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Mettatron, Son of Rii and Rhune

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Mettatron, Son of Rii and Rhune

Post by Mettatron on Sun Oct 09, 2016 3:29 pm

Personal Info
Name: Mettatron
Alias: Mett, Metta
Age: 5 years
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: Mettatron is, well... loud. He loves being in the center of attention and 'special' days, especially his own birthday because of all the gazes turned to him. Every year after that day he asks "is it close to my birthday, yet?". He is pretty bossy and has a smart mouth, but that's only because he's young, foolish, and thinks that girls are weak and can never win. Oh, except Rii. Mama-Rii is a tough girl, Mettatron will give you that! Going on with this boy's personality, he is very spunky and confident. He can't stand being still, but will stay rigid and quiet like a statue if Rii tells him to.

Mett is really playful and competitive. He will basically do anything to make him win (even cheating!) or look 'cool' or superior. He is stingy with his stuff. He doesn't like sharing his toys or special treats with other hatchlings, but will make exceptions if his playmate is a lady. However, he isn't completely rude. He is actually very nice... to girls. Yes, he thinks females are inferior, but instead of rebuking them he feels as if he has to protect them. He is also defensive of younger hatchlings and females in general. He is hostile to other males of his age. He thinks that he has to show them who's boss. He will often wrestle or steal their food or toys.

Mettatron speaks like a DJ or rapper at a club. XD "No, MOM it's not a phase! It's who I REALLY am!"
Girls-- Although seeing them as weak and petty, Mettatron thinks girls are simply beautiful, always the ones with the extravagant scales, eyes, and forever graceful in movement. Mettatron automatically sees females as bearing the future of Pyrria. He respects them for that, despite seeing them as powerless.
Spiders(especially tarantulas)-- Having a nice chase is always fun. Whenever Mett is the only one who wants to play tag, he often tries to find a spider and starts to chase it. He won't scare anything else, mainly because he thinks that just because they look scary they're automatically the apex predator and can take anything... Even a dragon! Tarantulas are Mettatron's favorite because he honestly thinks they look cute. But looks can be deceiving! Once he was bit by one, and although spider bites shouldn't be deadly to dragons, it burned like fire!
Heat-- Mettatron likes to stay warm. It must be his FireWing inheritance, but who can be sure? Maybe this is why summer is his favorite season. He likes basking in the sun, feeling every pleasant beat of its comforting warmth.
Picking Flowers-- A secret interest of Mettatron's: picking flowers. He enjoys picking these to give them as gifts to his mother or to girls to show he won't hurt them. Spider lilies are his favorite. He always has to have a chaperone though, being given his young and careless age.
Climbing-- There are lots of ginormous trees around the EarthWing's home. Mettatron often bounces excitedly to the trunks whenever he's allowed to and tries to scrabble to the top. Although he has never reached the top of a tree before, he is still good at climbing. Again, he usually requires a chaperone.
Males of His Age-- Mettatron hates being looked down upon by those other than Rhune, Rii, and his older siblings. He feels as if males of his age are a threat to him, and that he must show them who's boss in daycare or whatever.
Fish-- Fish are okay as animals, but not as food. At least not to Mettatron. He is a picky eater, and whenever fish is on the dinner plate he pretends he has some fever or something. But he is an awful faker, so the stuff ends up in his belly anyway.
Snow/Sleet/Cold Rain-- Cold or chilly weather is tolerable, but Mettatron refuses to go outside or sometimes even move when the precipitation outdoors is cold. This is because the chill often gets to his bones and makes his knees sore.
Sitting in Place for a Long Time-- Mettatron can't stay still for too long, and even though Rii may speak up to him, this hatchling has his limits. He can't stay still for an hour and a half. He can stand it a bit longer if Rii flashes him 'the glare', but he will often start fidgeting, clicking his tongue against his teeth, or swiping his tail impatiently side to side.
Being Trapped/Tangled-- Though Mettatron doesn't have a tragic past, he doesn't like it when his foot gets caught in a briar or he's smushed together in crowds. It makes him feel powerless... A klutz, sometimes. He usually tries to play it cool, especially around girls, but is secretly rage-quitting inside.
Mettatron is scared of being trapped underwater and drowning. He doesn't love swimming but doesn't hate it either, so he takes it up as a hobby sometimes. He's frightened of being caught by something, be it a plant or savage monster, and won't be able to reach the surface for air.
Mettatron is scared of accidentally hurting a girl or his mother, emotionally or physically. He wouldn't be able to live with himself if he accidentally injures a lady, much more his mother.

