10

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Kip, The... Person? >->  Empty Re: Kip, The... Person? >->

Post by Kip on Mon Oct 10, 2016 10:21 am

Bump, ready

Kip, The... Person? >->  Z5d06fe7d34d71
Kip, The... Person? >->  Radian10

Female Posts : 116
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Kip, The... Person? >->  Empty Re: Kip, The... Person? >->

Post by Baldirak Che'le on Mon Oct 10, 2016 10:31 am

Alias: Kip Kat Bar
1/2 approved
Baldirak Che'le
Baldirak Che'le
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Grand Champion Y1 Earthwing King

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Kip, The... Person? >->  Empty Re: Kip, The... Person? >->

Post by Arkhor on Mon Oct 10, 2016 10:55 am

Approved 2/2

Kip, The... Person? >->  Otp62r

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