General Appearance
Height: 15 feet
Scales: Glossy black
Eyes: Rainbow
Mettatron's Eyes:
Appearance: Mettatron is lithe and mostly black-scaled. His scales are so shiny and brilliant that they may appear to be polished metal. He has a plated underbelly that starts as bright green at the neck but ends as a shade a bit lighter than sky blue at the tail. There are plated scales like this going from his nostrils to horns as well, circling around his eyes. His two main horns are green and bright blue, but this time starting as the blue and ending as the green. He has a bit of secondary horns, all of them glossy black like his scales. There are green and azure spikes going down his neck, back, and tail. The outer edges of his wings have ridged stripes ranging of these colors as well. His two front legs have four overlapping plated green scales on his thighs, and three on each of his toes. It's like this on his hind legs as well, but as blue. His tail tip is very unique. It is kind of like the end of a spear, but shaped as a leaf with sharp serrated edges. One wing membrane is bright green, the other is blue.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: EarthWings
Inheritance: 75% EarthWing, 25% FireWing
Rank: Hatchling
Rii (Mama)
Rhune (Daddy)
All of Rii's kids, can't list 'em all XD
Mate: He'd be a good one as an adult
Hatchlings: He'd be a good daddy one day, actually

Skills and Abilities
Special Abilities:
Fungusamongus-- This is Mettatron's demigod ability, inherited from Rii. He can control the growth of fungi, like mushrooms and molds. He can't quite grow these out of nowhere just yet, as this skill will improve with age and maturity. He can only shrink and increase size of fungi that are already existing and out of the soil. He can grow a mushroom as tall as ten feet for now, but can only increase the growth range for mold. Like how much further it spreads out on food. He can't control the height or mass of it. This power only takes a small amount of energy. Mettatron can only use this five times per ten posts of the same topic.
Fire Breath-- Perhaps a little confusingly, this ability drains Mettatron's stamina more than his given demigod power. Being young, Mettatron can only sputter out green fire (without the venom like Rii, as he doesn't have that) 4 feet.
Damaged Scales-- After recovering from a painfully injury, like something that would leave a scar, Mettatron will have scales slightly weaker than before, but only in that designated area.
Blinding Lights/Colors-- Mettatron would have a hard time wrestling with LightWings, since very bright light or color temporarily blinds him. Bright color, like what LW's may have for their scales, has a habit of distracting Mett from what he really wants or plans to do.
Combat Style: Too young for that bruh

History: Hatched to Rii and Rhune
RP Sample: Rylatha/Alistair
EarthWing Hatchling
EarthWing Hatchling

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Re: Mettatron, Son of Rii and Rhune

Post by Mettatron on Sun Oct 09, 2016 6:54 pm

Bump, ready!

Mettatron's Theme Yo!:
EarthWing Hatchling
EarthWing Hatchling

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Re: Mettatron, Son of Rii and Rhune

Post by Artemise on Mon Oct 10, 2016 12:38 am

Nice app ^^

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Re: Mettatron, Son of Rii and Rhune

Post by Rylatha on Mon Oct 10, 2016 6:41 am

Thanks, Artemise! ^-^ One approval down, another to go!

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Re: Mettatron, Son of Rii and Rhune

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Mon Oct 10, 2016 10:35 am

Declined because this Hatchling is not the offspring of Rii-Baldi ;-;

2/2 Approved
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
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Grand Champion Y1 Earthwing King

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